Not Because-gymrat

  1. Coats is an avid marijuana user and has a prescription to use the drug, but its use violated his workplace policy, so he was relieved of his duties.
  2. Employees who have anxiety and take prescribed medications can’t lose their job for taking that medication.
  3. Even though marijuana is legal in Colorado, just the same as alcohol, companies make it against workplace policy to use the drug, making it a fireable offense.
  4. Coats treating his daily pain by using marijuana wasn’t the reason he was fired.
  5. Marijuana use for pain treatment isn’t an acceptable reason to single out an employee in a company for firing.
  6. Coats smoked marijuana at his home, which had no effect on his coworkers.
  7. Due to the quick response of Secret Service Agents at the White House, Omar Gonzalez couldn’t breach deep into the building.
  8. Even though the Secret Service promptly responded to the breach, it raised questions about how someone could penetrate the White House gates.
  9. Secret Service chief Julia Pierson received scrutiny during her congressional hearing. Her poor preparation for the White House incident may be why she gets fired.
  10. Secrets service agents didn’t feel the need to use deadly force against the intruder since his only weapon was a 4-inch blade.
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1 Response to Not Because-gymrat

  1. davidbdale says:

    1. Nice.
    2. If you value brevity: Employees who have anxiety shouldn’t lose their job for taking prescribed medication.
    3. OK. “Make it against” is weak.
    4. OK. But “Coats treating” is awkward. “Treating his daily pain with marijuana wasn’t the reason Coats was fired.”
    5. Nice. “in a company” is extraneous.
    6. Very nice.
    7. Very nice.
    8. OK, but what’s “it”? “Even though the Secret Service responded promptly, the breach raised questions about how someone could penetrate the White House gates.”
    9. Good.
    10. Very good. The “only weapon” gets it just right.

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