03 Class TUE SEP 13

03 Class TUE SEP 13

Pheasant on a Foxhunt

Chimpanzee Memory Skills


Defining Terms “Your Way”

The Peoples Republic of China (mainland China, excluding Hong Kong), has for some time been repressing the defenders of the more democratic government of the small part of China designated the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (HKSAR). Some would argue there is very little democracy left in Hong Kong. This morning (TUE SEP 17, 2021) on BBCHARDTalk, host Steven Sackur put the question to Hong Kong legislative councillor Dominic Lee Tsz King, a high profile defender of Beijing’s increasingly tight grip on the territory: “With pro-democracy activists arrested, exiled or cowed into silence, has ‘One country, Two systems’ morphed into one country, one system?”

Lee offered this novel definition of Democracy;

Link to the HARDTalk broadcast

When we look at democracy, there are a lot of different systems. Democracy does not just represent election politics, if that’s what you’re referring to. In China, we practice what we call “Whole Process Democracy,” at which democracy is in every stage of the decision-making process—an election is one part of it, one big part of it, but if we’re too consumed about elections, we put too much focus and too much time into elections . . . .

Warm Up

Daily Notes Reminder

Class Notes are my technique for taking attendance, evaluating your level of engagement with the classroom, and encouraging you to practice Purposeful Summary of what goes on while we’re together.

Record your Notes as a Reply to the daily Agenda (that is, to this page).

My Hypothesis

  • Workshop: Bearing Down on the Research Hypothesis, using examples of student work so far.

The White Paper


  • White Paper Quiz. Follow this link to a quick quiz on White Paper technique and grading.
    • Complete by midnight WED SEP 14.

136 Responses to 03 Class TUE SEP 13

  1. peanut2348 says:

    Class notes 9/13
    -Research papers are similar fox hunts
    – foxhunt can be used as example of how not to interpret you hypothesis
    -when writing a hypothesis make sure not to be so clear to not give it away
    – try to be as specific as you can
    -Make sure definitions are clear
    -Skills needed to flourish are bold and challenging
    – fix/change if its not perfect, no need to start new hypothesis just edit
    – creativity and enterprise to flourish
    – defines terms in your own way
    -when researching collect source/write/read about them
    – vaccination of polio has caused children to go paralyzed, it comes down to paralyzing one child so no other children get paralyzed
    -The white paper
    Cite for sources
    Write about sources

    • davidbdale says:

      Peanut, you’re not a member of our blog, so I don’t know who you are. I will invite you, and you need to accept the invitation.

      MEANWHILE: Email your username to myfavoriteprofessor at davidhodges.com

    • davidbdale says:

      These may be working for you, peanut, but I’m mystified by roughly half of them. I recognize where they came from, but I find it hard to believe they’ll actually remind you of important takeaways after about two weeks.

  2. Gir says:

    Common Knowledge isn’t always Common Knowledge, take time to question and explore more then what’s beyond the surface.

    Defining Terms “Your Way”- Defining Terms in your own way describes your point leaving no room for other interpretations besides the one you display. The example used was with the ongoing situation in Hong Kong. Dominic Lee Tsz King is asked about the situation and if the “one country, two systems” actually works. For which Dominic Lee Tsz King responded with his own definition or rather Chinas definition of “democracy” is

    Riddle- Professor used Denzel Washington and Charlize Theron as a way to demonstrate different definitions and how it matters how you define things. The riddle in question was “Spot the African- American” With the images of the two. The answer is Charlize Theron due to her being born in South Africa and then becoming an American Citizen giving her in the definition of the word the title “African-American”

    The White Paper- The White Paper is a work in progress paper where you can start trying ideas out. Not meant to be published. Write purposeful summaries, get feed back, rewrite get a firm draft and outline for a research paper.

