17 Class TUE NOV 01

17 Class TUE NOV 01

Wake Up

Card Trick Snippet


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  • Feedback Please
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  • Unlimited feedback following revisions
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Anne Frank

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Open Strong

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  1. chance1117 says:

    -stop taking life for granted and cherish it
    – today each group went over their feedback for schoolcookiemonsters essay about skin care.
    -that took up most of class time so there aren’t many notes today.
    -From each person reviewing the paragraphs they were assigned and providing feedback , I took some pointers that I can include in my writing.

  2. rushhourilllusion says:

    My Notes:
    Card trick: was very confused about the trick, but it was interesting. But I remember the last like takeaway was just don’t take life for granted.
    Feedback; Spent a large majority of class revising and talking about feedback. Which was very interesting to hear all of the different feedback from the others in the class. I definitely learned better ways to word sentences and some examples of what not to do. very short notes because everything was more vocal.

  3. swim1903 says:

    impossible things happen all around us everyday without us even noticing
    – don’t take life for granted , the chance of you being alive is about 8×10 ^67, which is less than the amount of stars in the universe
    -when doing a cause and effect argument, break down each aspect into its own sentence and make it as specific as possible
    – do not quote random people and expect your evidence to be taken seriously
    -try and specify what your audience may not know, even if it may seem obvious to you
    – add a motive to other other side to furthermore prove why your point is important

  4. We have presented our dentition workshops regarding our classmates’ essays on the dilemma of the skincare world. I learned a lot of things to do and what not to do in my own definition argument. One thing that stuck out to me was making your argument clear to your reader. You have to pretend that the reader has never even heard of your topic and you have to explain it, and to never assume that they already know something. I began to think about how I need to make sure I explain things that are second nature to me, but brand new and forgin to my readers. I assume that people know the events of gymnastics, the skills, how it is scored, but unless they were a gymnast or a big fan of the olympics they probably never know how it worked.

  5. Card trick thing-
    It didn’t really strike me as crazy because just because something has a low odds doesn’t mean it can’t happen. I don’t know.
    Paragraph responses:
    There’s always ways to make paragraphs better and it’s hard to judge what the audience knows and who that audience would be.

    • davidbdale says:

      I love your brain, Pluto.

      1. The student who questions the Magic Trick is a rare student indeed.
      Everything that exists could have been a trillion other things. That doesn’t make the thing impossible. If I PREDICTED that I was going to lay down the cards in one of 8×10(67) ways and then did it, THAT would be as close to impossible as possible. But laying down cards in one of 8×10(67) possible ways and declaring that to have “beaten the odds” is dealing off the bottom of the deck. You see that. Few see that. You are who I thought you might be on Day One. Now, start writing like it.

      2. You decide who your audience is. No writer is under any obligation to appeal to every reader. To do so is suicide. Write FOR YOUR IDEAL READER. For that, you’ll need AN IDEAL READER. I will try to be that reader for you, but if I’m too far from your ideal, you don’t have to write for me. Figure out who needs the information you can share and provide THAT READER all the background necessary to AGREE WITH YOU, including refutations to the most potent rebuttals you think such a reader would level at you. Get it? Choose your audience. “Everyone” is not an audience. “Roman Empire” scholars might be. I’ll adapt as needed.


  6. kaboom10 says:

    Presentations on feedback took up the majority of the class.
    The 6th paragraph was a short one but had some notable things to change. One, the first sentence started with an attack on the reader calling people “simple minded.” A better way to go about it would be to mention we are all in this together, and just say “we as people.” Secondly, expanding on the topic of “lead” could be used. Instead of saying negative side effects, expand on the idea of lead. You could also make this paragraph a conclusion.

  7. njdevilsred17 says:

    Stop taking life for granted and it needs to be looked at positively. The card trick for example shows that there is a large possibility for it to occur like the possibility of existence. This is how we should be thinking when we are going through a situation we should be grateful for our existence.

    In criticizing the skincare argument we were able to learn how to read our writing when we need to do our rewrite and edit what doesn’t make sense to you that you wrote before in original.

    Looking over the skincare argument had allowed becoming more aware of the mistakes that may not have been noticed by myself when I was writing my definition argument.

  8. ilovecoffee says:

    No specific order of cards can ever be exactly replicated twice.
    Do not take things for granted and stop worrying about the small things.
    Make sure that every sentence has a purpose.
    Leaving sentences with little purpose or leaving the reader with the “so what” thought needs to be changed.
    Expand on your thoughts and use the evidence to elaborate on your ideas.
    If a paragraph when extended to the widest it can go, bleeds above and below what can be read at one time, it is too long.
    Starting with a life or death statistic definitely gets the readers attention, even those who do not care about the topic either.

