Definition rewrite – Bitagaming

The more we learn, the more stupid we feel

Today’s society is always evolving as individuals look for new ways to improve society and make our lives more bearable. From ancient people who learned how to make fires and hunt, to modern people who study, work, earn money and take care of people’s health. We must study if we want to realize and do new things in life.

However, why do so many people assume that the more we learn, the more stupid we feel? This question poses a huge problem, if we understand it in the ordinary sense as learning not to understand it is called stupid, but it is not so, the more we learn, the smaller we feel in the world. this. I realize that our understanding is only small in this world, it is like a grain of sand in the desert, like a drop of water in the middle of the ocean. So we need to learn to know more about everything. Each individual has the ability to educate himself, and others can help him or her learn as well. In the process of learning, a part also changes emotions, leading to different actions. Each individual has a different learning process.

Knowledge in school is never enough to give you enough understanding, we need to learn from others, in society and in family education, one of the most solid foundations for learning. help you to have improvisation in society. Knowledge at school helps us to have a better mindset, to dig deeper into the problem we are aiming for.

Someone said, We are taught to be stupid and school also makes us stupid. Children are filled with brains that knowledge is the lubricant to help intelligence develop. Knowing that grades in school are important, but it’s not everything, grades reflect how well we know, but that doesn’t mean a student won’t be successful in the future if you have a really bad score.

Much depends on the nation in which you reside. Every nation has a unique educational system. Most people believe that you will receive a stronger, more reliable education if you study in one of the most developed nations in the globe, such as the US, Canada, China, etc. But every form of instruction guides us toward achievement.

I know in Vietnam, their education is also very developed, but, there is only one thing, most students from elementary to high school consider it a waste, not 100% but all students have to study all subjects, even though it won’t help them in the future. Of course, there are compulsory subjects such as history, geography, and physical education that are necessary but it is impossible to force a student who plans to study music in the future to take math, it has nothing to do with each other. chief. But it’s not necessarily bad. Unlike in foreign countries, advisors direct students to subjects that are good for them in the future, especially after going to university, so that they have a solid foundation before entering school.

As a result of all of this, we will believe that the more we read, the more we learn, the more questions we have, the more we don’t understand, and the more “stupid” we feel. Reading also plays an important role in developing knowledge, learning and reading to discover many new things to help us in the future. To understand where my ability is and what career I want to choose for myself.

Recognize our current location and the knowledge we now possess about the world. As you learn more, you read additional books to broaden your knowledge and help you better grasp who you are, what you want, and what to do. A significant portion of learning involves reading because many things we don’t know can be found in books. Insanity is failing to grasp a concept or issue. But being ignorant is being foolish.


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Why does school make people stupid?

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  1. davidbdale says:

    I’ve left you a question through text, bita.

  2. davidbdale says:

    I’ve read your sources, Bitagaming, and I see zero evidence that you have read them based on the content of your essay. The source material is full of very provocative assertions, none of which are reflected in your own work. In fact, I feel challenged to summarize your argument at all.

    You didn’t quote your sources. Did you consult them, or just find their titles relevant?

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