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According to “Social Networking: Addictive, Compulsive, Problematic, or Just Another Media Habit?” by ROBERT LAROSE, JUNGHYUN KIM, WEI PENG from

Although the extent of Internet pathology by any name, and indeed its very existence, are open to question , the attention of scholars continues to be drawn to the harmful effects of excessive Internet consumption. adults said a relationship had suffered as a result of their Internet use . Correlational studies have linked Internet use and psycho-social maladjustment . Internet usage disorder has been proposed as a new category of mental illness , including a subcategory of email/text messaging that might subsume social networking.

I feel that using the internet is a regular daily habit of young people, even as adults. it makes us just spend our time on useless things. It’s like we’re using manufactured goods from distributors. Conventional media only helps us understand the proper use of the internet and how to avoid addiction. Hope to know more about its uses and harms

How I used it: understand deeper about affect of the internet in our society, showed me that people was addicting to the internet and it’s like a mental health disease. Lead to health issues and a person’s time to do something else instead of just on thje internet. Clearly that social media is helping us but how we use it is more important.

Misinformation sharing and social media fatigue during COVID-19: An affordance and cognitive load perspective” by Najum islam, samuli Laato, Shamim and Erkki Suitinen, was published on 2 May 2020, Revised 4 July 2020, Accepted 6 July 2020, Available online 12 July 2020, Version of Record 12 July 2020.

The findings show that people who lack self-control and are motivated by fun and self-promotion are more likely to spread inaccurate information. Sharing unreliable information was inversely related to both discovery and religiosity. Besides, studies often separate online websites from social media as a news source , however, website news stories are typically disseminated and shared onwards specifically via social media. Consequently, social media is particularly susceptible to be used as a platform for fake news dissemination. Almost half of people sharing news reported having, at least at some point, shared misinformation . There have been reports of bots being used to increase the visibility of fake news , as well as attempts to algorithmically detect fake news. That’s what people say in the article.

How I used it: I used it to find out that people who on the internet and lost their self-control could lead to get and spread the inaccurate information, and its like the primary aritcle. Social media is the easiest way to spread these information.

How does Social Media affect our mental health? This question is very common, everybody knew that social media could harm us, but how does it really affect our mental health.”Effects of Social Media on Mental Health: A Review.” Hilal Bashir and Shabir Ahmad Bha, April – June, 2017 

Hilal Bashir and Shabir Ahmad Bhat show us clearly that social media users have speedily adopted online social communication as an essential part of daily life, as evidenced by the increasing figure of daily users. Consequently social media lays substantial influence on different aspects of present digital life apart from online communication, from marketing to politics to education to health to basic human interaction. However, social media phenomenon is relatively new, number of empirical studies evaluated the overall influence of regular use of social media on the well-being and mental health of its users. A number of research studies classify connection between use of social media and its undesirable outcomes like increase in anxiety, stress, depression and loneliness. The primary factor that not only exacerbates but also feeds mental health issues is social media. A person who uses social media excessively suffers from terrible outcomes, starting with anxiety and ending with depression.

How I used it: This article help me know that the social media user in increase a lot every single day, especially that kids could be harm by social media. It also affect a lot in education, marketing, polistics,…

 “Are you addicted to SOcial Media?” By Lee Health

There’s growing evidence to suggest that some individuals can develop a dependency on social media that’s not unlike an addiction to alcohol or drugs,» says Paul G. Simeone, Ph.D., Vice President and Medical Director of Behavioral Health at Lee Health. In fact, there are now therapeutic programs in psychiatric hospitals and behavioral health clinics across the U.S. dedicated to treating social media addiction as another compulsive disorder.Five percent of respondents from that age group admitted the statement I am addicted to social media» described them completely.The findings correlate with another study that reported 4.1 percent of boys and 3.6 percent of girls who are intense social media users display internet addiction.

How I used it: It make consider that how could I analyze these problem, it point out so many things and the most attractive thing is show me how much we use social media, and the way to get out of social media addiction.

