04 Class THU SEP 15

04 Class THU SEP 15

Writing Quote Hunter S Thompson

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  • Card Hypothesis Riddle
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White Paper Quiz

I was very impressed with your answers to the quiz.
Here’s a sample of one student’s responses. Let’s review.

Describe the grading process for the White Paper. How often is it graded? Can those grades be improved? Are there several White Papers, or one that is continually improved and expanded?

It is graded often throughout the semester. I am not certain as to whether or not the grades can be improved. There is a single White Paper that is expanded upon several times over time with several revisions to ideas.

According to your professor, how important is thinking about your topic and your sources? What are better techniques for generating ideas and improving your argument?

It is only as important as how much I write down. The only thing that matters is what I write down, so it’s important that I type my ideas to make them important. A good technique for generating ideas and improving my argument could be to write something, (anything) down and develop my argument as I see it come out of my head and onto a page. Maybe something sounds better in my head than it actually is, so it’s important that I type it out.

Name the simplest way to build a large collection of useful sources with a single search.

Instead of searching for sources that align with the point-of-view of the argument, search for sources that may align with any viewpoint. This will allow the researcher to compile a large list of resources that both support his/her argument and refute it. This ensures that the researcher will see all viewpoints towards his/her argument and will be better equipped to intelligently support it.

What’s the point of having more than one Hypothesis?

The point of having more than one hypothesis is to develop a broad/general hypothesis into a more centralized one that is more personal and relatable to a unique argument.

Why does the Model White Paper have so many Practice Openings?

It’s important to structure the paper with different openings to see which opening flows best into the rest of the paper. It’s almost like a tree with different branches. In order to get to the highest possible point, sometimes we must try to climb on completely different branches of the same tree that stem from different openings to the paper.

How does a Purposeful Summary differ from other types of summary?

A purposeful summary is a summary that includes the most relevant and valuable details of the work while describing the objective that the content wishes to accomplish. A non-purposeful summary will just include an abridged version of the work itself with no additional commentary or context from the author.

Describe one Counterintuitive aspect of the attempt to eradicate polio from the planet.

In order to eradicate polio as a whole, it’s important that at least some people become infected to facilitate research towards stopping the masses from becoming infected. This can be accomplished by developing a cure with infected people’s blood and their antibodies, by researching ways to stop transmission, and by providing the public with strategies that it can use to protect itself.

What’s the value of creating sections in the White Paper to describe shorter arguments like those for Definition and for Causation?

The White Paper is an unfiltered draftfest. Anything relevant to the argument (no matter how small) is welcome on the White Paper. It is next up to the writer to take the ramblings of the White Paper and compound them into a single entity; the essay itself.

If I have made steady progress on my White Paper each of the four times it’s graded, how much work will I have left to do to produce my 3000-word Researched Proposal Argument by the deadline?

If this outcome comes true, minimal work will be required to produce my 3000-word essay when it is close to the deadline.

Writing Styles

We composition instructors (this one more than others, perhaps) occasionally hear from students that we are stifling their creativity by insisting that they conform to a particular style. Here’s a style you could or might emulate . . . but not in a composition class.


  • Lecture: Counterintuitivity
    • Respond to today’s Lecture/Discussion in the usual place, below this page.



66 Responses to 04 Class THU SEP 15

  1. ilovecoffee says:

    -Always use double quotes unless you are quoting something inside of an already existent quote. If you continue to quote inside of the original quote, you go back and forth from double to single quotes.
    -White paper is graded throughout the semester. As you progress (or do not), you will either gain or lose points if you are staying on task and continuing to make improvements.
    -Use other academic sources from the source you choose
    -Purposeful summaries have the most relevant info with author content.
    -People in India can vaccinate 300 million people in a day to prevent the spread of polio,
    -Facebook added over fifty gender categories, until they eventually left it open ended
    -Every written document is an argument, even shopping lists.

  2. rushhourilllusion says:

    My Notes.
    In relation to the riddle, my thinking is(prior to answer) if we only are focusing on the hypothesis that if one side has a vowel the other has an even number, we only need to go for the cards with a vowel and even number. So, in the case that the cards are G, 2, 3, E the only relevant cards to us in the hypothesis are looking at 2, E because for the other two, one is a consonant, and the other is an odd number. Therefore, looking at them will not help our case.
    While going through the answers to the white paper quiz/survey, I realized that for most of the answers I was able to understand the white paper and find the correct information in relation to the questions. Although there were some questions that I was confused about, and this cleared up a few questions I had. As well as even the questions where I did find answers, the answers were more in depth which allowed me to understand a bit more. Overall going through the answers to the survey allowed me to understand the white paper more than previously. Such as questions 8 and 10 which were the questions on the survey I was confused on, it allowed me to just learn more about what is expected.
    Lastly, went over Counterintuitivity in which I understand a bit of the goal, but I am still a little confused on it to be honest. I am going to try to go back over the section about it and try to do my research in relation to it.

  3. bubbarowan96 says:

    Class notes:
    -When you single quote something, you have to use the word “Authentic”
    -The riddle we discussed in class was very eye opening because it was very difficult to figure out which card we had to flip over.
    -We are going over the White Paper assignment that was due last night at 11:59.
    -If you don’t paralyze a bunch of children, more children will get polio which is a sick and horrifying thing to think about.
    -We don’t have polio anymore because of the vaccine that everyone used to get rid of polio.
    -We had to add a profile picture and reply to the Agenda Page on Class 3 on January 27th.
    -Also we had to reply to the comments the Professor made to our My Hypothesis assignments.

    • bubbarowan96 says:

      -We went over Counterintuitivity but I didn’t get a clear understanding.

    • davidbdale says:

      -When you single quote something, you have to use the word “Authentic”

      —I have no idea where you got this notion, Bubba.

      -We don’t have polio anymore because of the vaccine that everyone used to get rid of polio.

      —Actually, it’s smallpox we got rid of. Polio we’re still trying to eradicate.

  4. bullymaguire29 says:

    – brevity and clarity are difficult to achieve
    – 66 and 99’s are open and closed quotes
    – single quotes are only used inside a double quotes
    – there are many different ways to test/rationalize your hypothesis
    – symmetry is sought out by the human species
    – read what’s in the text first before reading too much into it
    – sources, sources, and more sources (only if they can inform your piece)
    – find your sources within your sources
    – a source can become the tip of an iceberg in regards to information
    – hypothesis can engage other aspects of thinking to guide you along your writings
    – counterintuitive challenges the norm
    – some things that can’t be explained are attached to God by some
    – not to diminish religion, but some use it as a cop out
    – just because it’s counterintuitive doesn’t make it full proof
    – emotion can cloud judgment in points
    – you have to give yourself options and rationalize why you want/need something
    – everyone sees everything different but how it’s portrayed will show who agrees or disagrees

  5. grizzlybear16 says:

    Only use for single quotations is in double quote
    card riddle: It is easier to disprove then to prove, If 3 is flipped over the entire hypothesis can be disproved
    Counterintuitive: scientific way of thinking
    Faith in unanswerable questions
    I feel we do still need gender classifications in the olympics to keep things fair between men and women
    A shopping list is an argument
    justifying why these items must be purchased
    changing items while in the store upon observing other items and there prices
    Nobody will see the thing the way I see the thing
    Knowing your audience is very important

    • davidbdale says:

      card riddle: It is easier to disprove then to prove, If 3 is flipped over the entire hypothesis can be disproved

      —This is a good reminder for me. I should ask what cards we need to turn over to prove the hypothesis, which cards to disprove it.

