Life Choices

Life Choices

38 Responses to Life Choices

  1. bullymaguire29 says:

    – love & service. Fame and money are only outcomes of material wants. They aren’t even on the same playing field.

  2. shepardspy says:

    I’m going with money and love being that they both will allow me to live a happy and exciting life.

  3. I would choose Love and Money. In my opinion money would make my life a heck of a lot easier. I also think that life is somewhat pointless without love so those would be my two

  4. njdevilsred17 says:

    The two choices that I would make to conduct my life would be money and love. These two things will bring happiness and stress but in the end, these two are the best choices.

  5. grizzlybear16 says:

    I would choose money and love because if you have people in your life with love you will be truly happy and money will assist in making life more fun and interesting.

  6. ohsosillybones says:

    I would choose to devote my life to love and money. Although love may seem like an odd choice, I prefer to think of love as a love of life or a love of a hobby or activity of some sort. I’m thinking more along the lines of choosing my love of music and the money that can go along with that in order to be successful, not “famous”.

  7. schoolcookiemonster says:

    I would choose Love because I have had a lot of people in my life like my family and friends that have been people who keep me going every day. Not only do they understand me emotionally but they’re also the greatest supporters that I could ever as for. For the second choice, I would choose money. I do not think money necessarily means that I am rich but I think it means comfort in my life like being able to travel and see different cultures once in a while and being able to pay bills.

  8. rushhourilllusion says:

    I would choose Love and Money. Because love is just something I want in life, while money can but other things I would like in life. They just seem better options than the others for me personally.

  9. ilovecoffee says:

    I would choose love and money. I would choose love so that I am happy and am able to have a family. I would choose money so that I can support myself and the ones I love to have a good, stable life.

  10. f0restrun says:

    I would choose love and then money because I won’t have to worry about anything material.

  11. bubbarowan96 says:

    The two choices that I would make to conduct my life would be money and love. Money would make my life easier. Love would make me very happy.

  12. slowmountain says:

    If I had to choose just two of them, I think I would devote myself to love and money. I don’t think I would ever want to be famous and have people follow my every move, that is not a life to live for me. I would devote myself to money because who doesn’t want to me financially free. Second, I would devote myself to love, because love is a pretty good feeling if it is a good, healthy love, and not a hurtful toxic love.

  13. blue2228 says:

    I would choose love and money. I find that to lead a successful life, some material things are necessary for your survival. Fame is not important to me, and service is a shame to lose out on but I think I could lead a very happy and successful life with a loving family and enough money to support us.

  14. whimsicalwanda says:

    Hard to pick but I would choose love and money. I feel as though life already circles those options. I would hope these choices will help me live a happy and fulfilling life.

  15. 44elk says:

    For my four life choices of which I have two to choose from, I choose service and love. I want to be a school teacher, and I feel that I can contribute to society in a big way by being an incremental step in bringing up America’s youth (some of it, anyway). I also choose love, because emotional connections are worth much more than any large amount of money, at least to me, anyway. (I know that last sentence isn’t grammatically correct, but I don’t care. That’s how I wanted to phrase it.)

  16. I would choose love and money because they mean a lot more to me than the other two. Love is the only meaningful connection and without it life can seem dry. Money is also important because we spend years of our life to get more by going to school, work, and college all to train skills to land a meaningful job. With a lot of money, I would save all that time and instead spend it on love via my family or significant other.

  17. alwaystired247 says:

    If I had to choose between love, money, fame, and service, I would easily choose love and money. Love was my quick first choice because I believe that’s the most important thing on Earth. Money would be beneficial because I have been worrying about money since I was like 10 years old and I would like to not have to focus on it and just live life. It would be fun to have lots of money and also be loved (and love people.) I could also spend it on the people I love.

  18. beforeverge says:

    For some reason this is not a difficult choice for me. Love and money easily win. I wouldn’t like to be famous and I wouldn’t be happy serving others my whole life. Money would give me a stress free life and love would keep me happy.

  19. mochaatrain says:

    I would choose love and money. Feels bad not choosing service, but truthfully the first two I thought of were love and money. I wouldn’t care about fame and don’t hate the idea of service. I just would choose the other two cause I’m greedy. I want love and money in my life to make it enjoyable.

