07 Class TUE SEP 27

07 Class TUE SEP 27


What can a ransom note teach us about making bold, clear, persuasive claims?

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Writing Advice


This is a reminder that your essay is, by definition, an expression of your opinion. Your goal as a persuasive writer should be, through the authority of your voice and the soundness of your reasoning, to convince your readers that they are reading facts, not opinions. Reminding them that you’re just another knucklehead who read a book called “Declarations for Dummies” undercuts your authority.

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Let’s Argue

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In-Text Citation Workshop

Link to a breakdown of some common punctuation and grammar errors, PLUS, an invitation to correct yours before you receive feedback.

Hypothesis Illustrated:
Self-Directed Lecture (with Task)

  • Brief Introduction
  • USAID tested the theory that direct aid to the poor would improve childhood nutrition more than trying to engineer nutrition programs for them, on the theory that the poor know what to do; they simply lack the resources.

Hypothesis Hint

96 Responses to 07 Class TUE SEP 27

  1. Caravan says:

    9/27/22 In-Class Notes

    Claims need to be direct and specific to be effective and elicit the desired response.

    The comparison between the two notes illustrates the effectiveness of imagery through specific descriptions. The latter far more clearly establishes the consequences and results of the different actions the wife can take and effectively weaponizes fear to coerce her.
    Election day and the deadlines for mail-in ballots are both approaching in November and it’s important for us to participate in the process.

    The fact that our essay is representative of our opinion on a subject is already implicit. When we bend over backwards to qualify our statements to stress that we’re aware all we say is subjective, we weaken the persuasiveness of our argument to convey something readers will generally already understand. It only serves to distract from the point and suggest a lack of confidence in or conviction for what we are arguing. If we can speak confidently, we ought to do so, and if we aren’t capable of doing so then that may suggest we shouldn’t actually be arguing for the point to begin with.

    Panhandler signs initiate an argument, even if only an internal one, as we decide based on conditions what to do in response to them.

    In the experiment conducted by the nutritionists, if the goal were simply to improve people’s nutrition, then yes, the experiment did fail. However, what it proved instead is arguably far more significant for the larger goal at the root of this smaller, dietary goal. The experiment didn’t prove that people didn’t know what to do with their money, but that the people running the experiment didn’t know what was the most immediate need of the people they granted money to. Making bad dietary choices may lead to a shorter life and worse wellbeing over time, but that pales in comparison to bankruptcy. The group which received the $500 absolutely knew what they needed to spend it on the most: their debt. What this ultimately suggests is that you cannot succeed in encouraging better nutrition for the impoverished if you do not first address the root of the threats they face to their financial security.

  2. spatel8267 says:

    Writing your introduction at end because you never know what your essay will say until you get to it. What is a legislator’s main responsibility? To maintain their employment – If we begin to question our authority, we lose the debate – The panhandlers employ persuasive strategies to persuade us that they appear to be in need of money, food, clothing, etc. – If you give to a panhandler, you might not care what they use the money for as long as it helps them out. However, they frequently lie about how much money they actually have or spend on themselves.Find your topic and look over the available options 
    -Depending on the situation of the parents, the information learned about parenting may not be applicable.

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