      I feel we do still need gender classifications in the olympics to keep things fair between men and women

      —Did you ever think it’s the events that create the unfairness? One of your classmates will recommend changing gymnastics to a gender-blind set of events in which no particular gender has a necessary advantage, but size and weight matter.

      A shopping list is an argument
      justifying why these items must be purchased
      changing items while in the store upon observing other items and there prices
      Nobody will see the thing the way I see the thing
      Knowing your audience is very important

      —That’s a good set of notes.

  6. njdevilsred17 says:

    The lesson from the beginning of class from the quote is that if you had more time you could have written a shorter letter. This is an example of what we will be doing when we are writing our paper because we are going to be shortening it to 3000 words.

    The way that we will start the paper is by getting 5 sources and then adding 10 more and then from there, you will choose which sources you believe would be the best for your paper.

    Until your paper is final and posted you will have multiple hypotheses. Once it is posted you drop the hypo and are left with just a thesis.

    In this course the paper we will be writing will be based on a counterintuitive topic. An example of counterintuitive is that your shopping list is an argument.

  7. White paper:
    -Coming up with sources
    –about 15
    -Works as an annontated bibliography
    -Almost feels like my thoughts/ notes on different sources all in one place.
    My thoughts are everywhere.
    -I honestly have a lot of opinions on a lot of useless things…. ( I actually have a list on my computer of random opinions I’ve collected over the years and why.)
    –I just need to stop thinking and start writing

    Thinking about religion:
    -I had a similar growing up where I wasn’t sure if I believed what I believed because of the people that were around me or because I actually believed myself
    -I also sort of had a rough time when I was a kid and began to doubt
    -As I got older I began to explore my own thoughts. I eventually found my way back to religion, but on my own and through my own experiences

    Naming and explaining:
    Professor mentioned that just naming something doesn’t explain something
    -Reminded me of when I was a kid and I would question my parents and they would say “Because I say so” or “that’s just the way it is”
    –It was never enough for me as a kid and always resulted in me being punished
    —I now realize my parents got frustrated when I questioned things that they didn’t know about, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer. It just means that neither my parents nor I had access to the answers of more thought provoking questions

    Gender in Olympic events:
    This is a very hot topic. I feel as though it is hard to form an opinion on this.
    –My heart says that it isn’t fair that people will be excluded based on a gender basis, however my head says it should be dependent on hormone levels.
    —Maybe they have two categories: those with a higher testosterone level compete in one category while those with a lower level compete in another category
    —-It is entirely possible that a biological woman may have a higher testosterone level or a biological male have a higher estrogen level, but I feel as though the only way to potentially make people feel more comfortable would be to go to biological chemical means.
    –similar to how wrestlers have weight classes

    Grocery list:
    I think it’s unfair that we are talking about ice cream because now I’m hungry…
    –That’s all I can think about

    Conversation about knowing your audience:
    Just thinking about how my mom used to leave me a chore list and would write “Vacuum the floor” So for Christmas I bought her an automatic vacuum cleaner and would just run it when she would say to vacuum… she wasn’t too happy when she realized I wasn’t doing it manually

    • davidbdale says:

      Love the vacuum story. All your stories, really.
      One of your classmates, Reesespieces, is proposing to “solve” the gender dilemma in the Olympics, at least for gymnastics, by, as you suggest, relying only on height and weight classes regardless of gender. Consider dropping a Reply on that White Paper or Definition Argument.

  8. reesespieces8 says:

    This morning I questioned if I am doing way too much work for no reason, while I was completing the riddle. In the riddle the idea was to flip as minimal of cards as possible, to save time yet have enough evidence. Working smarter and not harder, came into my mind. I myself tend to go to extremes to complete tasks, even though it may be mindless work. Our lives would be so much simpler if we did the minimum amount to succeed, yet we feel this need to go above and beyond. Just like within our White Paper we are being taught how to save ourselves time and confuse, to come out with an amazing 3,000-word essay. As we write our ideas and impressions as we go through our sources we are able to go back and have everything we need in one place to construct our essay. 3,000 words seems like a big ask, but by using proper techniques we will be able to work efficiently and not over do it. This semester is revolving around the word “Counterintuitive”. What does that truly mean? We talked about gender, and all the possibilities that have evolved from simply male and female. Such as the Olympics and having genders. What if a male NBA player transitioned to female, would they play in the WNBA because they are women? Where they will score 5 times the other girls. Is that fair? Also by our arguments we are our intended audience, is how we base our arguments.

    • davidbdale says:

      Thank you for this fascinating glimpse into your thought process, Reeses. As it turns out, those early questions about gender and the Olympics turned out to be completely relevant to your hypothesis, didn’t they?

  9. kaboom10 says:

    Started class with a quote that mentions “no wasted words.”
    Next, mentioned the riddle about the hypothesis, left a reply below, and I guessed 4 cards for the answer.
    Went over answers to white paper quiz to clarify any concerns. Remember it is important to constantly revise your white paper.
    Remember to upload an image for a profile picture.
    Feedback from notes was useful to help formulate notes from now on.
    I don’t exactly get counterintuitive discussion, but what I got is anything can be an argument? Your argument may not agree with others? I still need clarification.
    I started to understand the topic a little more when professor mentioned how his shopping list can be an argument.

  10. shepardspy says:

    Card Hypothesis Riddle
    Cards 3 and E must be turned over being that if we turn over E and do not see an even number then the hypothesis is disproved. Next, if the 3 is turned over and there is a vowel then the hypothesis is wrong as well.

    White Paper Quiz Review
    The white paper quiz is periodic and the grades can be improved. It is a singular paper that is expanded upon.
    Multiple practice openings allow one to see which one fits the flow of their paper.
    Making sure that you have a specific and centralized hypothesis is extremely important to get started on your White Paper.

    Counterintuitive Thinking
    When born most people are inducted into a religion. Most people believe in this religion for their whole lives. However, some people will use counterintuitive thinking and really think about what they were taught their whole lives.
    Counterintuitive thinking is thinking contrary to the typical.

  11. 44elk says:

    I got to class a little bit late today due to having to drive slower (due to the large snowfall) so I walked in as Mr. Hodges was talking about Johnny Depp wasting 3 million dollars on blasting ashes out of a cannon.

    We next talked about the Card Hypothesis. I recorded my response to the riddle. Mr. Hodges was satisfied with my “thoughtful” response. Mr. Hodges believed that we should only turn over 2, but he still left it open to the possibility that my response suggests: all of them must be turned over to know for sure.

    Next we talked about the White Paper quiz. I was both surprised and delighted to see that every single one of the example answers Mr. Hodges included in his lecture were mine. It was also useful to receive some feedback on my answers. I could’ve slightly reworded some of my answers to be… well… better. They were still generally good though. Mr. Hodges especially liked my “unfiltered draftfest” answer.

