13 Class TUE OCT 18

13 Class TUE OCT 18

Wake Up!

The value of your vote is in jeopardy. In 23 states, over the last year, regulations have been tightened to make casting a vote in an election more difficult. MORE DIFFICULT. Everything else in life, including psychotherapy, can be done on your phone. But elections, apparently, have to be made harder every few years, are only legitimate if done in person, and should be reserved for people who can stand up to strict challenges to their own legitimacy.

For those of us who CAN and DO vote in every election, when we vote for a legislative office such as the Senate or the House, we are reminded that legislators (at least the members of the party in charge) have the power to draw their own voting district maps.

Here’s why it matters.

Something from the Bar?

The Bar

The Visual Rhetoric Unit

A Portfolio Assignment


Visual Rhetoric (and the Visual Rhetoric Rewrite)

  • For the next several weeks, you’ll be assigned a Portfolio Task every week.
  • Your first Portfolio assignment was your Definition/Categorical argument.
  • The next (and the only one not directly connected to your Research Position Paper) is the Visual Rhetoric Analysis.
  • You’ll receive provisional analysis of your first draft, then post a Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, which you’ll add to your Portfolio at the end of the semester.

Visual Analysis of a Static Image

  • To get warmed up to the idea of Visual Analysis, let’s start with a static image before moving on to motion pictures.
  • Visual Rhetoric, Static Image

Visual Analysis of One Second of Video

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  1. slowmountain says:

    If I had to choose just two of them, I think I would devote myself to love and money. I don’t think I would ever want to be famous and have people follow my every move, that is not a life to live for me. I would devote myself to money because who doesn’t want to me financially free. Second, I would devote myself to love, because love is a pretty good feeling if it is a good, healthy love, and not a hurtful toxic love.

  2. swim1903 says:

    1) Money and Love
    I would love to have a lot of money so I can travel the world instead of getting a job, I would also like love so I can travel the world with someone and have someone to share my experiences with

  3. rushhourilllusion says:

    My Notes;
    Class and Grades; Rewrites are essential to this class. Revision is key. (Adjust own assignments)
    Something From the Bar; In relation to our writing, they don’t know what they are getting into. Similar to how if they have never been to a bar/restaurant and are asked this question, they are unaware what to expect. If the reader doesn’t know the author and their work, they don’t know what they are getting themselves into. Metaphorical payoff.
    Personal Comment; Definition categorical argument due in one week. Mar.8 at 11:59pm
    Portfolio Assignment; A few 1000-word argumentative essays coming up soon for next four weeks, then rewrites following. Visual Rhetoric, coming up after the Definition/Categorical argument.

  4. choose two scenario:
    I felt like the choice was relatively simple for me, but I did find it interesting that most people chose love and money.
    Definition argument:
    Definitions are more than just the dictionary definition
    Talking about a “protected class” : “all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” if all men are created equal by rights of the declaration of independence, then why is there a “special class?” It doesn’t really make sense to me, because if marriage falls under the category of “pursuit of happiness,” or even “life,” it doesn’t make sense to me why there is a debate or why there needs to be a special class. It just seems interesting.
    Something from the bar?
    Don’t just give all your opinions and thoughts up front, slowly guide the reader in the right direction.

  5. grizzlybear16 says:

    Easy to make life choices if you can change them
    The way you use a term is the importance of the argument
    As to why defining your terms is so important
    The reader does not know you
    Do not ask open ended unexpected questions that are difficult to answer
    Need to provide guidance
    Can not overwhelm with a vague large scale question
    Help reader make right choice
    Most readers want confirmation to what they already believe to be true
    Painful to change mind and dwell on being wrong
    How to serve: selling correct opinion
    Offer the best claim you have
    Pass on the very best information that you can
    To do that you have to establish trust
    Don’t apologize for what you don’t have

  6. swim1903 says:

    There might be a dictionary definition of something, but it does not mean you cannot argue it. It is based on your opinion and thoughts
    Marriage- “Foundation of a family” “partnership”
    Each piece of evidence and reasoning should connect back to your claim
    Regardless of what is ethical and what is not when it comes to gay marriage, you can still think that they can be granted special protection, but not get married. It is up to your opinion
    “Something from the bar?” – you ask this question to someone who you know has a lot of knowledge about your business. It is your job to explain what you have from the bar, how much it costs. – makes the customer confused
    this relates to any argument essay, if you do not explain the parts of your argument, the reader will be confused and not understand your argument
    People want confirmation on what they already believe to be true
    You need to show your evidence, instead of explaining that you have evidence
    It is your job as a writer to explain anything the reader might not understand, and anything that relates to the argument even if the reader may already know
    No matter how much information is out there, whatever you decide to put in your essay is what the reader will absorb.

  7. blue2228 says:

    due process – equal protection under the law.
    “Just a few words can fill libraries with arguments”
    Sexual preference – a part of your nature or a choice?
    Narrowing the argument makes it more worthwhile to write an essay about. Less broad of a topic.
    Facts that challenge our beliefs are difficult to look at, but the strong minded can properly address them.
    “Can I get you something from the bar?” is a terrible question. Most of the time, you do not have enough background information to pick something from the bar and don’t end up getting anything. This relates to our papers, because we are like the server. We want our reader to make the correct decision, agreeing with your paper/buying the expensive drink.
    Most people want confirmation for what they already believe.
    Establishing trust is very important.
    Guidance helps to make everyone happy.
    Do not contradict your customer’s preferences. Your guidance is supposed to be an influential suggestion.
    Make the reader feel good!
    (Definition/Categorical due March 8th)
    The poster that says “Finally, a change for America” is sort of funny, because the faces blend together and look very similar. It doesn’t really look like a change. The wording of that one doesn’t really match the image. The one where it does point out that trump and Biden look very similar is a lot more effective, because we can visually see what he means. I suppose each president is different but the same. They may have different views and beliefs, but when they come into office and switch, my life remains, to the most part, completely unaffected.

