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1.Linder, D.O. (2022). The Trial of Orenthal James Simpson: An Account.

This is about the criminal trial for the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman. Victims were brutally stabbed to death, and OJ Simpson took off shortly after this incident. 

This gave me a visualization of how the murders happened that night. Police gathered enough information to arrest Oj Simpson, but Simpson pleaded not guilty. This also gave me insight of the Trial. 

Pak, E. (2022). O.J. Simpson Murder Case: A Timeline of the ‘Trial of the Century.

This gave me a timeline of the Trial of the Century. Exact times were giving and dates as well.Murders were taken place outside of O.J Simpsons Brentwood home in california. 

I used this to describe more about how Simpson fled. He was later spotted driving a white bronco, he eventually surrendered at his home. 

The Editors of Encyclopaedia Britannica, (2022). Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.

Information was provided about Simpsons ex- wife, and how Simpson was the prime suspect and how he attempted to escape after being told about his pending charges. Jury later found out he was not guilty of the murders. The public express opinions of racial lines that i provided.

Moore, A. G. (1996). The OJ Simpson Trial-Triumph of Justice
or Debacle. . Louis ULJ, 41, 9.

A timeline was giving from 1994 – 2016

Simpson was accused of not only the murders but of compensatory damages, assault, kidnapping, and armed robbery. he was sentenced to 33 years in prison which was later on after the murders. A knife was found form Simpsons Brentwood home, but was aid to be unconnected to the case.

This basically gave me reasons why Simpson was not guilty in this article.

I used the reasons they describe in my arguments.I used this in my argument to fight that he was not guilty. Many people were very against his innocence because of the evidence provided. 

Latendresse, D., Smith, M., & Rettig, S. (1996). Black Identity: The O.
J. Simpson Case. Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless5(3),

This reviewed white and black perspectives. This was used in O.J Simpsons guilt or innocence.

This specific article didn’t give as much information, i only used this to describe how his race was part of the trail.

G. Fairchild, H. (1997). The O. J. Simpson trial: Research and theory on the
dynamics of ethnicity -Introduction to the issue. Journal of Social Issues.
Retrieved from

the case of O.J Simpson gave the public a reaction to use it as a way to apply social science models of ethnicity. 

I used this to describes about O. J ethnicity and how he may have been profiled. 

Casiano, L. (2021, April 20). OJ Simpson trial: A look back at the
racially charged high-profile case
. Fox News. 

Many people would stand outside of the court during this trial.

The trail of O.J Simpson left the community divided amongst racial lines, which i described. Many people of the African community supported O.J Simpson.

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