  9. bullymaguire29 says:

    – feedback feedback feedback
    – peer reviews= chef’s kiss
    – peer review isn’t always right but gives you an insight into what your audience might be thinking of

  10. grizzlybear16 says:

    Need to have a cause and effect when giving examples
    Do not be repetitive
    Critiquing a classmates essay was very helpful in showing what should be done to my own paper

  11. – Went over schoolcookiemonster’s essay in class today. We discussed different paragraphs of the persons essay and provided feedback on everything that they wrote. This was helpful because after listening to the feedback, I noticed that I made some of these mistakes as well. Some of my paragraphs have too many ideas in them and need to be split apart so that each paragraph has its own main idea. Looking at the essay, I also picked up on the ways I need to analyze my own writing which will be very helpful.
    – I had paragraph 4 and the first thing I noticed was that the structure of the paragraph didn’t flow as well as it could’ve. The first three sentences have different ideas that don’t necessarily go together, but rather are wedged together. Also a clear answer to what drugs are is not answered which is what the paragraph is discussing. The last sentence does serve as an acceptable thesis for that paragraph, so they should put that sentence at the beginning. Overall the paragraph was a little sloppy due to its overall structure and sentence structures as well. I would recommend figuring out the main idea of the paragraph and cut any sentences that don’t belong as much as others. I think the second and third sentences don’t belong. Spelling error in the last sentence (aborted -> absorbed).

  12. My notes on definition workshop:

    In paragraph 7 I love the ideas that are being brought up about the amount of testing, that Europe and America have different definitions of what a drug is. That they have different rules and regulations on how to get certain products, as America is much leaner than Europe in getting a simple nasal spray. I feel that leading me on the topic of nasal spray in the last paragraph made me really forget about the idea of skincare and make-up and led me to think more about medicines like nasal sprays and eye drops. In the feedback I enjoy how we use skin care the same way we use certain medicines but they are in different categories. You go to the local walgreens and have skin care or makeup in one section of the store, then travel to the other side of the store to get eye drops or nasal spray. But they all contain chemicals and have healing or beneficial properties that could be considered a drug. How are they gonna start respecting the health of their customers?

    In the updated feedback the transitions are clearer, in the beginning i was confused if we were talking about Europe or the US, also how we jumped into nasal spray confused me. But stating where you were talking about definitely will help guide the reader to your ideas.

    In the first two sentences it goes from talking about differences in Europe and the United states then to nasal spray, adding transition to flow.

    When also talking about how Europe and the United States different in rules and regulations i would like to know specifics, because I do purchase makeup and skin care that comes from Europe and make in Europe,

    Vitamins and dietary supplements are regulated by the fda contain ingredients with strong biological effect

    • davidbdale says:

      Lots of brilliant observations here, Reeses.

      The notion of organizing our brains the way a drug store organizes its products might be very beneficial to schoolcookiemonster. Does a supplement belong in the Snack aisle, or the Vitamin aisle?

      One thing you’re not QUITE right about is your claim that the FDA regulates dietary supplements. You may be shocked to read this:

      Dietary supplements are regulated by the FDA as food, not as drugs. However, many dietary supplements contain ingredients that have strong biological effects which may conflict with a medicine you are taking or a medical condition you may have. Products containing hidden drugs are also sometimes falsely marketed as dietary supplements, putting consumers at even greater risk.

      Foods don’t need to prove themselves safe and beneficial the same way drugs do. Tomatoes need to have been picked clean and not have pesticide residues inside. But supplements? You tell me. Do they contain ingredients that should be classified as drugs?

  13. whimsicalwanda says:

    COMP II Notes – 3.23.22

    Started with a card trick:
    Odds are…
    We are impossible. Impossible things happen everyday, so don’t lose hope.
    Spent most of the class on the Feedback Presentation
    Hopefully schoolcookiemonster found it helpful 🙂
    Learned some ways to maybe improve my own writing
    Ex) Shorter paragraphs may be better.

  14. schoolcookiemonster says:


    During our lecture today as a class, we critiqued our classmate’s definition essay by going through each paragraph that was assigned to each group and talking about what we would change, move, and what is not clear.

    We focused on making changes to quotations that were included in the essay by making sure to add punctuation and identify that some quotes were not given credible sources.

    As a group, we worked together to organize sentences in an easier way for readers to understand and for the argument in each paragraph to stand out and convince the reader to read more.