  8. ilovecoffee says:

    -the way you use the idea of protected class is a definition of your own.
    -are you backed by the constitution if you choose to marry someone of the same gender?
    -is your sexual orientation a natural decision or your decision?
    -reviewing the protected class essay gave me a good idea of what a definitional claim should look like
    -I did not remember that we were supposed to review the essay so I need to go back and comment on that.
    -any work that we do is up for interpretation of others. Reading some of our work, they can begin to expect things or guess our opinions. Without guiding them and giving them evidence to what they already believe, readers will dispute your claims
    -it is difficult and painful to change someones mind after believing something for so long
    -be specific, give examples of things you believe and why.
    -Don’t ask open ended questions
    -Don’t say that you read all information and are still confused. The reader does not care and simply wants answers
    -there are many choices made in digital elements.

    • davidbdale says:

      Really good Notes, Coffee.
      This one is my favorite:

      -Don’t say that you read all information and are still confused. The reader does not care and simply wants answers


  9. bubbarowan96 says:

    For the riddle, the two choices that I would make to conduct my life would be money and love. Money would make my life easier. Love would make me very happy because what is life without happiness and love.

    We went over the Protected Class model that we had to do yesterday. This essay will help me construct my argument of why the NFL should be changing the Overtime rule from only one team having possession to two teams having possession. As we know today, the overtime rule is very important because in football if there is no overtime you can’t have a clear winner.

    All writing is argument, but now is always a good time to remind us. Our intuition might tell us that a Definition Essay is a simple stating of the facts of what a thing is or isn’t. These categories sound clear enough but deciding whether individual cases qualify as members is always up for debate.

    They are the subject matter experts; they have already examined the pertinent evidence. They have come to the right conclusion. If they establish your trust, they can guide you to the right conclusions. Everybody is happy when you come to the right conclusions

    Don’t ask open-ended questions. Don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share . . . later. Don’t blame the kitchen. Don’t apologize for what you don’t have. Never contradict your customer’s preferences.

    Yes. You win twice. But it cost you a semester and he only had to pay the check. Fair’s fair. You with your obvious command of the data attract the attention of the stunning brunette with the dangling earrings and those magnificent teeth.

    The next and the only one not directly connected to your Research Position Paper is the Visual Rhetoric Analysis. As readers, we must analyze these elements to determine the authors’ meanings, as well as the ideologies that have shaped the ideas and how they are expressed/presented through texts.

    • davidbdale says:

      I find it hard to credit you for quoting the lectures, Bubba. If you paraphrased the claims, you’d be demonstrating your comprehension by re-shaping the material into claims and observations of your own.

  10. f0restrun says:

    The red highlighted words contribute to the question of whether lesbians and gays are protected under constitution.
    Use your definition argument to contribute to your ethical argument.
    Work is posted to a blog so that we can realize that our work is meant for public discourse. Our job as good servers is to help our readers make the right choice.
    When we dump a lot of information on them in the first paragraph without guiding them to the right information they retreat to what they already know.
    We are attracted to titles that sound like something we will agree with
    You’ve spent months trying to figure out what research goes in your “kitchen”, your reader doesn’t know what’s there, you do.
    Deal with readers as if they were your customers
    The president morph shows how similar the presidents want to present themselves, regardless of how different they represent

    • davidbdale says:

      Great observation.

      We are attracted to titles that sound like something we will agree with

      It illustrates that we don’t really want to change our minds. That’s what makes the job of the Persuasive Essay writer so hard.

  11. njdevilsred17 says:

    The only way to get a grade for your assignments must be posted in the category of the title of the assignment. For example, the white paper assignment must be posted under the white paper category.

    In a definition essay although you may provide the definition that you are trying to share there must be evidence to back it up. In terms of this class, we will need to do this in a 1000 word definition essay on the topics that we have chosen.

    The waiter asks you doing you want anything from the bar and you are overwhelmed with a lot of options this is the way that the reader may feel when reading your essay. This is why you must settle on the argument and get the best sources to back up your argument. You must guide your readers by giving them some background information so you will not lose the readers but instead inform them.

    Our goal when writing is trying to guide our readers to the right conclusion which is the beliefs that you are writing about. This is the goal that we are trying to do when writing our essay and if we do this then we have succeeded in making a wonderful essay.

  12. ohsosillybones says:

    I chose to commit to Love and Money.
    Protected Class
    Just because there is already a definition does not mean that the argument is over.
    If it is open to debate it is a good argument
    It’s not an ethical argument
    Don’t ask someone if they want something from the bar, guide them through the bar.
    Don’t ask. SELL.
    Establish trust.
    Instead of open-ended questions give specific recommendations
    You are the kitchen, chef, and server
    Visual Rhetoric
    Making a clear and meaningful claim from a visual source.

  13. kaboom10 says:

    There will be required rewrites for the 1,000 word argument essays.
    Trying to improve a grade such as the “tasks” assignment, will be difficult as professor most likely examined the whole text we had to identify and gave answers.
    Should be noted that your ethical argument should not be included in the definition argument.
    Guide or selling our correct opinion to the reader is essential.
    Stay in charge of the subject matter. Approach it like the expert you are. Guide the reader to the right conclusion.
    Show a limited amount of choices, and lead to the best one.
    Instead of open questions, came irrefutable suggestions.
    Every Week for the next 4 weeks we will be doing 1,000 word argument writing assignments.
    You don’t have to agree with the author of a text when citing a source.

