Visual Rewrite – spatel8267

0:00 – 0:02

The very beginning is the frame of the inside house. We can only see the well- furnished living room with a lamp, curtains. Also there is a photo frame of a couple on a table at back of sofa. At the opening of the video we can see an old lady sitting on a sofa with her cat. It looks like she is the only woman living in the house with her cat. While sitting on the sofa she picks two woolen balls from the basket and asks her cat to pick one color .

0:02 – 0:04

There is this old lady with short hair wearing floral top and short pants. She is also wearing two small earrings and shoes and is planning to do some task. So she asks her cat to choose one of the color from a woolen balls. So the cat puts her hand on the yellow ball and the old lady gives a cute smile. It looks like she was waiting for her decision and is quite happy with it.

0:04 – 0:06

When cat chooses a yellow color woolen ball, the old lady gives a cute smile and says “Thanks, Amigo” and the cat is sitting on a sofa wearing green shawl, the color of its eyes is greenish and is watching the old lady when she walks away.

0:06 – 0:08

In this part the old lady is sitting with her cat on the stairs outside of a house. The place is surrounded by beautiful flowers and their is sunlight coming on the house and there are lots of people walking around. The old lady is selling shawls in these windy weather, she is wearing red floral top and a coat on the top, skin color pants with white shoes. She is selling shawls to the men wearing red shirt and skin color pants wearing specs.

0:08 – 0:10

The old lady is selling shawls, she is giving shawl with right hand and taking money with the other hand .In one part there is the hand of one person and in the other part there hand of other person. She is saying gracias, the lady’s hand is wrinkled and and person is wearing skin color shirt.

0:10 – 0:12

In this part the lady is selling shawl to a woman wearing red top. The old lady is sitting in a room on the chair , with one hand on the phone and papers on the table, and a book in front of it. There is the jar on the table with the paper notes inside it . Also there is cat sitting on the table, there is lamp on the side of the table and the curtains on the wall. The cat is sitting on the table making sound and the old lady watching the cat.

0:12 – 0:14

The cat is making sound which concerns the old lady. So she asks the cat “What’s wrong Amigo”. The part seems that the old lady and the cat are alone in the house and the lady is the only one working in the home.

0:14 – 0:16

In this scene the room seems like a hall in hospital and the old lady and a nurse is sitting besides her with a paper pad in her hand.The nurse is wearing blue suit and the old lady is with blue coat.The lady seems to be worried about something and the nurse is consoling her.


The nurse is talking to her and trying to explain her about the situation. With these talks the conversation continues and there is a small green medical kit on the chair.


There is a tall black guy wearing green shirt with short hair watching them from the receptionist window and he nodes his head.There is another guy behind the window and he is telling him about the donation and the guy is putting some money in the green donation box.


This part describes the donation details.The donation box is for the the pets medical treatment in the surrounding community .After putting some money is the box the video focuses to importance of donation box


In this part, the receptionist guy with curly hair wearing nurse suit, nodes his head to the person as soon as he put some money in the box.The person smiles back at him as he is very king with the behavior


These part starts with the cat.The cat is wearing blue round ring around his neck and the video focuses more on the importance of pet.By donating something to the pet, we can help many families to keep them together as pet and people belong together.


An old lady with short hair wearing purple t-shirt and sitting with a cat on the stairs.the lady is pampering the cat and the video focuses on the growing community by helping the pets medical condition.


The video mainly specifies on helping pets.At the end they share a link name Various details are shared in these link.Helping and growing will make people, pets and community stay together.

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    Way too late for feedback. Good enough to pass.

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