05 Class TUE SEP 20

05 Class TUE SEP 20


  1. Upload an image from your device to use as your WordPress avatar for the blog.
  2. Make your Appointment for your first Mandatory Professor Conference.
  3. If you’ve had your Conference, leave a Brief Review of the results.
  4. Add your Hypothesis post to two Categories (the Hypothesis Task and your own username).

The Sharing Channel

Charlize Theron best-known roles

Warm Up

Bi-Partisan Legislators
  • First, let’s define bi-partisan
    • adjective. involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties
      that usually oppose each other’s policies.
    • Recent usage:
      • “Financial deregulation and mass incarceration became matters of 
        bi-partisan agreement.”— Frank Guan, The New Yorker, 31 Jan. 2022


  • Feedback Please
    • What it’s for. How to use it.
    • If you think I should create a 2-minute “How To” video for Feedback Please, leave me a reminder in your Notes below this page.

The Deadlines Menu


  • Demonstration: Informal In-Text Citation (APA Style)
    • The Lecture/Demo includes (at the bottom) an Homework Assignment

Lecture: The Invention of Money

As much as we take it for granted (it’s the water we swim in), the world’s economy is a fiction as unreal and imaginary as anything Joss Whedon or Neil Gaiman every dreamed up, and the language it speaks, its money, its currencies, are gibberish—totally intangible except as coins and bills, but illusory—just social constructs with numbers attached to help us keep track of how much to tip the Uber driver.

Task: Stone Money

  • DUE Before Class TUE SEP 27 (11:59PM MON SEP 26)
    • A 1000-word essay will be due on Stone Money.
    • Incorporate the lesson of Purposeful Summary
    • Use sources provided by your Professor (and supplement with your own)
    • Use Informal In-Text Citation and References (APA style)

72 Responses to 05 Class TUE SEP 20

  1. Notes:

    – When posting new work always have your name (nickname) in title, and categorize your posts.

    – Feedback please: category where you can add your posts in case you need the professor to give feedback on your work.

    – what deadlines are coming up?
    check deadlines and you will see past work and assignments that are coming up.

    – Text citation : quoting articles and making sure you give credit.

    – In text citation: Give credit ( citation) happening into the text.

  2. Gir says:

    Warm up-

    bi-partisan, involves the agreement or cooperation of two political parties

    that usually oppose each other’s policies.

    Deadline tab to keep assignment due dates in check. Mechanics tab provides information on text citation and APA formatting.

    The invention of money is something we take for granted as it is something that speaks and has no real value besides the ones we give. Its fiction for as unreal and imaginary it can be and all just for us to use it on mundane tasks

    HW: purposeful summaries, podcast listen to.

  3. powerranger says:

    9/20 Notes

    – Use your username in title and mention the category.
    – Sign up for mandatory conference.
    – listen to ”Stone Money” podcast as a pre-class assignment.
    – Learnt about In-text citation and APA citation.
    – Discussed Bi-partisan group.
    – Feedback should be signed up in case you want feedback as a ‘Feedback please’.
    – 1000 word essay due on Thursday.
    – Need to provide enough information for the reader so that they would be able to find the sources in the references.

  4. spatel8267 says:

    warm-up riddle like a scotch bottle that has been empty. Despite being incorrectly constructed, the sentence nonetheless sounds reasonable. Based on the bipartisan groups, we can observe that our extraordinary system is a result of a perpetual party struggle. There is no clear winner, and the tiebreaker cannot separate a 50/50 decision between both the two.
    A category called “Feedback Please” is used to let the professor know that a piece of writing is noteworthy. It is typically used after the initial assessment when you would like to make improvements and resubmit it in an effort to receive a higher grade.
    -There is a difference between citing a resource and providing background information. We employ informal in-text citation in this course (APA Style). information like the journal’s name and the author.

    The in-text citation and a link to the URL will be included by fitting the information from a source into the syntax of our sentences.

    The goal is to incorporate the material from the source into your sentences while maintaining a smooth flow that will keep the reader interested throughout the in-text reference.

    As long as you give the reader enough details about the source that they could use plain language to find it.

    Money is a myth. The stone currency broadcast explains the perplexing notion. The imaginary idea is expanding daily.

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