  14. 44elk says:

    3/2/22 44Elk In-Class Notes:
    For my four life choices of which I have two to choose from, I choose service and love. I want to be a school teacher, and I feel that I can contribute to society in a big way by being an incremental step in bringing up America’s youth (some of it, anyway). I also chose love, because emotional connections are worth much more than any large amount of money, at least to me, anyway. (I know that last sentence isn’t grammatically correct, but I don’t care. That’s how I wanted to phrase it.)

    Next, we talked about grades and revision for our assignments. We also talked about the weight that different grades hold.

    Next, we talked about the Definition Essay/Argument part of our research and all the aspects of it. We also looked at a preexisting example (Heightened Scrutiny) to aid us in completing our own. There’s a lot more aspects to it than I thought! We also talked about the take home task related to the D/C essay/argument.

    Next, we talked about “Can I get you something from the bar?” and how material written about something is bound to have readers, and that can impact something else, such as the job of baristas or waiters/waitresses. The page went through the rhetoric that a restaurant/bar would go through to sell someone a $15 drink, and how it relates to a writer trying to “sell” a reader on their claims and evidence. A barista would carefully word his/her question just like a writer would propose an argument. Our choice of words must be delicately crafted to capture the reader. We went through things to do (and not do.) We went through metaphors that connect the reader, the writer, and the material to the kitchen, restaurant, server, and customer.

    Lastly, we discussed a visual rhetoric assignment from the past and how so much meaning (or so little meaning) can be extracted from a single image.

  15. shepardspy says:

    Definition Essay- Protected Class
    There are certain essential qualities of a good Definition Essay.
    First, it must be an argument not just the statement of facts on whether something is or isn’t.
    It must have world war relevance.
    It often requires the definition of several terms.

    Something From The Bar?
    When readers are faced with too much data and information without proper guidance, they retreat.
    Good writers use power to their advantage.
    Bad writers do not.
    Do not ask open-ended questions as it will allow the reader to argue with you and pick up an alternative viewpoint.
    List out specific examples rather than just stating that you have options.

  16. – I would choose love and money because they mean a lot more to me than the other two. Love is the only meaningful connection and without it life can seem dry. Money is also important because we spend years of our life to get more by going to school, work, and college all to train skills to land a meaningful job. With a lot of money, I would save all that time and instead spend it on love via my family or significant other.
    – When writing you have to be the kitchen and the chef. Being the kitchen means that you can only present so much information based on your research. Do not stretch yourselves thin when introducing your information because the information you do present can lose its meaning when it is surrounded by so much other information. Being the chef is you working hard on your assignments even without it being part of your major. This is important because while it may not seem important because it isn’t part of our major, this class can give us a lot of help in our professional writing in the future. We are also the server because we are presenting all the information ourselves, and we can plagiarize other sources. The customer is our reader who thinks they know everything, but we have to write in a way where no matter what they think, they are inclined to believe what we are saying or even considering it.
    – In the first static image, it is showing us how the president is finally changing from Trump to Biden. I think this static image is not very effective because we don’t need to see the image for us to know that the president is changing; the image does the opposite actually because it shows that trump is not that different from Biden which is not what the message is saying at all. This image shows how much people didn’t like Trump, and I don’t think its wise to have a president that so many people dislike regardless if they are good at their job or not because it puts the country at ends with each other. In the second static image, it shows that no matter who we are voting for, we are effectively voting for the same thing because neither is going to spark too much change and voting is just to make us think we have power. I think this is really effective because it shows us how similar trump and biden are, and the difference between them is not as big as the country might think. I think the voting system is just a way for us thinking we have power because even if we vote, most of the time it won’t really make that much of a difference.

    (Compiled my notes from the links. Came late.)

  17. schoolcookiemonster says:

    3/2/2022 Notes

    The first thing we did in the class was decide what life choices we would pick from four options, love, fame, money, and service. It seemed like a lot of my peers chose money and love. I agree because I think my family and friends have been my biggest supporters that keep growing into better and more successful individuals. I also choose money because I think becoming financially comfortable in this society is key, yet I do not think of money as having wealth but rather having a good balance of things I want to do like travel and get healthy foods.

    The real-world relevance in our definition and categorical ease has to deal with the laws and definitions in place by powerful people, for example, a marriage between two women or two men. Not only are we covering gay marriage but we also went over the categories that relate to it such as social relationships. The sample essay is based on if gay married is unconstitutional to deprive these individuals of getting married to one another.

    We have to refute different definitions such as what is and is not a skincare product and what is considered a drug based on the absorption of the skin.

    Throughout the “Something from the Bar ” section of today’s lecture, I understood how saying such a statement is only useful for those who are familiar with the restaurant so they know how much drinks cost and those who are new have no information about it. The waiter has to try to sell the alcohol since that way they can get more tips and get the customer to spend more but it is not forced upon the person but rather mentioned. This is the same idea of how to go about essay writing.

    As a writer, we can not overwhelm the readers but help them make the right choice. People are attracted to articles that catch their attention according to professor Hudges and so we can agree with them. Do not ask open-ended questions since that makes the reader lack the visual representation they need to agree with you. Make there be very specific options to choose from. The argument technique is to try something new based on what you like such as a steak and the waiter can request bacon on top to add more flavor and benefit the waiter as well.

    • davidbdale says:

      I do like your conversational approach to Notes, Cookie. It helps me follow your internal logic and see how you incorporate new concepts to your own thinking (and planning!).

