Visual Rewrite – powerranger

0:00-0:02 :

We see a young lady probably in her 20s, standing at a door on a sunny bright morning. By looking at her uniform, we can see that she serves for military. She came back home after her service and waiting for someone to open the door. They maybe her parents, or her husband or her neighbors. By looking at her face, we can see her expression of joy and smile on her face returning back home.

0:03-0:06 :

The lady opens the door and you can see a big smile on her face by looking at the lady in military uniform. She might be her mother or aunt or neighbor. Suddenly, a dog comes in the picture and you can see the dog saw his owner and walks towards her. The owner ( military lady ) drops her bag from her shoulder and bends towards the dog to greet and play with him. The dog has a blue belt around his corner and the lady grasps his collar to hug.

0:07-0:09 :

The scene changes and we come to know that while the lady was in military service, the lady was fostering her dog. The lady tightly hugs the foster lady who was taking care of her dog. The lady seems so happy by seeing her dog healthy and happy. Then the lady kisses the dog on his forehead and keeps staring at him for few seconds.

0:10-0:15 :

The scene changes and shows the amount of love foster family gave to the dog and looks happy when the owner meets the members of the foster family. The husband of the foster lady firmly rubbing his hands on the dog.

The camera shuts and we can see the poster thing stating ” Be a helper and Foster a pet”. Expressing the importance of pets and seeking help for the pets so that they can be taken care. Behind the poster, it shows the lady rubbing her heads on her dog and her heart is filled with happiness by having the dog in her life. The poster changes again and the information presented on the screen is more worthy. Which says, ”Be a helper donate pet food”. The value of donating is more than enough for pets so that they can be healthy just like humans and can live a life. Along with this, it shows the name of the charity or organization under the title that runs for foster care of pets –

Again the poster changes the idea of expressing and something new can be seen which says- ”Be a helper Find a Lost Pet”. Pet means so much for the people who adopt them and takes care like their kid. Helping to find a lost pet would help the society to find their real owners.

Looking over this short commercial, three main ideas would be determined which are –

Foster a pet

Donate pet food

Find a lost pet

This is what stands out the most. Foster care for pets is important.

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3 Responses to Visual Rewrite – powerranger

  1. davidbdale says:

    PowerRanger, I have added this post to the newly-created powerranger Category. I don’t see any “invisible” posts that appear to be yours among the Drafts. I don’t understand how you could have been persuaded you were publishing to the blog, but there’s no evidence that you were.

    The assignment very specifically instructs you to analyze a THIRTY SECOND video from the Ad Council collection. Very likely there is a 30-second version of this “Pets and People” message. You can save whatever observations you’ve made here and apply them to the longer version, but you can’t let this represent your choice for the assignment.

  2. davidbdale says:

    You were able to leave Notes on Agenda pages because you have a WordPress account and were logged in when you wrote those Notes. But you have not been able to publish to the blog without accepting an invitation to become an Author. I do recall inviting powerranger to join the blog while you and I stood at the instructor’s podium after class one day, but apparently that invitation went to someone else who already had an account in that name, not to you.

    Welcome to the blog. You have some catching up to do.

  3. davidbdale says:

    Again, PR, I have taken your post out of the Feedback Please category until you write your assignment on a THIRTY-SECOND video. There’s probably a 30-second version of this same message. There are often long and short versions. Good luck!

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