1. End-of-Life Care

It seems counterintuitive that families are lengthening the lives of their beloved, even though the care is futile and doesn’t always reflect what the patient wants. 

A fourth of medicare spendings are used to prolong the final years of life. But is that really what the patients want? Spending all this money to be in an intensive care unit attached to tubes with a chance to maybe avoid the inevitable? No. That was the family’s decision because that’s what they want. 

Keeping a family member artificially alive gives them hope that they might actually come back. Because the instant you pull that plug there’s no going back. The decision that’ll stick with you for the rest of your life. Is it worth spending the money for a few more weeks with your loved one knowing they won’t come back? A few more weeks can be delayed as long as possible with hypothetical thoughts, “they might come back, they’re strong willed, my other family members beat the odds”. 

It’s time to honor the wishes of your family members and not your own. Let them leave on their own terms, ending the suffering for everyone. 

  1. Pizza Hut at the Pyramids

It seems counterintuitive that one can experience a fast food restaurant next to an ancient masonry structure very sacred to the world such as the Egyptian pyramids. 

The Egyptian Pyramids built for kings are now being degraded by the likes of fast food chains. KFC and Pizza Hut, two of the top fast food chain restaurants, can be eaten anywhere in the world. Including right in front of the sphinx and Great Pyramids where pharaohs lie to rest. 

The pyramids are one of the world’s most sacred historical wonders built 4,500 years ago. It fell victim to the industrialization of fast food chains and tourist attractions that ruined its beauty. 

  1. Men Define Rape

It seems counterintuitive that men can create the laws for rape even though it has to do with women’s rights. 

Women have been constantly controlled, manipulated, and having their rights taken away due to the hierarchy of men. Men decide when rape is unfair for thousands of years. There were different laws for each woman whether it was a virgin, wife, widor, nun, or whore. Even into the 90’s some states held statutory rape wasn’t rape if the woman was impure. Most of the laws didn’t apply to black women which was even worse since it neglected women’s rights and dealt with racism. 

The severity of the rape laws were basically non existent and had no empathy for the victims at all. Why should men decide a woman’s fate? They shouldn’t be neglected of their rights and have whatever done to them be immiscible. It wasn’t until the 20th century that women started having more control over their rights. It allowed them to speak up to the sexual assault allegations and have justice served upon them. Women should have just as much power as men and not be told what to do with their bodies. 

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