  18. whimsicalwanda says:

    COMP II Notes – 3.2.22

    Life choices: only get to pick two options
    I chose love and money like many others did. However, I was torn between the choice I made and choosing just love and service.
    Made me think about the Stone Money assignment a little; What is life with or without “money”?
    Something from the Bar?:
    Don’t ask open ended questions…too many choices
    Be more specific
    Important to reel the audience in.
    Dictionary definitions are not too useful.
    Write —-> Rewrites
    Definition/Categorical Argument
    Portfolio Assignment*

  19. gymrat230 says:

    This gerrymandering example makes me want to find a map of Nj’s districts and see how they’re drawn out.
    Something From The Bar
    Arguments need to be clear that way we can get buy-in from our readers.
    We are the subject matter experts providing the evidence with the proper guidance to our conclusion.
    Bring the best evidence you have to offer and guide the reader through your evidence.
    Don’t ask open-ended questions, show the appetizer and slowly guide your reader to it.
    I just reworked my final paragraph just based on this advice!
    The kitchen is what we’ve gathered from the research, the chef is you, the server is also us, and the customer is our reader.
    My definition argument needs a title
    I need to add an annotation when I first mention the banned substance list. I annotate it further into the paper, but I first mention it in the 2nd paragraph.
    I’m also going to have to rework my reference list as well. It is most definitely not in alphabetical order.
    I also have a quote that can most likely be block quoted. It will make my paper look cleaner.
    Side Bar
    Out of all my classes this semester this is my only non-major class, which I wasn’t excited about when the semester first started. However, I’m always excited to attend this class with how you always challenge typical thinking and encourage us to expand our thought processes.

  20. fatboy489zt says:

    You can change the way you make something or see something so that you perceive it to others how you want it to be perceived

    The way you are approaching the readers is extremely important. You set the tone and make them feel comfortable and let them “buy it from you”

    You are the one that has all the information and knows everything that is in the environment. Don’t just dump it all and make sure you guide the readers to the correct conclusion

    Challenge the reader for everything that they know and “delineate” the information and inform them of your own and that it is the best information out there.

  21. – A rhetorical question catches the reader off guard and makes them think of all of the possibilities and outcomes. They usually just end up picking the easiest one.
    – When writing, one is a server and has to guide the reader to the right conclusions without scaring them.
    – Do Not: ask open ended questions, promise to share important information later, blame the kitchen, apologize for what you do not have, and never contradict the customers preference.
    – Instead: name the options and talk them up, give a different option than what they think.
    – You have to figure out what the reader thinks he knows.
    – We will be doing a paper on visual rhetoric that will be the only assignment in our portfolio not about the same topic as the research paper.

  22. * Gerrymandering is making the traditional voting way look bad. When we normally vote, it’s majority rule. But what this does is take the logic behind that, and throw it away
    * When writing, you don’t want to throw your opinions at them from the get go. Instead you want to guide them and explain your opinion/topic to them.
    * When writing, do not: Ask open ended questions, don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share… later, don’t blame the kitchen, don’t apologize, and never contradict yourself
    * From the metaphor, you don’t have the world in your brain, but you are very knowledgable about your topic. You may not have the best materials, but that’s okay because you have other classes. You serve your ideas and your information in the essay. The customer is the audience of your essay and you need to not challenge them, but guide them in the your direction with your research
    * When numbers is being used as a modifier, then you use a hyphen. (Ex. I’m taking a 10-minute nap) If the number doesn’t do that, then you don’t need a hyphen (Ex. I’m taking a nap for 10 minutes

  23. xephos1 says:

    Wake Up
    The value of your vote is in jeopardy
    Use Rowan Votes in order to register to vote

    Something from the Bar?
    “Something from the Bar” is the lamest question ever heard
    Rhetorical questions can come back to bite you if you don’t use them right
    You want to make people feel spendy
    If you overwhelm your reader they will retreat to their bunker where you can’t begin to persuade them
    “Nothing for me, thanks” is not the answer you want
    As the writer you want to guide your readers to the right conclusions
    Stay in charge of the subject matter
    When you’re the server don’t ask open ended questions; always use claims
    If you have important information to share then share it
    Don’t apologize for what you don’t have
    Don’t contradict your customer’s preferences
    You have to figure out what your reader thinks he knows, charm him into questioning where he got that misinformation and then sell to him

    The Visual Rhetoric Unit
    An image without context can mean whatever the viewer chooses it to mean

  24. shxrkbait says:

    10/18 Notes
    If you don’t plan a rhetorical question thoughtfully it makes the question very easy to turn down and stop the conversation. Instead of creating what you want like a comfortable environment, you are actually creating the opposite scenario where it feels awkward and hard to decide.
    You have to guide your readers to the conclusion you are trying to make to help them get from point A to point B. I must provide them with all the information I have gathered in a well-organized guided way.
    Avoid asking open-ended questions, instead state claims that will pique the reader’s interest and show readers what you have to offer.
    You do not need to come to a conclusion that supports your original hypothesis. Readers do not need to know what your original hypothesis was, all they need to know is your revised thesis that you are able to prove.

  25. giantsfan224 says:

    – Make sure rhetorical questions don’t give “easy outs” to the person reading or hearing it.
    – You can’t get someone to buy into the argument if you don’t make them feel comfortable, it is a lot easier when you guide and encourage them.
    – Use your power to your advantage. We know and have all the information, the reader does not.
    – Better to give specifics than hand out options. (waiter analogy)
    – Stay in charge of subject matter.
    – Writing is like working in a kitchen. We can only use what’s in the kitchen (our sources) and we have full control over what we create as the writer.
    – Keep paragraphs at a minimum. Having two quotes usually means the topic of the paragraph is shifting.

  26. azntaco says:

    Metaphorically, a server brings out samples and shows what they have and the wrong way of doing things would be just to give them a list of items that they probably can’t even pronounce. The same type of problem occurs in writing. Try to get a reader to buy into your writing and reasoning. The last thing you want them to do is for them to turn into a shell shock and not buy into it. Your purpose is to guide and encourage, to seduce in a way, to slowly choose the most expensive cocktail (your writing). The best writers use their power to their advantage. Stay in charge of the subject matter; approach it like the expert and guide your reader to the right conclusion. If one extends their abilities to show you an array of options (data and evidence) then surely the customer would be bound to choose.