The reality is that most families today provide their children with technological devices such as cell phones or tablets, allowing them to connect to social networks from an early age. Some families even communicate through social media messages within their household, which can create complex relationship structures within a family. Social media is really complicated with so many contents, and there is a good contents and also bad content on it, selective a good contents will help us avoid depression or addicted. “Effects on Social Media.” an article from Social Media Victims law center say thats: ” Social media use has become increasingly common in daily life, used by billions of people on a regular basis. While all age groups have a percentage of active social media users, not all of these cohorts use social media in the same way or to the same extent.”

While social media can promote healthy relationships and communication among family, friends, and acquaintances, significant social media use can also change relationships. system and family behavior.

I found that among all age groups, teenagers are vulnerable to the destructive and addictive nature of social media when used in excess. This age group is also prone to feeling socially isolated and depressed from the social comparisons that social media promotes. This may be more evident in family relationships and communication between parents and adolescents.

How I used that: I used it to find more about the relationship between the social media and our real life. Kids now was give a smart phone when they still too young, and it lead to bad consequences. Even it could help these kid in somehow but they are not understand enough and which information is right or incorrect.

Using Social Media for Peer-to-Peer Cancer Support: Interviews With Young Adults With Cancer, by

Authors of this article:Allison J Lazard 1, 2  ;  Meredith K Reffner Collins 1  ;  Ashley Hedrick 1  ;  Tushar Varma 1  ;  Brad Love 3, 4  ;  Carmina G Valle 2, 5  ;  Erik Brooks 1  ;  Catherine Benedict 6 

The main part of this article is about research that gives teenagers with cancer the opportunity to meet other people. they all want to use convenient media for the opportunity to be solved and want to connect with friends with similar circumstances to help better treatment, when the human psyche is stable, the treatment will be easier. easy than. The researchers created many surveys surveying these young people who were affected by cancer at a young age.

How I used it: I use this article to just flip myself a little bit, because I spent a lot of time talking about the negative affect of social media on human, I just wanna find out some opposite way like how Social media could help people.

Impact of Internet usage time on mental health in adolescents: Using the 14th Korea Youth Risk Behavior Web-Based Survey 2018, by Yeuhee Kwak, Hyejin Kim, Jung-won Ahn, pulished on March 23,2022.

Teenagers today have to go through too much pressure from many things. They are under high stress when they have to go through the process of social development. Doing leads to negative emotions, and to avoid those risks, many young people choose to bury their heads in the internet, play games, watch movies, enter a virtual world. That can help them reduce stress, worry about things around them. That partly makes them addicted or use the internet recklessly.

How I used it: It help me understand that teenager is more risky to be addicted by internet, and it affect to their education. More risk in life and I used it to get more information about how internet could affect teenager.

“Young people and theri engagement with health-related social media: new perspectives.” by Victoria A. Goodyear, Kathleen M. Armour and Hannah Wood. Pages 673-688 | Received 07 Oct 2017, Accepted 30 Dec 2017, Published online: 25 Jan 2018

Most of the internet users are young people. Everything can be found on it and the younger generation is more likely to understand and learn from the internet especially the content related to physical activity, eating and health. But there is very little literature on these issues from young people. The researchers studied more than 1,300 young adults between the ages of 13 and 18. They test young people on aspects such as Politics, the future, social media, etc. The importance of social networks is great for young people.

How I used it: This is my most favorite article about this topic. I am a teenager, and this post mainly talking how young people use internet and it really affect my though on how teenagers use it. I use this article mostly to educate myself and acknowledge that internet is really weird, depend on how I use it.

Effects of social media usage and social media multitasking on the academic performance of university students by Wilfred W.F.Lau. Volume 68, March 2017, Pages 286-291

Media helps students get a learning outcome that can be better or worse because in education media can use and share information with students students and students students with their teachers that makes it easy for them to communicate remotely. but students tend to use more than one media at a time so it’s a hidden possibility for students dependent on it . Social media comes in many forms including strong and small social networks chat platforms like Facebook Instagram Hieu roughly it is photo apps researchers did research to test how social media affects the academic performance of college students three communications were reported from 348 college students, but it did not bring about negative results because college students using many different types of social media activities on a daily basis it can partly affect the learning results because there is a lot of false information on it and it is distorted information that makes students unable to make a positive assessment of the information given on social networks.