    Some paragraphs that were critiqued had too much information which made it hard for the reader to understand. There were a lot of run-on sentences as well as sentences with too much change in information from sentence to sentence which had to be clarified.

    The definition essay that was critiqued today in class was mine. All the feedback I got from my classmates was very beneficial and helped me understand how to improve my way of wording arguments, add more details about diseases and the actual harm of certain cosmetic ingredients.

    • davidbdale says:

      I hereby declare my love and admiration for schoolcookiemonster. Thank you so much for submitting to the “Live Feedback” process, SCM. 🙂

      I’ve never presided over a feedback session as helpful as this one—for you, for everyone who was wondering how critically to read their own work. Agenda Notes from your classmates confirm that they benefitted from hearing your work lovingly critiqued but with a cold eye. I’m in your debt for putting yourself through the challenge. Now, revise until it hurts! 🙂

  15. bubbarowan96 says:

    -During our lesson today we critiqued schoolcookiemonster’s essay.
    -Spent most of the class on the Feedback Presentation
    – add more feedback, feedback, and feedback
    -There’s always ways to make paragraphs better and it’s hard to judge

  16. shepardspy says:

    Wake Up
    The chance that we are actually here at this moment is extremely bizarre. This is why we must live instead of existing and take advantage of every moment.

    Class Exercise
    Try putting a closing sentence at the beginning of the paragraph rather than at the end as it may allow for a more understandable paper.
    provide important details and explanations to support important points within your paper.
    The addition or removal of a word can improve the clarity of what is trying to be conveyed within a paper.
    Make sure the claims are accurate and can be supported with evidence. (Connect the dots)

  17. – Remain open to the mystery and surprise that will arise when writing your paper. Not everything has been said on your topic, so you still have something worth adding to the argument.
    – You can start with your argument. Do not string your reader along and make them read 1000 words before letting them know what it is you are arguing.
    – Persuading readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.
    – Do not be unclear. You lose the argument when no one can follow what it is you are arguing.
    – Support your claims with evidence. Connect the dots. Do not leave the claims unsupported.

  18. fatboy489zt says:

    Consider creating a post-analysis argument about if the sound changes how you view the video

    A strong opening sentence sums up what the essay will be about, while also making strong “paradoxal” claims

    What you need in the first sentence is to “persuade the truth of a clearly stated premise “

    Our goal as the writer is to make sure that the reader wants to read the next sentence

    Get as much work done as early as you possibly can

  19. beforeverge says:

    – Don’t be discouraged to do something out of the ordinary, there are always new things to be discovered.
    – In the visual rhetoric analysis, there are plenty of things to infer about the setting, how characters look, their body language and actions, etc.
    – We can do as many revisions as we need. Keep an open dialogue to continue getting good feedback and regrades
    – An opening sentence has to be strong and grab reader’s attention. You have to persuade readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.
    – You can always change your hypothesis if it’s not working out. Keep the new hypothesis similar to the original so you can still use the evidence you already have.
    – Do not waste your first paragraph, it can still be used to present a strong argument.
    – We have to write two opening paragraphs by next class. We will finish writing our three arguments by Thanksgiving break.

  20. giantsfan224 says:

    – Impossible things happen all day every day. (deck of cards example)
    – I might want to add a “post viewing analysis” for my visual analysis if my video can be more clearly understood with the sound.
    – A good sentence could make two strong paradoxical claims.
    – Stringing a reader along till the end, will not keep them hooked to see the real surprise of the essay (the main point).
    – Completely disregarding your original hypothesis when evidence supporting can’t be found should not be done. Instead, you should alter the hypothesis in a way that keeps the idea similar.
    – First sentence should:
    persuade, have truth, clarity, and premise.
    – We have to be clear in our ambiguity.
    – Premisses cannot be false, but neither can they be obvious.
    – Don’t waste the first paragraph- the reader won’t care about anything else if they can’t be grabbed.

  21. gobirds17 says:

    Class Notes-

    Card trick: impossible things happen every day. Not everything has been said or done.

    Feedback please should be a conversation back and forth after each revision. It may be useful to do another analysis with sound on.

    You don’t get a grade on your first draft. You get a grade on your rewrite. Reminder only edit the rewrite post not the original.

    How to start an argument-

    Don’t lose your argument in the first sentence. If we aren’t finding compelling arguments for our hypothesis we can change the thesis. No one knows our original hypothesis they just see the end result.