    What not to do as a server (writer) would be to ask open ended questions and blaming the kitchen (source) for the items you don’t have or maybe infact share food (citation) later. The worst thing you could do would be to possibly contract your customer’s preferences. Instead of the open ended questions another idea would be to suggest cocktails/foods. Give a variety of options for example if they don’t like alchohol, you could provide them with other sorts of drinks such as juices, softdrinks, or what not.

    The definition argument or any APA formatted essay in fact needs to include a title. Paragraphs should be broken off if it contains more than one topic so it doesn’t clump together. Also, quotes longer than 3 lines should broken up into block quotes to allow it to get its own little section. The definition rewrite should be inputted into feedback please to allow criticism, so it can be revised numerous times for the final product.

  27. hollyp715 says:

    10/18 Class Notes
    Phrasing the question without any context or background will bring the audience to a simple conclusion— “something from the bar?” “no”
    Be clear with the question—ask about the information you need to know, not more or less—guide them with a sample
    “Instead of” list—great list of alternatives to use in “Something from the Bar?”
    Post definition/categorical argument in definitions AND definitions rewrite
    For 10 minutes vs a 10-minute nap
    Don’t forget the use of block quotes
    *use feedback please, and made changes based off of past feedback*
    visual can help support claim by providing image of comparisons, etc

  28. gobirds17 says:

    Class Notes-

    Gerrymandering: Redrawing of voting districts to favor a specific party

    Something form the bar-

    The use of a rhetorical like “did you save room for dessert?” leaves the chance for the customer to say no. The waiter is fighting an uphill battle from that point. You want to have them spend so you avoid rhetorical.

    You want to get people to buy into your rhetorical questions. Your job is to guide them to buying the most expensive items or your ideas.

    We have all of the information on the subject matter so we take the opportunity to guide them to our thesis. A key is to establish trust first.

    Stay in charge of the subject matter

    Avoid open ended questions
    Don’t promise you’ll have information to share later
    Don’t blame the kitchen; spin it to a positive

    In our writing our “kitchen” is what we have gathered; white paper, bibliography

    Definition essay review-

    In our essays we always need a heading/ title.

    When two words become a modifier or adjective we use a hyphen.
    Ex: for a 10 minute nap
    A 10-minute nap

    References heading to be centered

    Needs to be alphabetical order as well

    The Visual Rhetoric Unit-

    Not related to argument but goes into portfolio.

  29. alwaystired247 says:

    Everyone in America gets one vote. Gerrymandering is when people are divided into districts so that a majority revolves around a certain political party. This makes it impossible for the other party to win, even if every single of their votes was casted.

    Asking “Something from the bar?” is only useful to get an order from somebody who frequents the bars and knows our options. People who don’t know our menu items or their prices may panic and just choose water. This is a metaphor for why rhetorical questions are not a good idea in writing. We ask our audience a loaded question before even giving them evidence, which may shock them. In order to correctly serve, or write, is to slowly guide your audience toward your conclusion. We should stay in charge of the subject matter, approach it like an expert, and guide our readers towards the right conclusion, as I said before. We have to bring limited samplings of our best items and offer them to taste, which gives us a better chance of selling our most expensive drinks. This way, everyone will end up happy. Instead of open questions, we can tell them we have spectacular cocktails, but that we have non-alcoholic beverages other than tap water if you don’t drink. Then, we should name specific options we have, especially if they have good reviews. When a customer wants something that we are out of, we should offer a similar item rather than blaming the kitchen. You have to figure out what your reader thinks he knows, then charm him into questioning his views.

    Our Definition Rewrite needs titles. We can do this by adding a header, centering it, and naming our pieces something related to our argument. When words modify an adjective, they are considered a single word and become one when we add a dash in between them. We have to make sure to alphabetize our references and break up our large paragraphs when the focus shifts. Long quotes can be called out as block quotes and put in a separate section instead of crowding the paragraph.

    To do our visual rhetoric assignment, we will have to watch a video without sound and describe what we see. This is why costuming, expressions, setting, and character appearance is important. You can get lots of information from one second of a video if it is directed properly.

  30. mochaatrain says:

    -Gerrymandering is the way districts have been drawn to represent political parties. Depending on the way they are formed, can help turn the tides between red and blue. If drawn in a mischievous way, people would not be represented properly and it would feel like a waste of votes for certain districts.
    -Asking bad rhetorical questions set you up for failure. Asking if you have room for dessert is easy to say no. If the waiter wants people to buy the dessert, asking them open-ended questions isn’t going to persuade the buyer to get dessert.
    -To serve is to guide, to encourage, to persuade someone to eventually buy the conclusion.
    -Persuade them by showcasing the best you have to offer. Don’t broadly introduce something to the reader, but bring them out a platter that shows what you have to offer and why it’s so irresistible.
    -The white paper is like our kitchen. We don’t have everything in it, but what we gathered to make our specialty
    -Charm the reader and persuade him that his opinion has been misguided and misinformed. Then explain why yours is better.
    -If asking a question in an essay, make sure it doesn’t push the reader’s mind to answer it right away and create a wall between your argument and the reader’s opinion.
    -The visual rhetoric is going to be an analysis of thirty-second videos and then trying to explain why the director made the choices to persuade the audience.

    • davidbdale says:

      Exceptional Notes, Mocha.
      This phrasing is particularly fine:

      -Persuade them by showcasing the best you have to offer. Don’t broadly introduce something to the reader, but bring them out a platter that shows what you have to offer and why it’s so irresistible.


