1. Grunge Music
  2. Grunge Music and its beginnings in Seattle
  3. The effect of Grunge Music in Seattle’s music scene
  4. Grunge Music was the best thing to come out of the Seattle post-punk scene
  5. The explosion of Grunge Music during the 90’s ruined the genre
  6. Big Music Industries took advantage of the Grunge Music scene and effectively ruined the genre and its artists.
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6 Responses to Hypothesis—Gir

  1. alwaystired247 says:

    Your hypothesis is really interesting and well-written. I guess if I had to give any advice, it would be to be a little more specific when you say it “ruined” the genre and its artists. You could explain what you mean by ruined and what it specifically did to the genre and artists.

  2. xephos1 says:

    Hi Gir, I also agree with what alwaystired247 said in the fact that you could be a little more specific in your hypothesis. You should definitely describe in what way these big music industries are taking advantage of Grunge Music and also what it did to the genre and its artists.

  3. hollyp715 says:

    This is a very interesting topic that I would definitely read more about, especially because I do not know much about Grunge Music. I was a bit confused about how it has been “ruined” and would like to learn more about that.

  4. Ask different questions from different viewpoints, like how is the music different suppose from other places, and the popularity of the music

  5. rubes1256 says:

    I like this hypothesis and think it is very interesting, but I believe you can get more specific and mention how music industries took advantage of said artists

  6. oni26 says:

    I’m excited to see where you take this topic. Very interesting.

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