    What we need in our first sentence:
    1. Persuasion
    2. Truth
    3. Clarity
    4. Premise

    We are not proving anything in this writing. We are arguing our point. We persuade through language.

    If we are caught in a lie it will destroy our credibility. Without credibility our paper is worthless.

    We don’t want to have our readers spend more time thinking about what our claims meant than thinking about how our claim is true.

    We need to use shortcuts to say more things in less words. Don’t waste our first paragraph; we need to maximize surprise, makes it clear and concise

  22. AnonymousStudent says:

    Impossible things happen every day. If you flip out cards in a random arrangement, the order you flipped it in had a 1/52! chance of existing, an absurdly large number.

    Don’t get discouraged with your theories, as it is not impossible to find a theory that has never been done before.

    Constantly put your essays back into the feedback loop. If you don’t then you won’t get enough rewrites to make an exceptional mark on your grade

    The professor likes the back and forth with feedback, even when handing out candy.

    If you’re confused on what to add to your visual rewrite, consider having a reaction after listening to your video with sound on.

    Be specific with feedback please or you won’t ever get proper responses

    You are able to lose your argument in the first sentences, so trying to drag your reader along will not work.

    The reader won’t know your original hypothesis. If you’re having trouble driving your argument home, reword it around the information you have received.

    The most important aspect is the persuasion of your argument.

    Your first paragraph needs to not waste time introducing your reader to your premises

    The best opening paragraph states it’s thesis clearly but maximizes the surprise

  23. mochaatrain says:

    -impossible things happen every day.
    -in visual rhetoric, going back to listen to the sound can help expand the analysis by seeing if the sound and visuals support each other. Because there is a possibility the sound doesn’t support the visuals and then you can describe how it isn’t working.
    -there is no reason not to start an essay with your argument.
    -If a hypothesis is not proving to work, don’t drop it. Use the research you have gathered to come from a different angle that can use some of your research while trying not to drop the entire topic.
    -Don’t prove, persuade.
    -There is no problem having two contradictory premises in the same sentence as long as it’s clear.
    -Don’t waste sentences that bore your reader because that’s how you lose an argument or just do not get people to even read your essay.

  24. * Card tricks are very unique. The chance of the layout of the cards on a table never has been done before and it will never be done again.
    * There are over 100 ways to do card tricks. It takes a few years of practice to get it all right.
    * Reminder: When it comes to the rewrites, ask for feedback and then make the changes. The rewrites gets grades improvements. Do it ASAP.
    * Readers are attracted to good opening statements
    * The readers need to know what your hypothesis. You need a compelling way to display the information you found. You have to pull them in with you opening and you have to keep them interested
    * Success in arguing depends on persuading readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.
    * We will persuade our readers. We aren’t proving anything in our essay. We’re going to present our evidence by being logical and being reasonable, but fair.
    * We will be truthful to the readers: Truth is different than proof. Be truthful to your audience. If you get caught in a lie, then you will lose creditability and no one will take your argument seriously
    * We will be clear to the readers: BE CLEAR IN YOUR ESSAY. The quickest way to lose an argument keeps the reader wondering because they don’t understand what you’re trying to say
    * We will have premises in the essay: We need to convince our audience about whatever we’re saying. They cannot be false, but they also can’t be obvious.

  25. alwaystired247 says:

    When shuffling cards, there is an extremely low chance that a deck of cards was ever in that order before in history. While writing, we should keep an open mind toward surprises. There are millions of different possibilities for how your piece could go. We should not be scared to look into the unknown and step out of our comfort zones.
    As we learned in our visual rhetorics, the audio tracks of videos affect the plot a lot. Even with that said, it is very important for the video to coincide with the sound, or at least make a point in relation to the audio.
    If we are having trouble proving our point, we will want to do deeper research. This research may not be in articles, but rather in pictures, videos, or items. We want to examine every single occurrence of the situation we are debating, then compare them to one another.
    When you find your first sentence is bringing down your argument, you should start over. If not, your reader may make up their mind on what it is you are trying to argue the second your essay begins. We have to make sure to state the truth so we don’t lose any credibility. If we lie once in our essays, the reader will not trust a word we say. We also have to remain clear, because the truth can be unclear and confusing. If nobody can follow us, we will lose the argument. Lastly, we have to have premises. This just means that we have to convince our readers that what we are arguing exists and is worth talking about.
    The Mormon church baptized Anne Frank without any form of permission or the consent of any of her ancestors. It is offensive that they baptize Holocaust victims, considering they do not share their beliefs and may have died for being Jewish. They even baptized somebody who was alive, which was the author Elie Wiesel. Tonight, we must write an essay on our stance on this phenomenon.