  31. AnonymousStudent says:

    Rhetorical questions can fire back at you if you are not prepared for your response.

    Asking direct questions that doesn’t allow for retaliation is more effective

    In the social scene, too much information or decisions may lead the consumer to fall back to safety and get water.

    Like writing, a wrong rhetorical question could simply lead the reader to remaining in their stance

    “Servers” are the experts on the kitchen, and should help guide the “consumers” to the right decision

    You can talk about having good options or research, but unless you show them to the reader, it isn’t as convincing

    If you have your interesting research, make sure to begin to show it to the reader

    For punctuation, when words are paired together as part of an adjective, they should have hyphens between them

    There’s a lot of rhetoric from just static images that the author intends the reader to pick up on. It is up to us that any type of feeling we get from the image is intentional from the authors

    • davidbdale says:

      Nice, Anonymous.
      These are your best:
      In the social scene, too much information or decisions may lead the consumer to fall back to safety and get water.

      Like writing, a wrong rhetorical question could simply lead the reader to remaining in their stance

  32. princess01430 says:

    Some things can’t be explained by definition but are better explained through examples such as Gerrymandering. Gerrymandering is a type of organization in political parties to manipulate the number of one favorable class in a region. Most ways of doing this are unfair but there is a way to do it fairly if dividing the area correctly.
    Rhetorical questions if not used correctly can come back to bite you in the bite. An example “ did you save room for dessert” when it’s obvious you barely finished your meal.
    Serving is a lot like writing as you have to use your evidence to guide your audience in the same way a waitress has to use the menu to guide the customer into buying certain items. We have to have a strategy to use for implementing evidence, we don’t want to dump it all on the table at once or the point is too compact and unclear so make sure to “guide” the reader. Gaining a little trust beforehand too never hurt anyone.
    Every essay needs a heading
    Don’t fall in love with sentences because you’ll probably have to kill them…. Like babies on a sinking boat. Ouch

    The next assignment we are doing is a visual assignment that isn’t apart of our final profolio. This assignment will entail looking at thirty second videos and anaylze them in the same way we would analyze writing. I did some assignments like this before and am excited to see what I can gather.

  33. beforeverge says:

    – Gerrymandering- rearranging districts to make it appear one candidate is winning.
    – Wording can have a big influence on how people interpret and respond to a situation. You want to guide people to follow your reading and come to the right conclusions.
    – Avoid open ended questions, do not hold information, and don’t tell readers if you couldn’t find research. Instead, explain what you did find and how it’s valuable.
    – Don’t forget to add a heading with a title to each paper.
    – References are alphabetized by the first word in a citation.
    – Our next assignment is the Visual Rhetoric Analysis. We will have a new portfolio assignment each week.

  34. 10/18
    Everyone should go out and vote
    Definition rewrite goes into definition category
    For writing essay techniques, Always center title Use APA style Use cna add a block quote it italizes it and indents it from the left and right side. It’s very good when using a long citation.
    100 word argumentative essay, rewrites, l and definition.
    Don’t ask opened questions
    Share important information and identify it now and earlier and explain and detail it later.
    Never try to change someone’s preferences.
    Use the feedback please category for help
    visual rhetoric also gets put in portfolio

  35. – Gerrymandering makes sure the party in power stays in power
    – Maps in NJ are drawn to favor blue
    – Maps in Texas are drawn to favor red
    – Easier to kill sentences if you haven’t spent much time on them
    – The more time you spend with sentences and paragraphs, the more in love you get with them
    – Every 1000-word essay deserves a title
    – A block quote should be used longer than three sentences typically
    – Don’t need “—”
    – Much clearer where the quote starts and ends
    – You need to be a guide and help your readers
    – Put your readers at ease
    – Limit the number of choices available, if not, they will retreat to what they are accustomed to
    – People don’t want to start over, but sometimes it is better to be challenged
    – Give your readers an array
    – Approach it like the expert you are
    – Do not ask open-ended questions
    – Don’t promise that you’ll share important later
    – Sell what you got, no one cares that you opened as a seafood restaurant if you’re currently selling BBQ
    – This is one of the best analogies I have seen in a while. Not only does it give great detail on what your paper should entail, it reinforces that it is okay to change as you you continue on your paper. Throughout my years of English, I have been told to make sure my audience is clear, and they are involved. However, this paper focus on showing your audience what you want. Not what someone wants to hear.
    – Next several weeks, we will be assigned a portfolio task
    – Next one is Visual Rhetoric Analysis
    – Reply to Visual- Two banners with Biden and Trump

    • davidbdale says:

      I appreciate hearing that the server analogy works for you, BB. This lecture has generated more impressive Notes from more students than anything else this semester.
      I particularly like this from you:

      – Sell what you got, no one cares that you opened as a seafood restaurant if you’re currently selling BBQ


  36. redbird1123 says:

    The first was talking about life choice with votes and elections
    how to out you block,dont out in a paragraph separate it
    need to help or guide your reader to which you want them to understand and limit
    to make sure they understand what your talking about
    dont ask opened question and if you have imporant information say ir earlier or identify it.

  37. rubes1256 says:

    Gerrymandering is a way to make sure the part in power stays in power
    Most states draw their maps to benefit the people drawing the maps,, in terms of votes
    Maps can be drawn to favor red, or blue
    If they are drawn well, they can always favor one color over another
    Ten minute nap
    For a ten-minute nap
    For longer quotes, they should be put into a block quotation
    Asking questions like “Something from the bar?” puts too much pressure on the reader and gives them too many choices.
    Nobody wants to change their mind, so if they are given a large amount of options they will most likely choose what they are comfortable with.
    You don’t want to present a negative option.
    Your job as a writer is to be a guide for the reader

    You are the subject matter expert
    You have examined the pertinent evidence
    You have come to the right conclusions
    If you establish trust, you can guide them to the right conclusions
    Everyone is happy when they come to the right conclusion


    Ask open ended questions
    Don’t promise that you’ll have important information to share later
    Don’t blame the kitchen
    Don’t apologize for what you don’t have
    Never contradict your customers preferences

  38. 10/18
    Gerrymandering- Drawing the lines of voting districts, used by the party in power to stay in power.

