Visual Rewrite – Bitagaming


In the opening image, the camera focuses on a young girl, around ten years old, who is holding on to the wall at the doorway with her left hand. She is wearing a corded sweater and has just emerged from a room that is predominantly brown and white in color. a really joyful expression on his face. This is significant because the author wants us to take a moment to consider what this young girl will do next. It appears like she is about to call someone to do something.

0:01 – 0:03:

In the following scene, the camera shifted to the face of a lady wearing minimal makeup, who may be the mother or legal guardian of the young child seen in the opening frame. The wall behind this woman is covered with images that are hung closely together, but since the focus of this scene is on the woman, the back pages are a little hazy. The woman turns her head to the left to look out over the field. This is a shelf- or table-mounted electronic clock. The time is 5:00 pm right now, not 5:00 am, since that was when the kids were still dozing off in their comfy beds at that hour. The second factor results from the woman’s background having light rays shining on the images.

0:03 – 0:05

The woman after looking at her watch turned to the girl and said something, it seems that in response to the girl’s words, the woman replied with a short sentence and with a very bright smile towards the girl. girl. , it seems the girl at first asked about the time, maybe it’s time to do something that she does every day and this helps the little girl with the strawberry shirt feel happy and excited to do everyday,

0:05- 0:07

The girl started sprinting from the right of the kitchen back to the wall she had just emerged from to ask her mother, and a cute little brown Poolde with short legs ran after her. Running toward a tiny bag with a bowl of dog food at her feet, the young child reached inside and, perhaps at first, asked her mother if it was time to eat. whether it is time to feed their pet. This time, the angle is wider while standing back from the kitchen door; there is a picture on the left and a tiny shelf with a blue container and several glasses on it on the right. There are a couple pots there and underneath. Given that there is a sink located just beneath the window, as well as other objects like tissues, hand soap, glasses, and various culinary equipment, it is obvious that the area is a kitchen.


The little girl just scooped up a spoonful of pet food and poured it into the dog’s bowl, the dog with a blue collar and a metal bone presumably engraved with the dog’s name on it . The dog started eating.


The scene shifts to an outside setting with a woman in a yellow shirt standing in the shade of some trees. The camera angle is positioned directly on the table where the woman in yellow is standing, and there is a box of an enormous object in the right-hand corner of the frame. A stack of papers with a paperclip and a pencil on them was also fastened to the table; this stack of papers may be considered a list of this woman. A man then approached the woman and handed her something; she accepted it, and the man then offered her what appeared to be another bag of coffee.


The next segment has a woman walking on the sidewalk with a little girl running with her dog wearing a dog leash. Just above the sidewalk is a carpet with green with a shade of a rather large bush, and then a double house.


Returning to the indoor scene, the camera focuses on a circular clock hanging from a decorative gate ornament; it is now just beyond 5 o’clock, or 5 o’clock and one minute. A blonde girl, who seems to be the same girl from the start of the video, then arrives and runs into the kitchen while being pursued by a poodle. It may be inferred from the camera perspective and what was mentioned in the previous part that this is the original residence because the door has a decorative painting on the left side and kitchen utensils on the right. A woman wearing a purple shirt was standing in the kitchen when I walked through the door, acting as though she was doing some sort of dishwashing.


someone poured dog food into the dog’s bowl


Next to the barrel, a man is placing something in a box with the words “Pet Food Donations” written in white letters on a green background. A black man wearing a broad smile is the correct person behind these contribution boxes.


Revert to the original scene of the young child seated in a chair behind a table. A brush is in the girl’s hand while she lies on the ground. The original poodle, still wearing the collar, was her companion who was laying next to her. The young girl is speaking to her dog while holding a pen in her hand and looking at her dog with intent. Although she has disheveled hair and they appear to be struggling, people and animals are always together and make excellent buddies through trying times like this.


Repetition of pouring dog food into a bowl

0: 23-0: 25

Back in the scene with the girl in yellow, the man didn’t give the girl the familiar maple shirt at first. To be more precise, the girl gave the man a small bag that said “and Veggies Recipe” but he couldn’t read it and he left it in the trunk of his car. With a billion-dollar car and a gracious man’s face carrying a small bag of food to take home, it can be seen that this is one of the programs to help local people.

0: 25-0: 30

The official video ends with the words “Be a helper, feed the pet”, followed by three words Be a helper and the next sentence is replaced with Be a pet helper, Next stage followed by finding a lost pet. Along with a link to the website. and the shelters, located below. The scene was still very familiar to the little girl in the strawberry dress who was watching her dog eat at first. And with it are the lines of the narrator to help us better understand what we need to do to help people and help pets.

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2 Responses to Visual Rewrite – Bitagaming

  1. davidbdale says:

    You’re on the right track here, BitaGaming. I like the way you’re blending Visual elements with a bit of Rhetoric analysis, telling us not just what we see, but also what the director hopes will be the effect of the visuals.

    Now, have you said enough about each few seconds? Probably not. Instead of making notes about all your entries, let me just offer an expanded version of the first second.


    The video opens on a home interior. The left third of the screen is in focus and includes the edge of a door frame with nicely-painted trim. The right two-thirds of the screen are completely out of focus but give the general impression of a well-appointed room with perhaps a carpentered radiator screen, a curtained window, a floor lamp, sofa and coffee table, and framed pictures, all designed to communicate the impression of a cozy home. We have nothing to focus on besides the door frame, so that’s where our eye goes, but we have a generally favorable first impression of the setting.

    Still within the first second, we see, judging from the size and shape of the fingers, a child’s hand gripping the door frame from inside the furnished room. The action is quick and suggests a child in a hurry to enter the space we occupy, or to pull him/herself into the doorway.

    Still in the first second, we see a long-haired head follow the hand into the doorway, suggesting a girl, further confirmed by the huge polka dots on her long-sleeved garment.

    Before we see her entire face, we see enough of her heavy-lidded eyes, slightly gaping mouth, and broad-based nose to recognize the facial features of a child with Down Syndrome. The girl appears happy, and, judging from the motion of her lips, enters speaking rapidly, apparently eager to share some news with someone in the room we share with the camera. Her missing top front teeth help us place her age at 6-8, the age at which most kids lose their baby teeth. Her joy is infectious and gives us an immediately positive emotional response. Most viewers will find her adorable.

    We are more accustomed in recent years to seeing positive images of Down Syndrome adults and children in advertising and popular culture, so that’s not surprising, but her casting does create expectations. Some directors cast such actors FOR their condition, to help us understand more about individuals with Down Syndrome. But, just as often these days, such actors are cast to help us IGNORE their condition, as a way to normalize their representation in media. One or the other choices may be operating here. We don’t know which, but we’ll be alert to either.

    We are now poised to learn who the girl is talking to in the room we “occupy” and the source of her joy.

    End of the first second.

    Does that help?

  2. davidbdale says:

    What’s the overall purpose of this Persuasive Argument, BitaGaming? Your analysis of the Visual Rhetoric should indicate how successfully the creators of the video delivered their persuasive message.

    For example, what’s the connection between the girl who repeatedly feeds her dog and the dog food donation scenes you describe? Is the girl in any of them? Does she donate food? Does she receive donated food?

    If you really want to excel, do a “Post Audio Analysis” after listening to the soundtrack. Let us know whether the visuals alone were sufficient to carry the message, and how the soundtrack contributed to persuasiveness or failed to.

    Provisionally graded. Always eligible for Revisions and a Regrade.

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