  26. green0728 says:

    Class Notes Comp 2

    • green0728 says:

      Class Notes Comp 2-
      – It’s practically impossible to shuffle a deck and get all the same cards in the same order more than once. However it can happen, & likewise, other seemingly impossible scenarios can occur any day
      – Hand in assignments
      – The first sentence is critical to making a good argument, as it will determine the level of interest your reader with have in your argument
      – Make meaningful, complex, claims within the first paragraph as to not waste it

  27. princess01430 says:

    Nov 1 .
    Things that are proclaimed impossible happen everyday so overall message you can do impossible things.
    To apply this to writing, when finding evidence for our writing remember its not possible that there “is no evidence” or anyone that “ thinks the same way you do” although it might seem impossible.
    If need be you can adjust you hypothesis minimally or can even reword the sentence in your search engine to get different results. Either way, saying “there was no evidence” is no excuse to not do your research and paper.
    If you have an assignment that has a 0 and you haven’t done it do it
    Visual Assignment: consider addings a post viewing analysis and an analysis after hearing the audio about whether the audio makes a difference or not.
    First paragraph should have a deep, and complex argument forming with numerous claims. Our paragraphs have been constructed this way by members of this class. Make introduction more interesting.
    Great openings have a hypothesis while also being intriguing. Need a good balance of structure and complexity.
    Include Practice openings in your white paper so that when you go to write your paper some of the work is already done for you.

  28. 11/01/22
    College Composition 2
    Class Notes
    Wake Up
    You can never shuffle a card deck the same way twice, it is almost impossible.
    We watched some guy shuffle cards 100 times and it must have taken years to get that good with a card deck.
    Make sure you are checking your papers for feedback and rewriting them. Making revisions from the professor’s feedback is necessary.
    The drug impaired driving advertisement I felt was self explanatory without the volume this is because of the hints dropped.
    The hints were the rolling up of the sleeping bag, the smoke leaving their faces or mouths, when they get in the car no one gets in the driver seat, they begin to look around wondering if someone is going to drive until they laugh and realize none of them can drive.
    An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.
    Readers are attracted to good opening sentences.
    If your hypothesis does not have enough support to back it up. Then you go back, look at your evidence and rewrite a valuable hypothesis that matches with your evidence.
    Persuasion, truth, clarity, and a premise if you can do this in your first sentence you can hook your reader.
    If the reader digs into their own belief instead of seeing your side of things you lose.
    The Marshmallow Test
    Stay away from gobblers and try to be a nibbler.
    Gobblers are those who use 100 words to explain one thing.
    Nibblers will break down the same scenario in way less words.
    We must not be boring in those first two sentences.
    Maximizing your surprise and making your thesis clear is the best way to open up any essay or paper.

    • davidbdale says:

      I have no idea what you mean by this:

      The Marshmallow Test
      Stay away from gobblers and try to be a nibbler.
      Gobblers are those who use 100 words to explain one thing.
      Nibblers will break down the same scenario in way less words.

      It’s fun, though.

  29. redbird1123 says:

    learned about the card trick it was really a good trick because I didn’t think or see it that way
    changing the phrase of a policy
    good opening sentence:it states it bold points, states an argument,got you to read the next sentences
    success arguing requires persuasion,truth,clarity,premise.If you have those then you have a success arguing
    4 sentence to describe to the readers what’s going on and the background.
    use a complex sentence in the first pargraph so you can keep the readers attention on the topic of your essay

  30. Impossible things like the card sequence happen everyday by chance
    Dropping a pack of cards on the floor, will never be duplicated in human history
    Make sure to tell professor what kind of feedback you want when you ask for feedback
    The goof opening sentence is number 1
    Its good because its persuasive and makes two strong paradoxical claims
    Does not have to be true
    Similar to your research paper, as long as you proved something and provided evidence, you completed the assignment
    Be persuasive, include the truth, Clarity, and premises
    Truth is complex enough
    Marshmellow test- If you dont eat it, we have to call you something, and if you do we have to call you something esle
    Track the data and identify conclusions from experimeters, ansd then propose an alternative theory within 4 sentences
    Wont be easy but it can be done
    Drew two conclusions- Blue ate the marshmallow, they dont score well on SATS considered dumb
    Yellow, they are smart and relixed they can double their reward if they just waited for a little
    They blamed it all on impulse controls of 6 years old
    IF youre going to make a complex argument in your beginning argument, dont make them wait
    Keep their attention by letting them know right off the bat
    Take home task is due thursday: Open strong-Username
    Respond to Anne Frank by midnight tonight

    • davidbdale says:

      Little sloppy, but good content.