    Do structural and argumentative work first, then worry about stylistic choices.
    Every portfolio essay should have a title.
    It’s weak to start an essay with questions, make your definitive arguments, don’t wonder out loud.
    Block quotes should be used to separate long excerpts from your text.

    “Something from the bar?” – Don’t make the reader commit to something they don’t understand, guide the reader in a way that can be understood while also limiting choices to make one more appealing. Nobody wants to change their mind. You don’t want to be on the defensive early on.
    You are the expert, you have the right conclusion, get them to trust you so they can come to the same conclusion.

    Visual Rhetoric – Everything in the videos have been specifically designed, colors, costumes, shot movements, action. Watch the videos without sound and try to interpret it.

    • davidbdale says:

      This was worth coming to class for:

      Don’t make the reader commit to something they don’t understand, guide the reader in a way that can be understood while also limiting choices to make one more appealing. Nobody wants to change their mind.


  39. powerranger says:

    Oct 18, 2022

    Use Rowan votes if you haven’t registered to vote yet.
    Gerrymandering explanation – Altering of voting districts to make a specific party win.

    Definition essay – Need a title or a heading.

    Using a hyphen when two words become an adjective.

    For example – For a ten minute nap.
    A ten minute nap is correct.
    APA citation – ‘References’ need to be in the center and then add your reference links.

    Planning the rhetorical question makes the readers read out.
    You need your ideas and your questions to be bought by readers. Attract them -towards you to read rhetorical questions.

    Staying in charge of subject matter , approach as an expert and guide your reader to the conclusion. Everyone’s happy when they get the conclusion and present the alternatives in an appealing matter.

    By waiter analogy – Give specifics.

    Kitchen is like a world of writers. You are the chef who builds up your writing and you are the server who serves your writing to the customers. And the customers are your reader who you serve with charm questions.

    A visual rhetoric – Goes into Portfolio.

    • davidbdale says:

      I’m not following much of this, PR.
      This is incorrect:

      For example – For a ten minute nap.
      A ten minute nap is correct.

      The correct pair would be:

      My nap lasted ten minutes.
      I took a ten-minute nap.


  40. when writing your essay make sure to have bold claims that you want to prove, don’t ask questions or look for what the popular answer is
    – writing like this can be a very weak start too your essay
    – revise your sentence and make sure they mean what you really intend them too mean
    – making claims upfront is a lot more effective for your essay and the audience
    -there is a way to format your citations in the essays on the documents
    – be a guide to the reader and help answer their questions
    – limit the number of choice available and make some more appealing than others, this is the only effective way to change someone’s mind
    – ask questions that cause curiosity, not challenge the known idea. You don’t want to play from the defensive side from the jump.
    – show the information and interesting facts of an argument in your introduction rather than just talking about the idea.

  41. Caravan says:

    10/18/22 In-Class Notes

    Districts for states and cities alike are redone endlessly as parties take and lose power. Generally, parties practice gerrymandering by using this opportunity to stratify the district in a way that is less based on what makes sense and more based on what is most likely to keep their party in power. An area with 60% of one party could easily wind up going to the other party if the maps were drawn in such a way, and smaller examples of this do indeed happen very often

    Where possible, we should prefer making bold claims instead of piling on weaker statements about what “some people believe” or that something “could be argued to be true“. This is especially true of the start of our papers. Straightforwardness is key to rhetoric.

    When multiple words which combined describe one single attribute of a noun (i.e. “ten-minute nap” or “for-year-old girl”) we include a hyphen between them.

    An author that doesn’t properly guide the reader is like a waitress who gives no time to the customers they attend to before asking them to pick a drink. The waitress does not give the people at their tables to look properly at what drinks are available, what drinks are not, what the sizes are, what the prices are, etcetera. Instead of making them come up with an option right away under pressure, suggest specific options. If there are special or limited offers, call them out by name. Mention how great the cocktails are specifically and ask if they’d like those, or offer a specific appetizer as opposed to just asking a question the patrons aren’t ready to answer. Good introductions lay out enough material so that people actually know where we stand. Good authors and good waiters avoid open-ended questions and give the audience what they need to buy what you’re offering, whether that be an argument or an appetizer.

    If we closely analyze all of the details of a single still image, we can extrapolate a surprising amount of information from it. This thoughtfulness is an important skill to practice.

  42. oni says:

    Voting: Gerrymandering is a funny way of keeping those in power, in power. Violates all notions of fairness. There are many ways to spin the vote into either direction, no matter which one has the majority. The way you divide the districts changes the outcome no matter how many votes are blue or red. Elections can always be swayed, no matter the results.
    Kill your babies. It’s easier to delete a paragraph when you haven’t spent much time on it. Do the hard structural work first and then focus on style tuning when you are confident.
    Don’t state a paper with a question (I need to go back and fix mine).
    When quoting sources, always use language like states, says, discusses, etc. Set up a block quotes with longer ones.
    If the quote is done correctly, you don’t need the () at the end of the quote, you need to give all the information for context.
    Something from the bar: Writing is a lot like serving. You do not ask open ended questions. You provide all the information so that the customer knows how to respond. Do not promise information you don’t have. You need to entice the audience and make your information seem valuable. You also cannot contradict their preferences. You aren’t trying to argue, you want them to tip you well. You have to guide them into seeing things your way. I really like this analogy a lot!
    Images can be used to show rhetoric for the audience to pick up, without directly telling them. You can communicate a lot through still pictures. Nothing is accidental.
    Core Value II: Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understand of those texts, add joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.

