Hypothesis – usmnt23

  1. Soccer worldwide
  2. Cultural impact of soccer
  3. The influence of soccer matches and their results on fans.
  4. Soccer clubs are driven by the support and passion fans provide and without them the integrity of the traditional game is lost.
  5. The fans thoughts should be the driving influence in changes and decisions made by soccer clubs.
  6. The 50+1 rule is an integral part of keeping the tradition of soccer intact.
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1 Response to Hypothesis – usmnt23

  1. davidbdale says:

    I had to look up the 50+1 rule, usmnt, which raises an issue.

    Who is your audience?
    It’s a question that every Author SHOULD answer before beginning to write or contemplate publishing.

    In your case it COULD BE soccer fans already familiar with the rule and its importance in resisting corporate greed.

    OR it could be a more general readership (myself included) that could easily be intrigued by the “moral” dilemma faced by a sport that both wants to be more widely embraced by new fan bases (for example, Americans) but without sacrificing the democratic principles on which its “club-based” ownership model is based.

    Depending on your decision, you’ll have to tailor your arguments to include or exclude a segment of readers.

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