    I next responded to Mr. Hodges’ grade and response to my class notes from last class.

    Next I responded to Mr. Hodges’ response to my Hypothesis and updated it to be better. I also updated my profile picture to a personal one.

    We next talked about Counterintuitivity and its importance. It is important because counterintuitivity is a big part of my research paper. We talked about how something as simple as a shopping list can be framed as an argument with an intended audience and the whole shabang. The intended audience would change if the shopping list is given to another person and other people may have an influence on the author of the shopping list if the author cares what they think about the items they will get. (Ex. Everyone loves THIS brand of ice cream. Maybe I should get this kind! No. I’m gonna get THIS OTHER kind because I like it.) Interesting. We then ended class.

  12. f0restrun says:

    Notes comp 2
    -you would choose 3 and e for the cards because 3 would automatically disprove your idea, which I didn’t even think about.

    White paper Quiz
    -when you are vaccinating children you talk about how sad it is that at least some of them are going to get paralyzed.
    -you said that if you already got your 3,000 word paper you can work on editing and polishing if that ever happens.

    – You talked about putting up a much needed (for me) video on how to record notes for this class.
    -Also we have to check the my hypothesis

    Small Tutorials
    -You kept your promise to post the deadline assignments and you posted the my hypothesis thing and the white paper quiz, and something new.
    -You also showed us how to find the hypothesis on the blog, and you left the room to reply to his replies on the my hypothesis
    -You showed us where to put our hypothesis so that you can find it. You kept it on the screen so that we could see it.

    Counterintuitive Lecture
    -It was interesting talking about counterintuitive thoughts and religion, and how you mentioned that we gave god attributes that we cannot explain. It was very interesting because oftentimes in religion you are born into it, and you do not question it. I do not think you ever get a chance to understand it for yourself because you are just repeating what someone told you without ever questioning it. And is that really even religion? That is not faith, that is you just following someone else.

    -You said that your shopping list is an argument as an example of counterintuitiveness because you had to weigh options and come up with what you wanted.

    -you said that no one is going to see the argument the way I see the argument even if it’s crazy

    • davidbdale says:

      What a counterintuitive day your had!:

      Notes comp 2
      -you would choose 3 and e for the cards because 3 would automatically disprove your idea, which I didn’t even think about.
      -when you are vaccinating children you talk about how sad it is that at least some of them are going to get paralyzed.
      -we gave god attributes that we cannot explain. It was very interesting because oftentimes in religion you are born into it, and you do not question it. I do not think you ever get a chance to understand it for yourself because you are just repeating what someone told you without ever questioning it. And is that really even religion? That is not faith, that is you just following someone else.
      -You said that your shopping list is an argument as an example of counterintuitiveness because you had to weigh options and come up with what you wanted.
      that no one is going to see the argument the way I see the argument even if it’s crazy


  13. schoolcookiemonster says:

    Notes 1/31/2022

    We started off today with Mark Twain’s, “If I had more time, I would have written a ___Shorter_____ letter.” Which showed how clarity and brief writing has more value in each and every word. This quote is very powerful to me especially since I do think a lot of times that writing more is better. After reading this quote I think word choice and the ability to relate to our writing is what makes it impactful and relatable to others.

    When want to place an ironic word into a sentence we should use double quotes as well as when we are quoting from a source. The only time we are able to use one quote is inside of the double quotes.

    How much evidence is enough evidence? Was the riddle we went over. I thought that I must turn over every card with a vowel to see if it has an even number on the other side since that seems like the first logical step to take. I realized that no matter if I flip one or two cards I will never be certain that all the cards will have a vowel and even number. I decided to turn over card E since I would prevent myself from wasting time looking over the non-vowel-letter cards. After choosing my final answer I concluded that it can be hard to prove how many cards are with even numbers and vowels unless we check all of the cards.

    3E was the answer but there still could be a card that proves the hypothesis is incorrect.

    We will collect fifteen different sources throughout the semester to add to the White Paper as a bibliography that will be used in the final essay. This will help us to expand our knowledge and possibly beliefs on our topics. We need to improve our sources and hypotheses by showing that we are revising our work. We should also write about the reactions we have to the sources we are reading to have a better understanding.

    • davidbdale says:

      I’m happiest that you found this valuable:

      Which showed how clarity and brief writing has more value in each and every word. This quote is very powerful to me especially since I do think a lot of times that writing more is better. After reading this quote I think word choice and the ability to relate to our writing is what makes it impactful and relatable to others.


  14. whimsicalwanda says:

    COMP II Notes – 1.31.22

    Riddle – which cards do you need to turn over
    I found this riddle to be a little confusing, but I guess that’s the point of a riddle.
    When I originally read and commented my answer I thought you would need to flip all the cards over to test the hypothesis.
    However, I was a little surprised to learn you would only need to flip cards E and 3, but it made sense in the end

    Went over the White Paper quiz.
    It was helpful to go over what is needed to be imputed into the White Paper and what we are going to be working on for the majority of the semester.

    Responded to replies on our hypothesis and class notes from the last class
    Was helpful to see the feedback. My topic could be interpreted in different ways. So I learned that I will need to be bold and specific when making my point/argument.

    How much evidence is enough?
    Omit unnecessary words
    “I’d write a shorter letter”
    What I took in from these lessons/sayings is that when making an argument you need to get to the point, make your idea clear, and provide evidence to back it up.

    • davidbdale says:

      Nice. I like this:

      My topic could be interpreted in different ways. So I learned that I will need to be bold and specific when making my point/argument.
      When making an argument you need to get to the point, make your idea clear, and provide evidence to back it up.


  15. – During the Card Hypothesis Riddle, my answer was that only Card E needed to be flipped over. My train of thought was to prove the hypothesis, we just needed to see if any vowels had an even number on the other side. However, I failed to realize that flipping three was also necessary because if it had a vowel, then there would be a chance that the hypothesis would be disproved. Another response that I liked was 44elk’s in which he discussed the idea that we would need an infinite number of cards to be flipped to be sure that the hypothesis was true, and that if even one of those cards is not true then the hypothesis is not correct. However, the only cards that would need to be flipped are any vowel cards or any odd number to see whether the vowels have an even number and to make sure the odd numbers don’t have a vowel on the other side. All other cards are unnecessary.

    – It is important to keep working on the White Paper throughout the semester because the grade can keep changing and can go down with neglect and can go up with constant attention. Working on it

    – I didn’t know the simplest way to build a large collection of useful sources with a single search, so I thought it was to just search on a reputable search engine like Google Scholar. I didn’t even think to check the sources of an academic source with their sources listed at the bottom. Most of the time these sources have a lot of relevant information for what you are researching.

    – Stuff that can’t be explained and is inconceivable is often attributed to God, and a way for us to put a label on stuff that is too complex for us to understand like how large the universe is and how far it goes out. Personally I don’t agree with this, but I understand the thought process behind it. It’s hard to believe something without seeing it yourself, but we believe many things without seeing them such as space, someone touching the moon, and even history books. How do we know anything is accurate because stories could’ve been messed up several times. According to a quick google search, about 75% of information is forgotten after just one day leading to incorrect recalls of events. Its hard to say anything with full certainty, even scientific stuff.

