OCT 18: Definition Argument

Definition Argument and Definition Rewrite

Portfolio Task


The Definition Argument is your first Portfolio Task. You will produce three short Arguments, 1000 words each, all of which will contribute to your 3000-word Researched Persuasive Argument. The Short Arguments AND their Rewrites will be essential components of your end-of-semester portfolio.

For this assignment:

  1. Post a 1000-word Definition Argument with citations to your scholarly research and a References section in APA style. Call it Definition—Username.
  2. At the same time, COPY AND PASTE the contents of your Definition Argument to a second post identical to the first. Call it Definition Rewrite—Username.
  3. Make NO CHANGES EVER to your Definition post.
  4. Ask for Feedback and make all revisions to your Rewrite post.

Link to the Definition Argument task.

The assignment was first mentioned on the Agenda for Class 11, TUE OCT 11