Not Because- gobirds

  1. Coats wasn’t fired because he was using a legal drug, marijuana, for a legitimate purpose for which he had a prescription. He was fired for violating workplace policy.

Coats was fired for violating a workplace policy, not for having prescribed marijuana.

2. An employer isn’t able to fire a person who has anxiety because they are taking the correct medication to deal with the issue.

An employer is restricted from firing a person who has anxiety because they are taking their prescribed medicine.

3. Employees don’t get fired for going out and having a few beers after work because alcohol is legal, but in Colorado so is marijuana.

In Colorado both marijuana and alcohol are legal so they both can be used recreationally.

4. Coats shouldn’t have been fired because he was trying to treat the pain he endured on a daily basis.

Coats was unjustly fired because he was taking a prescribed medication to ease his pain.

5. It’s not fair to discriminate against him because he was able to ease the pain of his multiple spasms by using marijuana.

The marijuana eased his spasms therefore it is not fair to discriminate against him.

6. Coats wasn’t harming anyone at his job because he was smoking marijuana but he was doing so on his own time and not at work.

Coats use of marijuana at home did not affect his work.

7. Omar Gonzalez didn’t penetrate deep into the White House because of the swift actions of Secret Service agents.

Quick action by the Secret Service ensure Omar did not make it deep into the White House.

8. The Secret Service isn’t being compelled to explain its actions because of the way it  responded to the breach of the White House, but how the breach occurred is under question.

Although the Secret Service isn’t under scrutiny for the break in, how the break in occurred is.

9. Secret Service chief Julia Pierson won’t be fired because of her testimony before Congress yesterday. Her incompetence might cost her her job though.

Secret Service chief Julia Pierson’s incompetence may cost her the job, but it won’t be because of her Congressional testimony.

10. Secret Service agents didn’t use deadly force against the intruder because he was carrying a knife with a 4-inch blade.

Deadly force was not used on the perpetrator as he was carrying only a 4 inch blade.

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1 Response to Not Because- gobirds

  1. davidbdale says:

    1. Perfect.
    2. OK, but your “because” confuses things. Do they have anxiety because they’re medicated?
    3. Nice.
    4. OK, but again, your “because” creates confusion. Coats was unjustly fired for taking a prescribed medication to ease his pain.
    5. Pretty good, but suggests that it would be fair to discriminate against him if the marijuana did NOT ease his spasms. (I know. I’m a pain in the ass.)
    6. Very nice. You need a possessive, however. His use of marijuana is “Coats’s use.”
    7. Nice. “Ensured.”
    8. Inventive.
    9. What’s “it”? Her incompetence? Or her firing?
    10. Cool.

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