    – The grocery list being counterintuitive is interesting because it doesn’t make sense that you would argue with something that you just made and wanted, but we can and do change our minds often so sometimes we think we want or need something but realize its not important. When I go shopping this happens all the time, like if I realize that something is unnecessary I don’t get it. Also when something is sold out, I either forget about it or get a different brand than the original one intended. These new choices contradict what is on the list making it counterintuitive.

  16. 1. Conspiracy Theorists never believe what is given to them without evidence. But they tend to disregard everything
    2. The hypothesis says what it says. You only need to prove what is says, nothing more
    3. The White Paper will be graded often
    4. There is no problem with changing your hypothesis. You’re not required to stick with the hypothesis now
    5. Persuasive argument papers have a certain writing style

  17. People need evidence to prove something
    Conspiracy therapist never believe what is given to them without evidence
    No problem changing hypothesis
    Not required to stick with the hypothesis now
    Purposeful summaries
    3 separate paragraphs to describe 3 separate materials
    Persuasive essays have a certain writing style
    Shaping the material from your source
    As soon as it has purpose it is not art
    Defining the way we think about art
    Purposeful summary doesn’t recount the subject matter of an article
    White paper will be graded often
    Only need to prove what your hypothesis is nothing more

  18. gymrat230 says:

    It often seems easier to disprove a hypothesis than prove it, or at least take the time to debunk a counter-argument rather than only trying to prove your argument.
    Writing Styles
    Our persuasive argument is about making bold claims and writing purposeful summaries to prove or disprove our hypothesis.
    Every written document is an argument. This example of counterintuitiveness has helped me understand most of what it means to be counterintuitive. The diary example was another great point. When writing a diary, we believe that we’re writing what we believe to be accurate, which everyone would think. However, we aren’t writing for ourselves now, we’re writing for our future selves and the lessons we can teach ourselves for the future. Not everyone thinks this way, it’s not the common sense style of thinking about writing a diary, but it’s nevertheless still true.
    The bariatric surgery example is another excellent example. It’s okay for adults to get bariatric surgery as long as it’s necessary for that adult. It’s not common sense to say a 3-year-old child needs bariatric surgery, but it might be the case that it is their only way to control their weight.
    Sometimes it’s hard to fathom how Professor Hodges thinks about specific topics. The fact that he can correlate that a 90-year-old and a six-year-old are the same age if they’re both six months away from dying blows my mind!

  19. giantsfan224 says:

    -Sometimes it may be easier to disprove your hypothesis by looking for evidence that isn’t always positive, instead of looking for many sources that are positive which may take a long time.
    -Start the purposeful summaries with the phrase “I find it counterintuitive that..”
    -Every bit of writing is an argument. Some things may be the idea or the intention, but that does make it the final answer.
    -Writing viewed by 2 people is an automatic argument because one may think everything is important, while the other is completely against the writing.
    -As soon as something may have a purpose that no longer makes it a piece of art.
    -Putting a different topic into a different frame can create a division between some morals that you once thought were right.

  20. alwaystired247 says:

    September 15th, 2022

    It could take tons of positive proof to convince some people that a hypothesis is true, while it sometimes only takes one piece of evidence to disprove a hypothesis. Some people will never believe you no matter how much proof you have. It is easier to disprove something than it is to prove. When proving, remember that the hypothesis says what it says and never says anything more. It’s easy to assume the author is implying one thing is true based on what they already stated was true, but then that would be inaccurate. Don’t try to prove something that they never claimed was true.
    There are different types of writing styles, but only one is appropriate for persuasive writing. If you were to write a persuasive essay in the wording you would write a fiction novel in, you may be a good writer, but it would still be a bad piece. You have to write appropriately taking into account the type of essay you are writing.
    A deity is a way to think about things we can’t understand. An example would be calling outer space “God,” because it is endless and has no limit so it would be very difficult to try to understand.
    Everybody in the class entered the classroom because of the sign that says “Hodges Comp II on the door,” but anybody could have moved the sign and put it on another door. This would make it an untrustworthy source. When researching your hypothesis, you have to take into account when it was posted, who it was posted by, the circumstances in which it was posted, and anything that could ruin its credibility.
    On a shopping list, “organic kale” may be an item but you may find kale that’s not organic and have to make the decision whether that fits or not. You may make a hypothesis and get results that do not exactly match it, and you have to decide your reaction to that. You may make the switch, give up completely, or reevaluate your entire stance.
    When writing a diary, there is a chance you will change the story to fit the narrative you are trying to convey, therefore lying to yourself. Most of the time, you don’t even realize you are doing this. You may accidentally exaggerate or make things up to prove your point in your hypothesis.
    Something created is not art if it has another purpose. For example, it may take as long to make a statue as it takes to make a cheese grater, but the statue would classify as art while the cheese grater would not. A famous artist used to take normal objects, such as a urinal or a bottle dryer, sign them, and declare them as art. This made a lot of people angry, but also made many question the meaning of art. Another artist paints people and puts them in settings that look like they are just a painting.
    Bariatric surgery is not something I’m against. I really do believe that some people try everything they can do to lose weight, and just can’t do it. Though, I don’t think children getting bariatric surgery is the way to go. With a slight change of demographic, my stance entirely changed. There are pills called euthanasia that allow people going through incredible pain and terminally ill to end their lives in a painless way. Many people order the pills and go through a huge process to get them, for the sole purpose of having the choice. This is usually given to older people, but in other countries, they are considering passing a law that would allow terminally ill children to take euthansia. A young child who has 6 months left to live, and a 90 year old who has the same would be the same distance from death. This would, in a way, make them the same age. It may cause you to wonder if giving children euthansia would be as ethical as giving a 90 year old the pills.
    Some dogs have dots on their eyelids that look like eyes when they sleep. This is so predators think that they are awake. When you notice the eye shape that makes it look like the dog is awake, it is hard to unsee this. You want to make your readers unable to see past your point once you prove it.
    Purposeful summaries do not include much of the source it originally comes from. It picks and chooses parts of the article that help support your hypothesis. It still remains credible and true to the original source, but leaves out extra information that would be irrelevant to the point you are trying to make.

  21. Class notes

    -There are some people that will never be persuaded, but a lot of evidence is need to prove something possible

    -There is never an end to the amount of evidence you need to prove something because no matter what there is always a counter to what you are trying to prove

    -For the riddle you would only have to turn the E over because the hypothesis is only talking about a vowel with and even number on the other side, it’s not saying that an even number has to have a vowel on the other side

    -A persuasive argument paper or writing is a way of writing people are supposed to write the same, but it’s the approach that is different from a good one to a bad one

    -The book The Crown could have used a couple revisions and could have been way better

    -A “purposeful summary” doesn’t bother to recount the entire subject matter of an article, it remains true to the original, or to a credible version of the original.

  22. shxrkbait says:

    9/15 Class Notes
    _When proving a hypothesis, the attempts it takes to prove or disprove this theory can be endless. It is easier to disprove a hypothesis.