How I used it: I used it to acknowlege about how a student college use social media in daily life. Because I am a college student as well. I understand that social media could led me to something misunderstand.

The civic-social media disconnect: exploring perceptions of social media for engagement in the daily life of college students,

Paul Mihailidis, Pages 1059-1071 | Received 21 Mar 2013, Accepted 12 Dec 2013, Published online: 08 Jan 20

The emergence of information and social media tools and technologies that facilitate all people on earth to meet the requirements and daily communication researchers have shown that during the school year 2010 and 2011 A survey of more than 800 university students studied their media usage habits with the last name and the results showed that there are 6 main categories given that are news, politics, rights. privacy, entertainment, education, and relationships. Since then, the emergence of social networks makes people more and more distant, instead of sitting together to talk, they choose to use their phones to find out about information about friends on social networks. meeting, Or in the family meal, instead of parents and children talking to each other, they choose to click on the phone to watch TV, which leads to a system that makes people more and more distant from each other.

How i used it: It countribute a point for me that social media could make people not talking to each other, instead they use their phone, find more friend on social media. It’s exactly the same as my friends, and I feel bad about this. When we hanging out they spend more time on phone instead of talking to each other.

“Thinstagram”: Image content and observer body satisfaction influence the when and where of eye movements during instagram image viewing, Graham G.Scott, ZuzanaPinkosova, EvaJardin, Christopher J.Hand.

With traditional social platforms becoming more and more popular and growing in our lives, users are increasingly likely to have access to potentially harmful images, especially Instagram and Facebook Instagram. and 1,000 in image-based society with intuitive and objective evaluation from users unlike other social networks Instagram mainly uses 20 images based on text with many different diseases posted on this platform every day x emits sound it has more than 1 billion users worldwide I face most of them are women and girls.
there’s some possibility on Instagram that the country could be robbed pushing users to post a lot of pictures on this image it’s the likes and views that make me feel that they are cared for by others and thus appear with Social Comparison I If a woman is seeing herself as beautiful, someone else must have a better picture than her. Images can have a negative impact on a user’s self-image, For example, obese people with eating disorders often have depression to show themselves in social media.

How I Used it: mostly I use this to identify how people feeling about social media, beside contact remotely, people use it to share image, and probably some of those images are not suitable for some user. In additional, some of them are stressful because of their body, and the fact is there is some people will body shaming in social media. Even we have freedom of speech but there is a lot people tend to use bad words to those who don’t like.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I’m sorry, Bitagaming, I’ve seen this sort of behavior too many times not to recognize it. Here you “raised the curtain” on yourself by posting two computer-generated translations one right after the other:

    The findings show that people who lack self-control and are motivated by fun and self-promotion are more likely to spread inaccurate information. Sharing unreliable information was inversely related to both discovery and religiosity.

    The findings indicate that those who lack self-control and are motivated by amusement and self-promotion are more likely to spread untrue information. Sharing of unreliable information was adversely connected with both exploration and religiosity.

    It’s clear you’re struggling to express yourself at a collegiate level in a writing course; I’m completely sympathetic to that problem. But you’re going to have to take advantage of the resources the college can offer to help you achieve fluency before you can pass a Comp II course.

  2. davidbdale says:

    Too many of your entries contain indecipherable passages like this one, which appears to suggest that obese people eat their children:

    For example, obese people with eating disorders often have children who are fat and unattractive to eat or do not have to work their bodies and that in part leads to depression, anxiety and loneliness and is associated with sleep disturbances

  3. davidbdale says:

    I’m very sorry, but this is agonizing to read, Bitagaming. It’s clear from their fluency that you’re copying some sentences wholesale but following them up with bad translations or your own attempts to summarize material. I don’t doubt your intelligence. It’s possible you understand everything you’re struggling to write about, but this is a course in writing, not understanding, and in your ability to communicate ideas clearly in English. That skill you clearly do not have sufficiently mastered. I can’t pass your work based on your good intentions.

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