      Marshmellow test- If you dont eat it, we have to call you something, and if you do we have to call you something esle

      I presume this means we should find or create terms for our primary characters/ideas/situations like “carpentered environment” that will communicate quickly and save us dozens if not hundreds of words.

  31. tacotyphoon says:

    Class Notes (11/01/22 9:30 am)
    -impossible things can happen
    -you can do impossible things
    -relating to writing, even if there seems like there is no evidence, or that no one agrees with you, there is
    -if there is an assignment with a 0, DO IT
    -if your hypothesis needs adjusting to find better research, do it
    -restructuring can help a lot
    -your first paragraph contains many arguments and claims
    -you need balance in your paragraph structures
    -don’t forget to ask for feedback/help

  32. -Impossible things like laying out 52 cards in a distinct pattern happen everyday
    -First sentences are one of the most important parts to any type of writing
    -Don’t waste time with your first sentences, get your point across
    -Persuasion, truth, clarity and premise break down first sentences
    -The writer will lose without credibility
    -If readers already have a strong belief with an idea, then writing about it is not going to make the reader want to read it
    -By applying simpler terms to your writing can shorten and make room for your arguments
    -Make meaningful claims in the definition argument first paragraph, don’t just ramble
    -Don’t repeat yourself in any opening paragraphs
    -Repeating yourself in the opening paragraph weakens your argument
    -Try to shorten your opening paragraph or create another one by Thursday

  33. 11/1
    Card Trick – Impossible things can happen every day by chance.

    Put essays in feedback please before you get a grade.

    You can say the same thing in a better way- don’t say pay 4% more with credit, say don’t pay 4% more by playing with cash.

    The first sentence should not waste any time, make controversial claims, and make an argument. Get them to the next sentence of the essay. It might not always be true, just needs to be clear and persuasive.

    The first paragraph of an essay depends on persuasion, truth, clarity, and a stated premise.

  34. rubes1256 says:

    If you lay out a deck of cards, no one would ever lay out a deck in the same order that you did ever again
    The chances of a duplicate are astronomically low
    Impossible things happen everyday
    4% Savings when you pay with cash
    An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.
    The job of any sentence is to get the reader to read the next sentence
    Can you use all of these in four sentences?
    There is a video of Anne Frank that exists

  35. oni says:

    Shuffling Cards: The odds of pulling the same deck more than once is astronomically high. It’s 8×10^67. Thats more than there are stars in the milky way. Impossible things like this happen everyday.
    **Get rewrites in ASAP!! Definition/Visual
    Argument: You don’t have to say the full truth. Don’t phrase things like a punishment.
    First sentences are very important. An argument can’t be won, but it can be lost in the first sentence. They shouldn’t waste any time, and make a bold claim. You goal is to persuade the reader of the truth that you have clearly stated.
    We aren’t proving anything, just proposing an argument that the reader can’t ignore.
    Being caught in a life is the quickest way to lose an argument
    First sentence:
    1. Persuasion
    2. Truth
    3. Clarity
    4. Premise
    Marshmallow test: kids who ate the marshmallow did not achieve as much as the kids that waited. They recorded years worth of data, but we must simplify it down into four sentences.
    Open Strong Argument: Thursday

  36. 11/01
    Two students shuffled the deck of cards so Professor Hudges could do his magic trick where he laid out the cards on the table. Doing so was the trick where he proves that the odds of the same cards he laid out being laid out again in that same order is nearly impossible and is an astronomical chance where it will pretty much never happen again. Impossible things happen a million times a day where people break odds by chance.
    Post missing assignments
    When wanting feedback always make sure you ask questions and make it clear on what exactly you would like feedback on.
    “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence but it can be lost” Bold statement for an opening sentence which goes straight to the point.
    The sentence doesn’t have to be true but it has to have some interest when persuading the reader of the truth of a clearly stated premise.
    Persuasion, Truth, Clarity, Premise.
    Keep your readers attention by letting them know where you stand.

  37. shxrkbait says:

    11/1 Class Notes
    -We can improve grades on our assignments at any time. To do this, we need to make revisions and add in the feedback please category for a regrade.
    -An argument can be won or lost in the first sentence. Don’t waste words setting up your argument in the first sentence. Get straight to the point with clear claims.
    – The first sentence must keep readers engaged and wanting to read more. The first sentence should also be an argument itself. The first sentence doesn’t need to be true but it needs to provide the reader with information that convinces them of the argument in your favor. 1. Persuasion 2. truth 3. clarity, and 4. premise starts a good argument.