    -For our warm-up, we looked at the riddle on hypotheses. Here we had to determine how many attempts to disprove the hypothesis that was given. The hypothesis says what it says but does not state more. We saw this in this example because the riddle stated that every vowel has an even number on the other side of the card. It was an easy thing to mix up as there was an even number flipped over but the theory did not state anything about consonants therefore we didn’t need to flip the number 2 card over to prove or disprove this theory.

    -Having multiple hypotheses and openings helps you be able to decide what hypothesis will be a better one to expand upon. This gives you different thought processes and allows you to look back on the evidence supporting each hypothesis.
    In order to write a good research paper, there is a specific way of writing that needs to be implemented. There are many good styles of writing such as poetry that would make a bad research essay.

    -Art can be an example of a counterintuitive argument. The way a piece of art is perceived varies based on the person. One person may find an object a piece of art while another person can disagree that this does not function as art. This is exactly what a counterintuitive argument is. A hypothesis can be argued to favor a topic that others disagree with. Deception is an important aspect of a hypothesis, the way one perceives something can be different than the actual meaning.
    A purposeful summary writes little of the original subject matter but it does pick details and facts that help you remember in the future.

    Counterintuitive effective examples:
    -A shopping list or note can be a counterintuitive argument. Anyone can place a note in the wrong place or the note can be old. A shopping list can be an argument because it is a recommendation. If the store doesn’t have the brand that you wrote on your shopping list, should you just not get that item at all? To get another brand counts as a personal counterargument. If you were to hand this over to someone else to do your shopping, the other person can either get exactly what you ask or go against and get a different brand, type, or not get the item at all at their discretion.

    -Legal Euthanasia for young children who are terminally ill and are suffering unbearable pain in Belgium. Euthanasia for older people is viewed as more ethical and more common. But, a young terminally ill child is also close to death like an elderly person. They could both be 6 months away from death. Although the difference between years of birth is significantly different, the date of their deaths is expected to be the same.

  23. azntaco says:

    The point of having more than one Hypothesis is to develop that thought from a more general idea into one that is more centralized and personal. A purposeful summary includes the most relevant and valuable details of the work while describing the objective. The more work you do through your White Paper the easier/less it’ll be to finish your 3000 word essay.
    Every written document is an argument, including things like a shopping list. For certain items it can be switched out for one that is cheaper and does the same thing. The argument of picking off brand products even though they have the same effect. Is an object that is beautifully crafted be considered art? As soon as that object has a functionality it prevents it from being art. At that point its just considered a tool. Counterintuitive thinking are actions intended to produce a desired outcome may generate opposite results. The one that best describes that out of all the examples would be the painting of a breakfast, but its actually a breakfast painted to look like a painting of a breakfast, or a man on a bus painted to look like a painting of a man on a bus. These examples describe that the best for me due to the fact that our minds look at the pictures of what they are, but not what they actually are no matter how absurd the idea is. To us a sleeping dog that has two spots just looks like a sleeping dog. The predator on the other hand sees the dog as a scary beast with its eyes open. The instant the dog has two black dots added to the spots we can’t unsee that and now when we go back to the first picture with the spots we see the dog with the eyes wide open. Apply this into writing where your reader can’t unread your perspective.

  24. gobirds17 says:

    Class Notes-

    The white paper isnt graded a certain amount of time. He will review it throughout and check up on yours more frequently if he feels you aren’t making steady progress. We also write a bunch of intros because it is like “speed dating” we try and test and bunch of different methods to see which will shape the best argument.

    The writing style will be very important for our grades. We want to avoid letting the reader draw their own conclusions.

    Counterintuitive thinking

    Every piece of writing can be considered an argument. For example, the note card on the door said Hodges Comp 2 but this could be viewed as inaccurate. Say the professor put it on the wrong door or could it be old.

    Another example of this is the grocery list. Say you had it to your wife/gf. It becomes clear its an argument because it is an assumption of what we both need.

    You shape a narrative by leaving things out such as conflicting data or info. This is extremely common in politics.

    A good example of counterintuitive thinking is euthanasia for kids. Typically you would think a 6 year old and a 90 year old who will both die in 6 months are different ages. But if you look at the ages as from death they are the same age. It is a new way of thinking of age.

    Purposeful Summary

    They don’t bother to recount the entire subject matter of an article. They omit whatever is not important or whatever does not help with our argument and keep the important information.

  25. No matter how much evidence you provide, there will still be people claiming they need more evidence to be convinced. Sometimes all you need is a single counter example to disprove your hypothesis.

    – In the card riddle, I would turn over card 2 and card E. This makes the most sense as one is a vowel and one is an even number. Thinking back on it now, I would need to turn over another card in the instance that both cards prove the hypothesis. If I chose card 3 and there was a vowel on the back, then the theory would be disproved.
    – Every card can have an even number on one side, as long as the vowels have an even number on it. The riddle never said that all consonants have an odd number on the other side.

    – You have to start with a couple hypotheses and then narrow down to one that best fits what you are trying to prove/disprove. We will be writing 3 purposeful summaries that are counterintuitive and say why these examples are counterintuitive. The white paper will be filled with the majority of the content you will be writing about. All there is left to do is to just pile it all together and weed out the unnecessary details.

    – We will never be able to understand everything, so we call the things that don’t make sense to us God. Facebook has more gender options than the Olympics do. The Olympics could eliminate the gender aspect and split up people based on weight and size.
    – The index card on the door was an argument. Every written document is an argument, including his shopping list. In the instance that the store is out of the specific item you are looking for, you will have to decide whether to not buy anything, or to find a close equivalent. If his wife was given the list, that is even more an argument than before. She could dispute the claim that he needs everything on the list.
    – A diary is an argument as you are writing it for a future version of yourself. You only communicate the negative side of things when writing as you don’t realize you are lying to yourself. The other details don’t seem relevant to the narrative you are creating.
    – As soon as something has a purpose, it is no longer art. It becomes a functional tool.
    – In adults, we view bariatric surgery as common and relatively okay. When it comes to children, this surgery couldn’t possibly be the only option when it comes to weight loss. However, some people see this as the only option for kids.

    – A purposeful summary only includes a certain part of the original document that favors your point of view. It excludes the information that goes against what you’re tying to say.

  26. AnonymousStudent says:

    When it comes to hypothesis, it can take millions of attempts to prove it true, but all it takes is one example to disprove the hypothesis

    It is important to only follow the hypothesis and to not to waste time trying to prove something that doesn’t need to be proven

    This is a research argument persuasive composition course. You need to pertain to a certain, formal writing style

    Many things can be an arguement. Something as little as an index card on a door can be made an arguement, and requires questions in order for it to be true

    Shopping lists are arguments; they can be switched if something proves against the “hypothesis”

    It’s less evident when you are looking at your own argument to see it as such. As soon as it’s in another’s perspective it becomes more evident.

    Even an argument can be made for yourself. Diaries are written by a past self for a future self to read and think about.

    As soon as there is a purpose behind something, it can no longer be described as just art

    The ethics of surgeries and medical procedures we believe to be okay change when we add children into the mixture.

    The euthanasia example of kids gave me a good understand of counterinuitivity

    I will never be able to unsee the eye spots looking at me.

    Purposeful summaries get to the point and do not waste words. It describes the articles main points and adds insight to the reader, but doesn’t beat around the bush explaining things that don’t matter.