  20. shxrkbait says:

    The life choices I would choose are money and love. I would choose love because it is a deep meaningful connection with others and this is a very important aspect of my life. Love is worth more than any material things. I would also choose money to help make my life easier. I would love to help give my mom money and be able to buy her things because she gives me a lot even if she can’t afford it. Money would bring me more happiness than fame. With money, I want to work hard to earn the money I have.

  21. giantsfan224 says:

    I would pick love and money. True love is something that everyone wants. With money I would never have to worry about anything ever again.

  22. gymrat230 says:

    I choose love and money. Strong human connections are very important to me as a person. Feeling that bond with a person is very important to me. The money would obviously help in living a much more comfortable life. It wouldn’t necessarily be easier, but it would make my life a lot more comfortable, and definitely a lot more fun. Imagine how many season tickets I can get to for the Phillies with endless money.

  23. xephos1 says:

    I would definitely choose love and money. To me fame is not really worth it. Although fame would last and money and love may not, I would still have to go with love and money. A lot of money would be very helpful to me right now and love is just something that everyone wants. I think I would use the money to benefit myself and my family.

  24. If I could choose two, I would choose love and fame. Money leads to problems and it controls people. I’m not a fan of that. Love is important to me, it’s always been a part of my life, and I want to be famous in something. I’m not exactly sure what that is yet, but want to be famous for something.

  25. gobirds17 says:

    I would choose love and money. With money I could afford a healthy, safe, and fun life. Money isn’t everything without love or happiness. With love I would have someone to spend my money and life with. Having money will allow me to work less and have more time. Personally I do not care to be famous so that was an easy choice to eliminate.

  26. As much as I would like to say Love and Service are the way I would go being human money appeals to me. As for Fame, the only thing important to me or even good about fame to me is money so definitely skip that one. I don’t want to be popular that is too much pressure and I’d rather just be moderately known, just enough to make a good income as a writer or as a teacher, and that’s it. The money I mean that’s pretty obvious it’s money, you can gain almost anything in this world material wise or not with money so it seems essential and undebatable. As for the service or love, I’m going to go with love just because love is needed for a family and one thing I’ve always known about me is that I want a healthy stable family for my children. Service although appealing just didn’t make the cut because there are still good things I can do for my family just with the love thing so. These two are the most connected I think among all the options so they can interrelate.

  27. Personally I would choose love and money too me the most important two things are these two. I could live without a worry with unlimited access too both.

  28. tacotyphoon says:

    I’d personally choose Love and Service. Fame is too much work, you get no privacy. Money, no matter how much I have, could give me the same feeling I get when I help someone else. I don’t think I could live without love. Most of my actions are revolved around my feelings.

  29. Out of all the four choices, I would choose love and money. The money would allow me to live a very healthy and exciting life. Love would enable me to live my life to the fullest. It would also allow me to provide for my future family and allow for my kids to enjoy their lives also.

  30. rubes1256 says:

    Out of the 4 choices given, I would probably choose love and money. If I already have the money, and it’s an amount I can live on, I wouldn’t really need to worry about anything financially anymore, and could be happy with whoever I wanted.

  31. I would pick love and service because I love helping people and I appreciate having connections with other people.

  32. duck says:

    I would go with love and money because I feel as if those two choices together will allow me to live the most complete, happy life. I do not want to be famous, and service does not really matter too much to me, plus I feel as though feeling loved by people and loving people are forms of service in themselves.

  33. powerranger says:

    I would choose love and money. Love is because I am always surrounded by my family and close friends. And money is because that is the only thing which is worth in my life instead of fame and service.

  34. oni says:

    I would chose Love and Fame. Love is the most important thing in life, and I have so many people in my life that I love and I refuse to lose them. Fame would be super awesome to have, and it leads to so many opportunities that you can’t achieve without connections. Money also comes with fame, but if it doesn’t work that way I think i’d be okay. I don’t chose money because I love to work and I don’t mind it. I don’t chose service either because I like to do things myself. Call me selfish, but if I’m famous I could spread awareness which in itself is a service.

  35. redbird1123 says:

    I would say love and money because you always need money and love is always around and those things are important in life

  36. I would choose Love and Money. That decision seems like the easiest to live with. Although fame might be alluring it is not something that the majority of people think about every day as much as love and money.

  37. spatel8267 says:

    I would choose love and money . I think love brings people together and money helps to fulfill all your needs which basically leads to happy and successful life.

  38. Gir says:

    Love and Money due to its all I would need in an ideal world to be happy.

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