  38. xephos1 says:

    (Out Sick Notes)
    Wake Up
    According to the Card Trick example, impossible things can happen everyday
    Stop taking life for granted

    Make sure to post Visual Rhetoric argument
    Make sure to ask for feedback
    Put your posts in the feedback please category to get feedback
    Make sure to reply to your post with the type of feedback you want
    Replying to your post moves you up in the feedback queue
    You can keep asking for feedback and you can keep revising for a better grade

    You can’t win an argument in the first sentence, but you can sure lose it
    If your evidence is not lining up with your hypothesis, rewrite it to match more with your evidence
    The four things that will hook your reader in the first sentence are persuasion, truth, clarity, and premise
    Avoid letting the reader think for themselves because you will lose your argument
    Instead of being a gobbler, be a nibbler
    Gobblers use a lot of words to describe something while nibblers use a lot less

    • davidbdale says:

      You’re the second student who thinks I identified “gobblers” as writers who use too many words. I wonder what I said to lead you to that very odd conclusion.

  39. bitagaming says:

    You will never shuffle a card deck in the same way twice.
    After that we watch a guy showing us 100 different ways to shuffle cards.
    Remember to check your works, there will be feedback from the professor to improve your works.
    It’s really hard to tell what’s happening in a 30 seconds video and more difficult if that video has no sound, we have to watch til the end of the video to know. As in the video Not camping today, we don’t know what happens in the first 20 seconds because people keep smoking and smoking. Until the very last second, they get in the car and then get out of the car because nobody can drive, all of them were smoking. So don’t drive if you are high.
    If you get a zero for missed assignment, just post the assignment and put it in feedback please category, that way could help improve your grade.
    A good opening could help readers attach to your post. A Good opening is a opening with 4 typical element are persuasion,truth,clarity, and premise.

  40. Impossible things happen every day. Using the cards example: in a random arrangement, when you flip it there’s a 1/52 chance of existing,
    it is not impossible to find a theory that has never been done before so don’t feel unmotivated when looking for your theories
    Constantly put your essays back into the feedback. If you don’t then you won’t get enough rewrites to make an exceptional mark on your grade or get a good grade.
    The professor likes the back and forth with feedback, even when handing out candy.
    Be specific on what feedback you want or you won’t ever get proper responses
    You are able to lose your argument in the first sentences, so don’t stretch out the ideas of your argument be upfront about them
    The most important aspect is the persuasion in an argument.
    A good opening paragraph states its thesis clearly but maximizes the surprise of the information so although the trader knows what their reader about they must actually read through to obtain the information.

  41. hollyp715 says:

    11/1 Class Notes
    Remain open to new ideas and opportunities to expand when writing the paper
    “Impossible” things happen daily
    Go back to feedback please and fix whatever needs to be done, grade improves as a result
    be specific for future feedback so you can move to the top of the list and get specific responses
    A good opening sentence can make two paradoxical statements.
    Open strong Anne Frank assignment
    Causal argument due next week

  42. gymrat230 says:

    A strong opening
    A strong opening doesn’t beat around the bush. It makes a strong claim in the very first sentence to make sure the reader moves on to the second sentence. Every sentence thereafter is used in the same way; make sure the reader reads the next sentence.
    There seem to be many techniques we can employ to make a strong opening, but they all have the same goal of making sure the reader continues through our paper.
    Anne Frank Example
    I found this topic very interesting. I didn’t know that posthumous baptism was a concept. Religion is always a source of contention between many populations that can cause a strong divide between people who would nevertheless be similar in all other discretions.
    I genuinely feel as if my Anne Frank opening was one of the best openings I’ve ever written in my papers.

  43. Gir says:

    # 11/1/22

    ## World’s simplest card trick

    Shuffling a deck of cards seven times and then laying them out creates an order of the cards that will never be arranged that way again. The odds of arranging the cards the same order are one in 80,658,175,170,943,878,571,660,636,856,403,766,975,289,505,440,883,277,824,000,000,000,000.

    ### Housecleaning

    Missed assignments need to be dealt with {make note in agenda on what I need to work on}

    Request help before grading and before its too late

    ## Lecture: How to start an Argument

    **Choose the Good Opening Sentence:** 1. An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.

    The objective of the first sentence is to get the reader to read the second sentence then the third, then so on and so on.