  27. peanut2348 says:

    Class notes

    Hypothesis is only about vowels not content
    Grading process is often
    The purpose of having more than one hypothesis is just in case of uncertainty
    Summary we will write will start with “It seems kind if rentutive that”
    Book society: Summary rushed out in a couple of days of queen
    Summary needs lots of rewrites
    “IF you want to change the world….. Change the metaphors we use to describe it”

    Counterintuitive Thinking
    Demonstrating you are different and you have different thoughts and beliefs
    Every writing thing is an argument
    Counter hypothesis-> changing your mind
    (some example of counterutive thinking)
    Modern art
    Real people were painted to make it look like it was a painting
    Made us second guess what we were looking at

    Bariatric Surgery
    Surgery to remove stubborn fat
    People with low metabolism
    3 year is is considered overweight and looks towards surgery
    Gave people in option when they thought there was no more hope

    Euthanasia for Kids
    Beligian lawmakers gave final approval on thurs that euthanasia for incurably ill children endruing insferable pain is now alllowed
    Would be permissible for terminally ill children who are close to death, and experiencing pain then is not tolerable anymore

    Sleeping dog
    Why do they have spots on eyes…….hypothesis “to make predators think the dog is awake and ready to attack”
    Makes predators question if there awake or not

  28. mochaatrain says:

    -The hypothesis says what it says and nothing more.
    -A hypothesis could take a massive amount of evidence to prove and some still might not believe in this hypothesis, but it takes only one counterargument to disprove.
    -conferences are helpful in forming hypothesis/topic
    -finding a hypothesis is a speed date. Don’t just have a cup of coffee.
    -When writing a persuasive paper, letting the audience make their own conclusions through vague statements is not how we should write.
    -diary can be an argument because the author and audience aren’t the same people. Writing for your future self can create a difference in thought.
    -purposeful summary doesn’t even need the subject matter of an article. Omit what is not of use.
    -Is this photo ethical is a good counterintuitive topic especially when pictures are seen of photographers gathered around a dead girl to get the best picture. They get scrutinized for the pictures taken, but the picture was the whole reason why they were there.

  29. The day started with thinking per usual. The thinking was geared toward a rule and a set of cards. The question that was asked was which card satisfied the set of rules, most of us went beyond the rules however unconsciously. In the end, I learned that a hypothesis states what it states, nothing more, nothing less so don’t try to find a loophole to include something else.

    The next task on the agenda was a reminder to schedule our conferences which was very helpful!

    Although we didn’t discuss it too in-depth we were still supplied with some accepted answers to the quiz we took last class. Also helpful to have.

    Then we proceeded to look at various examples of counterintuitivity to further prepare us for the development of our thesis. My favorite examples were the grocery list and dog ones while my least favorite was the child one.

    During this brief talk through the examples, we also defined what an argument is and how many things in our life whether we realize it or not are arguments. The example of this that best resonated with me was the example of a diary being an argument.

    Overall, I learned that my essay must include a concise and specified argument stated in a well-developed hypothesis and supported by sources. Before this can occur however I need to begin to develop my white paper which will allow me to organize my information, lay out all my sources and their purpose, and most importantly have me continue to explore different ways of thinking about my topic enabling me to make revisions often.

  30. oni says:

    “Omit needless words”
    – The grading process for white paper is often throughout the semester.

    • oni says:

      (accidently hit post)
      White Paper: Grading is often. My grade will deplete if I do not change and fix the hypothesis. If I keep up with the class I won’t have a whole lot to write by the end.

      Counter Intuitive thinking: See the question from a different angle. Prove you have a different thought process that goes against the norm
      – Religion: Instead of being made in God’s image, God is an image of what we can’t understand
      – Diaries: We dramatize our writings, and our future self doesn’t want to know that
      – Euthanasia: If older people can choose to die, kids who meet the same qualifications should be allowed to as well.

      All essay points and ideas need to be precise and thought through.

  31. beforeverge says:

    – With evidence, it normally takes more evidence to prove something is true and possibly only one piece of evidence to prove it’s not true
    – Write Paper Quiz- graded often, always allowed to change hypothesis, find sources that follow any perspective of your hypothesis, any valuable and important information can be written down
    – we will learn to write one specific writing style to make a persuasive argument
    – everything written is an argument
    – writing for a specific audience can lead to biases and lying
    – counterintuitivity is doing the unexpected and seeing if it actually has a rational meaning
    – purposeful summaries can rearrange information, but still hold the most valuable parts of a piece of evidence

  32. —The riddle helps the class better understand the importance of VALUABLE information vs information that may not be needed for the benefit of the hypothesis

    — Monday September 19 at 11 will be my meeting time with professor over hypothesis

    — the white paper shouldn’t be looked at as an assignment but rather a factory for your ideas and a blueprint for the final essay.

    — when I’m doubt, rewrite 😂

    — Counterintuitive thinking: wondering why we believe anything we believe, especially when we can only go off what we’ve been brought up on which is based on where we are from and who we are as people. But does this make us right or wrong. Professor brings up a point about the universe and it’s forever existence, long before and after our existence.

  33. Professor will check white paper when hes feeling confident on your paper or if youre falling behind
    Whole point of wite paper is to streamline the 3000 word essay so you aren’t stressed towards end of semester with writing a whole essay
    People often stick with the religion they are born into
    Facebook has a custom gender option
    The world has vastly changed from just using the terms male and female
    Every written document is an argument including a shopping list
    Proposes to buy a gallon of breyers vanilla, and it’s out of stock. Things on your list are just recommendations
    What’s it like to convince someone else to buy ground beef specifically for your dog
    Bariatric surgery in children shouldn’t be allowed because the parents should have taught better actions
    I’m all for the surgery if you have a physical condition preventing you from burning what you consume. But most of the world, works very hard to perfect their figure by going to the gym or watching what you eat so I think surgery shouldnt be an option for the people that are too lazy
    Euthanaisa would be permissible for terminally ill children if they meet the same criteria the old person did
    You can measure lives from the day of death. You can calculate your life a lot differently if you knew when your death day was.

    Reply- The example of counterintuitive thinking that described it the best was the example of Euthanasia in kids. If you compare a 6 year old and a 90 year old man and how old they are you can clearly tell they are years apart. However, if you give them both a death day that is 6 months away, you would now consider them 6 months old.