  43. Class notes:

    -Getting rid on overly confident paragraphs that don’t support your topic is the first step to having a good paper.

    -Important words must be capitalized.

    -Do not start off with a lot of questions, it can be seemed as weak.

    -An objective that becomes a single word must have a hyphon.

    -When you do a block quote, do not put citations.

    – References should be centered.

    -Do not make your readers choose from a wide range. Introduce to a ray of possibilities and limit the number of choices available. Make some more appealing than others.

    – Serve-Guide-Explain-Satisfy conclusion.

    -Be descriptive

    -Don’t ask open ended question, don’t promise important information for later, don’t apologize for not proving your point, never contradict the reader.

    -Instead of open ended, show what’s available.

  44. College Composition 2
    Class Notes
    Your vote matters so make sure you vote for your senators and house of representatives because they hold a big power in bill making.
    As a writer you should be a subject matter expert, make sure you examine evidence to its finest detail to make sure you grasp the whole concept.
    Make sure you always come to the right conclusion or the conclusion that follows your evidence.
    Do not ask open ended questions, make sure you answer them so the reader understands.
    Do not promise future important information get straight to the point no dancing around the matter.
    Do not blame your evidence for not bringing you to the right conclusion.
    Do not apologize for what you do not have, as in evidence or ideas.
    Never go against the view if the reader instead show them both sides.
    Analyze a 30 second piece, for your visual rhetoric assignment.
    I feel as though the artist of this image did not really have any meaning behind this image, but this image can be seen as the changing of the Presidents. Trump was the president previous to Biden and was put on the left of the images. From left to right is usually seen as beginning to end/now. Another way to see this photo would be the fact that all Presidents are just humans like us with different faces, names, and values.
    The Ad now, describes a coach and two players relationship after a baseball game.
    It looks like the baseball coach is telling the two boys to eat.
    Interestingly enough Joe Pesci is in the background sitting and talking to a female.

  45. duck says:

    Definition claims
    – Put definition rewrite in feedback please with a comment saying what feedback you want
    – Use concrete words in your writing, avoid words like suggest, considered, supposed, etc. as it weakens your argument
    – Any quotes more than 3 lines should be a block quote, not in quotation marks integrated into your paper
    Anything From the Bar?
    – Don’t give your reader a million different opportunities to go astray and form their own conclusions.
    – Don’t present an opportunity for the reader to get mad
    – Give reader a limited number of choices, and make some of them look very appealing or else the reader will retreat back to safety
    – You are the subject matter expert, present yourself that way. Guide your reader to your conclusions that you have drawn
    – Don’t ask open-ended questions, don’t promise you’ll have information to share later, don’t blame the kitchen (kitchen is whatever info you’ve been able to gather throughout), don’t apologize for what you don’t have, and don’t contradict your audience’s preferences.
    Visual Rhetoric
    – Assess the argument value of visuals
    – Respond to methods of using static images to consider ways a visual can be an argument
    – Nothing accidental, whatever choices appear to be made were most likely deliberately made

  46. bitagaming says:

    Something from the bar, we should know the recipe of the drink that you want, it could help bring you more interesting and delicious, and also the price as well, gotta know anything or most of the things about it, like our post to have enough information as needed.
    When I serve I mean writers. You are the one who knows the matters, you know the right evidence , and lead to the right conclusion.
    Lessons from the server
    Avoid asking open-ended questions. Instead of asking, just showing people what do we have already and how we gonna expand it out.
    Don’t promise anhthing
    Don’t blame other people for anything that make you unhappy
    Don’t apology for things you don’t have
    As a consumer, you should be aware of your needs, preferred beverages, price ranges, and favorite dish recipes. Good employees understand how to inform clients about what you have, what you don’t have, how to draw attention to your items, and other things. Those that are reading your message are also. Good individuals are adept at satisfying their consumers.
    Visual rhetoric: One second of a video contains a lot of information if we pay attention to it. For instance, in the professor’s example, one second of the video could reveal what the man was doing, what the kids were doing, specifically having dinner together, and whether they had just finished playing a game of baseball because there were a pair of baseball gloves nearby. play some baseball games or simply practice, then have dinner together,

  47. Class Notes:

    – Make sure to put the rewrites in the feedback area so you can improve your writing. Be specific on what you want feedback for and make sure to respond to the feedback.
    – Make sure to upgrade your words. Use concrete words and for simple words find better once to replace them.
    – If you have a quote that is more than three line make sure to block quote it.
    – When a writing make sure to keep the reader attached. Make the reader believe in what you believe and don’t give them any time to make their own conclusion on the topic. Make the reader stay attached and not get bored.
    – The writer wants the reader to be apart of the writing not feel like they are wasting their time.
    – Chose specific points to write about, don’t just list every pro or every con and expect the reader to believe you. The writer has to explain and be specific on why that topic was chosen and why the reader should believe in the hypothesis

  48. spatel8267 says:

    If you can modify them, life decisions are simple.
    The significance of the argument depends on how you use a phrase.
    As to why it’s crucial to define your terms
    The reader is unfamiliar with you.
    Avoid asking lengthy, surprising, or difficult-to-answer questions.
    Need to offer advice
    unable to overpower with a broad, general question
    help the reader make the right decision
    The majority of readers seek validation of their presumptions.
    It hurts to change one’s opinion and to think about mistakes.
    How to serve: by selling the right judgment
    Make the strongest argument you can.
    Share the most accurate information you can, but first you need to build trust.
    Don’t make excuses for what you lack

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