    Persuasion: We will not prove anything in our essay. We will persuade readers by being reasonable but firm

    Truth: Truth is different then proof when we argue we will be proactive

    Clarity: Truth is multifaced its our job to show clarity in our writing and persuade the reader to our claim.

    Premises: We need to convince the readers of something in particular. The premises cannot be false nor obvious.

    ## ****Anne Frank Exercise****

    Task: Write a strong Opening Paragraph. Paragraph must contain a thesis sentence that clearly and boldly proclaims your claim.

  44. Class Notes:

    – A month left of class, make sure to work on revising and turning in missing essays ( if any).

    – Place essay on feedback please before receiving a grade in order to make improvements grade/ writing wise.

    – Don’t tell the reader the disadvantages of something when introducing.

    – When introducing, make bold claims, make interesting enough to get sentence 2 read an so on. A sentences job is to get the reader to read the next one.

    – Success in arguing depends on persuading the readers.

    – Needs persuasion, truth, clarity and premise:
    – Persuasion does not need to prove anything, look for reasonable arguments.
    – Truth depends on credibility.
    – Clarity requires truth declarations, don’t want the reader wondering what was said.
    – Premises needs to convince the reader of something that is true, it requires evidence.

    – Compare these aspects to definition categorical.

  45. azntaco says:

    New zeroes are being inputting for the Visual Rhetoric assignment. You can make it up by posting the essay. I haven’t turned in my assignment as of yet, so I was really worried about the 0 I got and thought the grade was final. This helps clear things up and I’ll get that in ASAP. For the feedback please, you can move up in the queue when you ask for specific advice. I need to start doing this more often since I only put my work in the feedback please category and not ask for specific advice. You can make a grade improvement by following all the substantial revisions the professor provides.

    Choosing a good opening sentence challenges the reader which makes them more intrigued and want to read more. Why is an opening sentence so important? It makes two strong paradoxical claims. It sums up a very strong argument the essay will make. It can be debated which allows the reader to give their own opinion. Giving the reader their very own challenge.

    “An argument cannot be won in the first sentence, but it can be lost.” To make sure of the success of the argument there are four steps that need to be followed. “Success in arguing depends on persuading readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise.”
    1. Persuation
    2. Truth
    3. Clarity
    4. Premise

  46. powerranger says:

    NOV 1 , 2022

    Impossible things happen everyday by looking at an example of the deck of cards.

    There could be only one good opening sentence.
    The only sentence that fits the requirement is that – an argument cannot be won by the first sentence, but you’ll lose.

    What’s so good about it? These sentences do not have to be true, it has to be clear and fair.

    Success in arguing can be won by ‘’ persuading readers of the truth of a clearly stated premise’’. This is what we need in our first sentence.

    You can grab the reader’s attention by making your first paragraph as perfect as possible.

    Make a complex argument in one paragraph , gotta keep their attention, hold them .

  47. peanut2348 says:

    Comp Class Notes
    Class began with a simple car trick, a Shah created it
    Professor showed us a video of 100 ways to shuffle
    Saw a video on Drug-Impaired driving, but watched it without sound
    We watched without sound to see if the video contradicted the message
    We judged schoolcookiemonsters essay

  48. Class Notes:

    – Any assignment not posted will be marked as a zero. In order to not have a zero please post the assignment. Now is the time where students start to fall behind and they either give up or push through. The Professor will help you make your assignments worth something so take advantage of that and help yourself by letting him help you.
    – In the feedback please section post your work to make it better and get a better grade. Asking for specific advice will move you up on the waiting. When you post your work in this section, but don’t ask for specific feedback change that so the professor has an idea of what to respond.
    -If you follow the revisions that the professor asks than your grade will improve
    – The key to any writing is a good opening sentence. If you have a good first sentence it attaches the reader and challenges them to think which makes them want to read more.
    – Even though an argument can not be won by the first sentence it can also be a lose. If the reader is pulled in by the opening sentence than they do not care about reading it, but if they are pulled in then the reader will continue to read and allow the writer to prove a point.

  49. spatel8267 says:

    When drafting your paper, keep an open mind to the mysteries and surprises that may arise. You still have something to contribute to the discussion because not everything has been said on your issue.
    – With your argument, you can begin. Instead of making your reader read 1,000 words before learning what you are disputing, be brief.
    – convincing readers that a clearly stated proposition is true.
    – Don’t be ambiguous. When no one can understand what you are discussing, you lose the argument.
    – Provide evidence to back up your arguments. Make connections. Do not make unsupported claims.

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