  34. tacotyphoon says:

    Class Notes (09/15/22 COMP II 9:30 am)
    -we need to classify our terms in a way that relays their true importance
    -our White Paper grades depend on how confident the professor is in our writing capabilities
    -it’s more of a work in progress than a final grade type of assignment
    -you have to be prepared to be flexible when developing your hypothesis, because your research may prove or disprove your initial statements
    -any argument could be wrong in so many ways, but individuals decide what they believe is to be true
    – you can either accept or deny a claim, either partially or fully
    -every argument can be disputed or rejected by the reader
    -purposeful summaries are shaped by personal bias
    – anything that has a function cannot be art, once the functionality is lost, it has become art
    -perspective or point of view determines our stance on certain counterintuitive arguments

  35. duck says:

    – Hypotheses should omit needless words and shouldn’t include any superfluous information, but also contains enough info to get the point across
    – Hypotheses take lots of information and evidence to prove, however needs only ONE counterargument to render it disproved
    – We can’t know what we don’t know. Example of space and how the universe is getting infinitely bigger, however humans have a finite lifespan on earth
    – Shopping lists are arguments because you are writing a proposal to buy certain groceries from the store. If said certain items are not available, the proposal has been disproved. You could buy half a gallon of milk instead of the full gallon you have on your list, which could mean you have argued that you don’t need a full gallon of milk, instead only a half gallon.
    – Shopping lists when given to someone else are most definitely an argument, as the person given the list does not have to agree to buy everything on the list.
    – Diaries can be argued to be very manipulative, as they are written for an extremely specific audience, your future self. You choose to remember certain events from a day that you then write down in your journal, thus shaping what you remember and what you forget.
    – A normal sized cheese grater in your kitchen drawer is not considered art, however a massive cheese grater placed in front of a location like a city hall could be considered art. Anything with a function can not really be considered art.
    – Art is only art when they artist claims it is art, and has minimal to no function
    – If there is no difference between a terminally ill 6 year old and a terminally ill 90 year old, why are we more disgusted by the euthanizing of those children than the older people.
    – We can measure life from when it begins, which is what most of the world does, however we can also measure life from when it ends, assuming you knew when you were going to die.

  36. rubes1256 says:

    How much evidence is enough evidence?
    You will never convince people with just evidence
    If you can prove one side with evidence, you can disprove the other side
    Keeping your white paper updated allows you to have a steady stream of content and sources coming together overtime
    Keeping organized in the white paper is also very important
    In a persuasive argumentative paper you want to be completely in control of the way the reader is thinking
    When we have a question we cannot answer we call it god
    The universe is infinite and it will keep being infinite forever
    Every piece of writing is an argument
    You can argue anything that is written anywhere based on many variables
    Shopping lists are more like suggestions that can be changed based on further evidence
    A diary can be shaped for a future reader, rather than tell the whole truth
    Old people who legally can undergo euthanasia only really want the choice to die on their own terms, and end the suffering when they want to
    If you thought about your age in terms of how long you have left rather than how long you’ve been alive, it would radically change your point of view

  37. Caravan says:

    9/15/22 In-Class Notes

    “Not a wasted word. Ever.” No need to overload a sentence when it’s already gotten the point across

    Even if you can demonstrate a hypothesis a million times, only one counterexample proves it to be false. Sometimes we will need to give a negative proof in an argument as opposed to a positive proof.

    Our brain wants to make things symmetrical, but given the prompt that “every card with a vowel on one side has an even number on the other side” does not actually say anything about consonants.

    Start the purposeful summaries with the phrase “I find it counterintuitive that…” if possible. Our purposeful summary is a persuasive argument, and it is meant to make a compelling argument for something. It should be supported by bold claims.

    Religion and the belief in a god tends to stem from the fear of the unknown. We cannot possibly fathom the size of the universe or comprehend the nature of eternity. It could be argued to be a way to think about things we do not understand.

    Not all of society has adapted to the growing awareness of gender’s flexibility as a concept at the same rate. While social media platforms have allowed for more expression, many sports and even the olympics still operate off of two gender binary categories, i.e. Men’s Downhill and Women’s Downhill

    Shopping lists in a way are an argument. How necessary is the specified brand for this food? Or the flavor? Is this or that item on the list actually needed? If the amount was specified is that reasonable? What about if things are on sale or at a discount?

    Diary writing is a process that includes lying, because we’re mainly writing for our future selves. When we externalize that writing even so slightly, we are choosing what we want to write about and what we want to neglect. We may embellish, over or under exaggerate things, or subconsciously shape a narrative about ourselves. They are also purposeful summaries in a way because of this.

    Could a beautifully designed tool be called art? Does functionality truly make something no longer a piece of art like we might feel to be true? What does either answer suggest about the merits of so-called “modern art”.

    Jenison as an inventor created an almost photorealistic painting made to resemble one of Vermeer’s, a Dutch painter who managed to incorporate perspective before most people had learned to do so. Jenison had zero experience with art, but through carefully choosing his colors and shades and approaching things procedurally he created an exceptional piece.

    Should we support or oppose bariatric surgery to help people who cannot manage to keep their weight under control? For many people the key bodily signals for things such as “fullness” aren’t present, and if the issue is not will power for them how much of it is will power for the average person? And if we support this procedure for adults, then what about kids? What if this is taken a step further to euthanasia for children in chronic, unbearable pain with seemingly no escape. It feels horribly contradictory to our biological desire for self-preservation, but it is also not logical to place the value of that child’s life to the family above to the child themselves. Though we may oppose it for people who are not elderly, can we not also define age by how close you are to death instead of how far you are from birth?

    A good purposeful summary does not over explain or belabor a point. It retains information that is necessary and omits information that is unnecessary. As our assignment we will write some of our own based on the provided list of candidate articles.

  38. You can never give enough evidence to prove your hypothesis.
    It’s important to clarify terms in a way that helps us prove what really matters
    Persuasive writing in a research paper must prove something, not draw their own conclusions like in creative writing

    Counterintuitive Thinking
    The Olympics claim we have 2 genders. Facebook claims there are many more.
    Gender categories as a whole being eliminated and categories could be based on height and weight.

    A shopping list is an argument
    All writing could be considered an argument- a label on the door could be wrong
    An item on a list could be seen as poor recommendations, the argument for them could be made against yourself or someone else.

    Diarists Lie
    Writers of Diary write to their future selves. It is meant to tell the complete truth of each day, but still would be shaped to make a narrative.

    Duchamp’s Readymades
    An object’s function can overshadow it being art. Depriving an object of a function can make it art.

    You can be bariatric surgery can be a necessity for an adult, but not a child. The choice of euthanasia for a suffering elderly person can be understood as reasonable, but not for a child. Distant from death rather than birth would change your point of view.

    Purposeful summaries should clearly state the counterintuitive claims of the source.

  39. 9/15 Class Notes-thepersonindisguise
    Schedule a mandatory meeting conference It is found in the syllabus FA22 section
    With your shopping list you can still reject the proposal whether or not it is there. It is just a poor recommendation. It shows that you can work around situations and proposals and can be disrupted and rejected by the reader.
    If a cheese grater is considered art then multiple other items can also be looked at as art well. Things Like a coffee mug, a basket or anything. But can anything that really has a function really be considered art?
    Turning a room into a camera obscura is crazy to me. In my photography class we did a class experiment turning our room into a camera obscura with a hole on our door that has multiple different size holes . From that we had all the lights off and let science do the rest.
    For a three year old being very obsessed I wouldn’t want him to go through a radical surgery to lower his weight. The kid is still growing into body. His guardians allowing him to be that huge is sad and unnaceptedable.
    A counter intuitive point of view is the perspective of how we can see the world like how we calculate our age. I could say im 19 or even say how far I am away from death.
    The part of the lecture that gave me a great understanding of counterintuitive thinking was an example of the way of calculating age. Seeing that we could calculate it based on our age from date of birth till now compared to how much longer we have to live made me understand and see a different perspective of seeing how we can really talk about our actual age.

