1. The media is toxic
  2. Engaging in social media is bad for mental health
  3. With the advancements in technology, social media has become way more influential and addicting
  4. Social media is very two-faced. It’s supposed to be used to spread news and facts, but in reality, it causes more conflicts and problems in society
  5. Censoring what is put on social media, and limiting what can be accessed by anyone and everyone will help reduce the amount of bad influence social media can have on an individual’s life.
  6. Limiting the amount of influence social media has on an individual’s life will have more effect than giving people more access to “receiving help” from therapy.
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2 Responses to Hypothesis-tacotyphoon

  1. fatboy489zt says:

    I actually agree with this and believe that it should be talked more. I like the supporting claims that back up what the entire paper is going to be about. It helps people think about how much influence in their life that they actually get from social media.

  2. Caravan says:

    I agree with the harmful effects that social media can have. I think that your mention of therapy at the very end does water down the argument slightly, though. Putting “receiving help” in quotes while referring to therapy comes across like mocking and doesn’t give me the impression that you are approaching both it and social media use and their effects from an objective and unbiased point of view. I also don’t really see why it’s necessary either. Arguing that limits on social media will improve mental health (which is vague, but I will assume you just mean the self imposed kind) does not actually require disputing the effectiveness of therapy. It could very easily be the case that both are helpful in their own right, and it’d be far easier to prove just that then to prove what is almost two different claims.

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