In video starts with a little girl walking into someone’s bed room walking up to the bed. It seems that there is someone laying in the bed. He can’t see who is in the bed nor the face of the little girl. It may be her parents’ or guardians’ and she might be asking a question. It seems to be a light on in the left side of the room in which I may assume be the bathroom since the little girl seems to be walking into the room in which she previously wasn’t in. With the light being on that tells me that it may be night time.


The clip goes into the little girl walking up. Most likely walking up to her parent’s bed As she does she gets closer to the camera she sons stops. She blinks once but eyes open up very wide after the blink as if there is a problem or something surprised her while staring very hard without blinking again.


It seems that the girls parents are in bed together. The man who we can assume is her father is maybe sleeping. The mother jumps out of the bed as if something urgent has happened looking at the little girl who may be her daughter. It seems as if the woman and man were sleeping before the little girl came in the room. The mother turns her head to look at down at the side of the bed so we can assume she is looking at an alarm or her phone maybe to even check the time.


The mother turns her head back in the cameras direction and we can see an alarm clock in the black ground. Given her reaction to look at the time on the clock we can tell something is wrong because of the expressions. It looks as if she going to push the person next to her who I can assume is her husband maybe to wake him up as well


As the scene cuts of to a close up of a man sleeping who we can assume is the girl’s father/ mother’s husband, we see the result from the mother pushing him in the last seen. We can tell that he was sleep before her doing so. As she pushes him out of his sleep we can see that the dad soon rolls over to the edge of the bed. As he rolls we soon see hin roll off the actual bed it soon then cuts off to another scene before is fully falls off.

The scene starts with a very dark bed room. We can see that there are two people one laying down in the bed and the other is facing with window with his hands on the curtains. The person opens the certain in which we can assume they are trying to wake the person up. We can see that this maybe a teen boy becuase of the types of posters in his room. There is also a pair of crutches next to his bed so he maybe hurt or injured in his lowerbody.


We see a close of a boy sleeping in a bed. Since the curtains were opened we see the boy squinting his eyes waking up. Since it is very bright out and the boy was once sleeping he can assume that it is the morning and maybe has to wake up to go to school.


We can see a close up a the father looking down in which we can assume is the boy. He looks mad starring at him maybe could be for him oversleeping. As we walks away from the curtain is closes back up and the room darkens again. He looks bad at the certain angry.


In this shot we see a bowl of cereal that looks like it is cherries. There is a spoon next to the bowl. A blurred carton of milk is being poured into the cereal. It doesn’t look as if there is enough milk by the amount that is coming out. They have ran out of for the milk for the cereal because we can see the droplets of milk coming out of the carton.


We can see that the father is in the kitchen. We can tell he still maybe tired and just woken up. He still has on his robe while his hair looks a mess. He has ran out of milk to pour into the cereal and looks in the carton to check with a fustrated expression on his face. While thats going on his daughter appears behind him in the frame dancning as if she is a ballerina with a smile on her face.


The mother is on her knees on the floor with I would assume is either their daughter or son. The face is covered but they have long hair. Looks as if they are in the hallway of the house next to a closet that has all the shoes in the house. As the child is stanindg to the right with one cleat in their hand it looks as if is digging through all of those shoes to find the other pair. She finds the other cleat and pulls it. As she raises the cleat the camera raises as well shwoing us who we can asume is her daughter and we see their face. The daughter grabs the cleat from her mother and exits as her mother stares in her directioin in confusion.


There is a close up shot of the father doing the laundry. We know its the father because of the beard and blue robe he wore from earlier. The shot dollies into the father putting his into the dryer there is also a small white basket infront of him in which we could assume he is taking out the laundry.


The kitchen is right infront of the laundry room. the father pulls out the clothes out of the dryer and we know its a dries becuase the clothes are wet instead they are pink. We see somone in the foreground which we can asume is a little kid because of the low camera angle with his torso still in the frame.


We can see a little boy staring at the clothes we can assume it may be the father’s son. The father is bnow in the foreground blurred with the pink clothes from the laundry in his hand. The kid looks upset looking at his father then calls his mother signifying that something is wrong.


The shot switches to the father confused looking at the son confused as if he trying to figure out the reason the son is upset calling for his mother. He looks down at the clothes and goes through. We can see that he has realized that everything is pink


We see the faces of the kids from the family. looks like they are in a minivan because we see two kidns in the front and two and the back they are oblvioulsy too young to be the ones who are drivining. They areputting on their seatbelt. The camera zooms out showing that everyone is wearing a pink top from the landry that the father had. Everyone moods looks postitive now expect for the mother as she fake smiles at her husband. The video ends showing car safety which really doesn’t make sense as a message for the vdieo since it anything information about a car was only in the video for the last 5 seconds.

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