  40. Prove the negative, that can disprove a hypothesis, as long as one in a million disproves it. Sometimes it doesn’t exactly mean anything when you give data and put it in a context. If you see every tree in your area has green leaves you can conclude that trees have green leaves. You can disprove that by the turn of the seasons or finding a tree like an evergreen that has leaflets, not actual leaves.
    Examples (that stood out to me and I wrote about)
    Shopping List Argument:
    If you have something written on your list, it is an argument or command to yourself to go get something. If it happens that what is on your list is not available in the exact form you told yourself to go get, you have to argue or compromise. “Well this is cheaper. There is this quantity pack. There is not this brand. There is a sale on this, maybe I should get it this time.” If what you wrote down is not there, you have to argue with the list.
    Diarists Lie:
    Personally I don’t believe this to always be true. I am honest if I ever write to myself. Although I may be lying to myself in saying that, however admitting that is being honest in my notes, something I’ll read later. This means I am being honest, but that would be paradoxical.
    Euthanasia for Kids:
    In another country (I forgot) it is legal to allow a kid to undergo a euthanasia treatment. They are allowed to choose, at a very young age, if they would like to die. If you put life in perspective of how close you are to death – and doctors give terminally ill people an estimated time of death – it no longer seems important how old you are. If you were suffering and you were aware it would only get worse until it ends, would you not too want at the very least means to end it?

  41. College Composition 2
    We started today’s class with a riddle of a hypothesis. There were four cards with a G,2,3, and E on each card.
    The hypothesis says every card with a vowel on it has an even number on the other side of the card so, how many cards will you turnover to prove this hypothesis right.
    I turned over card E and 3 when I should have flipped E and 2 because if I flip the two and there is a vowel and I flip the E and there is an even number on that card then the hypothesis is proven right.
    We went over our white paper quiz so remember to re look at this before going into making one of your three hypotheses.
    I need to remember I must write a certain way for Professor Hodges, he is looking for a persuasive argument piece for 3,000 words.
    Counterintuity what’s the best example, Facebook has more gender categories than the Olympics which I found to be normal. I am not really surprised by this.
    According to Professor Hodges our shopping list to go to the store is an argument, this is an argument because if you have something on your shopping list and they do not have it at the store, then you will need to rework your list and see if there is something else you can have.
    Or you give your shopping list to your wife. The list turns from what I need to what we need so now its an argument (not verbally).
    Why is this cheese grater not art, it’s because the tools have a purpose for this cheese grater.
    Bariatric Surgery is getting used on kids now instead of just adults. I don’t really like this, just let the kid grow up and hit the gym.
    Euthanasia for kids, Professor started this topic on elderly people getting euthanasia pills.
    Then he told us a certain country is allowing euthanasia pills for terminally ill six year olds. I can’t agree or disagree with this because I can not tell you how the six year old is feeling and how much he or she is suffering from taking those pills. So I cannot blame this country for doing this.
    Professor Hodges has a hypothesis on dogs, specifically my dog (Rottweiler) that there spots over their eyes is actually an adaptation for other animals and intruders that when the dog is sleeping the animal or intruders believe they are still up because the spots look like.
    It seems counterintuitive that, find the counter arguments as well as create your own for the subjects we just went over.(Homework)
    We talked about the three parent baby and how this can be used to avoid birth defects.
    We discussed ebola and the measles from Nigeria.
    We discussed the Fabian pictures where people were gathered to take pictures of this fifteen year old female who was shot in Haiti. The photographers do seem unethical.

  42. hollyp715 says:

    9/15 Class Notes
    -Warm up riddle takeaway:
    -“Hypothesis says what it says, and nothing more.”
    -No need to prove something that the hypothesis doesn’t say
    -Be prepared to answer lots of questions about hypothesis
    -This will help you narrow down your topic
    -White Paper:
    -Ultimately one final grade, but keep updating because if you don’t add more, the grade will go down hill
    -Have more than one hypothesis, might be able to steer in another direction
    -“Speed dating”
    -Counterintuitive Thinking
    -Almost anything can be considered an argument. The way we shape our reality is different than those around us
    -Bariatric Surgery seems like an okay option for adults, but definitely not for children.
    -Find counterintuitive aspect in purposeful summary and submit before Tuesday’s class
    -Links on sidebar
    -A choice in words that will help recall the thoughts and feelings you experience while reading

  43. redbird1123 says:

    How much is enough for a hypotheses
    you don’t always conduce people with evidence
    try the nature of facts
    teacher talking is about your hypothesis
    Counterintuitive thinking
    then talked about different hypotheses

  44. xephos1 says:

    When you have a hypothesis to prove you tend to scour the world for something to prove
    People need evidence
    You can disprove a hypothesis with a single piece of evidence
    Hypothesis says what is says and doesn’t say anymore
    You don’t have to prove anything that the hypothesis doesn’t have to say The shopping list is an argument
    The items on the list are ideal, but a substitution can be made
    It is not art if it has a purpose
    You can have beautiful looking tools, but it doesn’t make it art because they have a purpose
    Duchamp stripped items of their function and called it art
    When it comes to Bariatric surgery, it is frowned upon for children but ok for adults

  45. spatel8267 says:

    I was not there for the class but I have read about counterintuitive. But still looking for more time.

  46. Gir says:

    **“How much evidence is enough evidence?”**

    Example was given using Cards as an example. The hypothesis is every card that has a vowel on one side has an even number on its opposite side. My answer “I would flip both E and 2 since E according the hypothesis would be an even number and 2 is already an even number then the other side of the card should also be a vowel according to the hypothesis.” Proper Answer is that you would flip cards E and 3 as to be a way to either prove or disprove the hypothesis.

    Provide a clear example of what counterintuitive means. Professor Hodges likes ex nuns and just nuns in general. He should check out Nacho Libre where the love interest is indeed a nun. When Hodges has an existential crisis he reverts to going back to his roots of Catholic and Christianity saying its just God. Counterintuitive thoughts.

    In the Olympics they only had 2 genders listed. Now in the current age they have many many more genders available to identify yourself with. Professor Hodges changed his gender identity on facebook “playfully” to gender fluid {win for the lgbts} and followed up saying that the liberty to change your gender identity on social media and i quote “this flexibility must be truly liberating,” which it is.

    “**My Shopping List is an Argument”**

    The List of several food items doesn’t look like an argument but every item on that list can be argued and swapped out. Nothing on that list is indefinite and subjected to change even on a whim.

    **“Diarist lie”**

    Diaries are written by you but intended for the future version of you to read. Very completely different version of you, You write summaries more than the full in detail everything. Details that maybe future you would prefer then the information you give.

  47. Notes:
    – How much evidence is enough evidence ?
    Un-prove the negative in order to make it positive.
    Does not matter how many times you try, I in 1 million will be enough to prove.

    – Writing styles: we want to be completely in control of our arguments and persuade readers, poetry does not.

    – Counterintuitive reading: makes you wonder why we believe anything in life.
    example: we have two genders according to the olympics. Then Facebook has multiple genders, you even have make your own if you choose. why doesn’t the olympics do the same.

    – Everything we. see can be an arguments. It can all be disputed by a reader.

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