1.impact of music on mental health :In counterintuitive that music helps with mental health.It be true when that doctors and getting a thepaist will help with your mental health.You can also just play a favitore song on your playlist and it will help you.Also this guys goes to place and just place his music down the halll and also bring instruments for them to play There are 4 different topics on music method.The first is Lyric analysis this is when people talk through the topic but dont easy direct say it in there lyric.The second on is active music listening which is listening to the music and getting you into the right mood.The two last is sonwriting and improvasion music playing during hit the people will get a chance to test the guys instruments do let out there emitions and to connect or make there own song. fast food bar of you: In counterintuitive that people are to lazy to cook so they turn to fast food.Fast food is really bad for you because they amount of high sodium and greasy it has.Also people turn to fast food because its way quicker then standing in a hot kitchen slaving of food.Where all you have to is pull up to a drive threw and order what you want and it will be done quick.Fast food effects use short term and long term.Short is blood pressure and surgar and long term because it may take a while for our body to attack those nasty things.

3.How video games affect the brain:In counterintuitive parents been saying that game was never good.Video games are apart of every teenagers life.There is about 150 million people in the us who play veido gam regularly.Sales have been increasing because more and more teens are getting addicted to it.Video games is not good for the brain because you mind is looking a tv screen or phone screen for to long.People who plat video game has a short tension spend because there mind is concslty running.

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1 Response to summary-Redbird1123

  1. davidbdale says:

    You don’t appear to have understood this assignment at all, redbird.

    The Purposeful Summaries task has nothing to do with your own Hypothesis. You are to produce three summaries of articles found in the Counterintuitive Topics menu in the right-hand sidebar.

    Scan the posts of some of your classmates and you’ll see they’ve all produced sets of 3 Summaries of articles from the list.

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