  3. shxrkbait says:

    Class notes 9/13
    -We started off class by watching a video of a chimpanzee demonstrating his fantastic memory skills when it comes to memorizing numbers and patterns
    -It is important for our hypothesis to prove something that is counterintuitive so that -it is not common knowledge and there is more to argue against. Arguing something we know to be true is less intriguing to readers.
    -Don’t waste your time looking for a “fox” that was just released. Instead, ignore the fox and look for something more like a pheasant. For our research, this means looking for surprising facts and hypotheses to prove rather than proving ones that we already know to be true.
    -The First 1000 words of a research paper is a categorical essay that is used to define how you want your terms to be perceived in your paper.
    -In the Hardtalk broadcast when democracy was defined the speaker demonstrated how he viewed democracy when he was speaking about it.
    -Our warm-up was to find the African-American between Denzel Washington and Sharlee. Sharlee was born in South Africa and came to the U.S. Denzel Washington was born in Detroit and his parents were born in the U.S. Therefore Sharlee should be considered African American as she has dual citizenship.
    -When writing a good hypothesis you need to be more specific and list characteristics that define what you mean. If you are too vague your readers will not know the context of what you wrote.
    -In caps, edit your hypothesis to show your revisions clearly
    As a class, we were given 15 mins to read each other’s hypotheses and leave comments on three of these posts
    -We discussed the white paper and how one is set up. The white paper is where you start gathering the research for your research paper. Here you identify important, useful parts of your sources and write purposeful summaries for each of them. You describe how the source is useful and what it is about.
    -At the end of the semester when we need an annotated bibliography we will pull this from our white pages paper where our sources and summaries are already listed
    -A white paper is a work in progress that should be worked on throughout the semester and where you pull sources from when writing the 3,000-word paper.
    -To write your white paper and research paper you want to collect sources, read them, and write a summary of your sources as you read them. With that, you can go on to write a disorganized essay, and keep revising. After two to three sources your hypothesis should become better developed and evolved. With this, you can find more sources to summarize and revise.

  4. Class Notes

    -Drink water when it is hot out, you need 8 hours of sleep to function the next day, these are examples of to well known topics that no one really enjoys reading
    -Mushrooms are a good topic because they pop up when the weather is just right and no one knows much about them
    -Chimpanzees have great minds, sometimes smarter than humans
    -1000 word essay on describing terms
    -There are a lot of things we think we know, but need to be careful how we use that term
    -Mainland has been trying to repress the defenders of the more democratic government of the small part of China
    -Danzel was born in America just as his parents were, but the other actor wasn’t born in America so is she really American
    -Notes are 5% of your final grade
    -The portfolio will compare 4 things from the beginning to the end of the semester, the research paper and a self reflection paper
    -When summarizing just include exact details on how it’s useful

  5. sillyinternetperson says:

    We talked about defining terms for your own use. At the beginning we saw a video of a chimp “counting”. You challenged the definition of counting. “Is the chimp memorizing the order of the shapes? Was the chimp taught what the numbers are?” It is useful to define terms. Do not leave anything up to interpretation. It’s not a poem it’s an essay.

  6. redbird1123 says:

    How much is enough for a hypotheses
    you don’t always conduce people with evidence
    try the nature of facts
    teacher talking is about your hypothesis
    Counterintuitive thinking
    then talked about different hypotheses

  7. spatel8267 says:

    When its hot outside we usually drink lots of water and likewise we need atleast 8 hours of sleep to function our body.
    According to foxhunt research paper we should not waste the time looking for “fox” and instead look for something more like a pheasant. The research paper has its first 1000 words as how you want your terms to be perceived in your paper.
    In the Hardtalk broadcast Dominic Lee Tsz King defines democracy as communism in his own way.
    When talking about writing a good hypothesis we should make it more specific and clear by defining what it means and should edit the hypothesis to show the writings.
    The white paper has the sources that were used and also has the hypothesis used on the paper. The white paper can be changed anytime .
    Collecting the sources and reading them thoroughly. Write about it. If you get new sources, you can develop new ideas. After two or three sources your hypothesis will become more developed.

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