01 Class TUE SEP 06

01 Class TUE SEP 06

Welcome to your New Class

1. Text your Professor at 856 979-6653

  • Text your Full Human Name (and your Username if you’ve selected one)
  • Also text the code for your class: C2 FA22
  • Also mention the 8AM class or the 930 class.

2. Email your Professor at

  • Tell him how much you are already enjoying class or how little you are enjoying class.
  • Sign your real human name.
  • Again identify whether you’re in the 8AM class or the 930 class.
  • Create and share the username you’ll use for the Class Blog.
    • It can be anything you like and does not have to be unique.
      • Don’t use any recognizable derivation of your human name.
      • Its purpose is to protect your identity.

3. Quick Review of the Course Blog:
Counterintuitive Fall 2022

4. To get a WordPress Username, navigate to WordPress.com


5. Click “Start your website.”

  • But remember, we’re NOT going to start a website.
  • We’re just going to get you a username, so you can join OUR website.

6. You’ll see this screen.

7. Please do not continue with Google or Apple!

  • You won’t be able to choose a username if you make that mistake.

8. Use an email address you can retrieve in class today

9. Enter your Anonymous Username

  • Do not use your human name or any discernible version of your human name.
    • The point of the username is to hide your identity so you can post to the blog and receive withering critiques of your work in full view of others without being identified.
  • If WordPress does not accept your username, add string of numbers until it does.
    • We can strip out the numbers later and retrieve your intact username.

10. Record Your Password

  • Perhaps take a screenshot of your filled-in form.
    • I can’t help you find or retrieve lost usernames or passwords.
    • You’re on your own to record and remember them.

11. Click “Choose my domain later”

12. Don’t “choose a domain.” 

  • You don’t need a site, so you won’t need a domain.
    • If you actually DO want to start your own WordPress blog, you certainly may, but come back later and sign in to WordPress using your new account to do that on your own time.


13. This was unexpected.

For more than 10 years (and as recently as the Spring 2022 semester, WordPress has always permitted my students to join the blog with a username for free. That appears to be no longer the case. The blog is still WAYYYYY cheaper than most textbooks, but I’m still upset that there’s a fee at all.

I found this 1 month plan for $7. I imagine WordPress will want to automatically renew it every month, but you won’t need it beyond December, so four months at $28 is a significant savings you might prefer.

13. Collect your Activation Email

  • It was sent to whatever email address you used to fill in your “Let’s Get Started” form.

14. Come to my desk so I can invite you to the blog.

  • I’ll need the correct spelling of your username to invite you.
  • Print it clearly on your Name Card so I can type it correctly.

15. Collect your “Invitation to the Blog” Email


My Hypothesis

You’ll begin almost immediately to develop a hypothesis for your semester-long Researched Argument. The first draft will be due a week from today, and you’ll need to defend a well-developed draft with your Professor before September 22. Let’s take a quick look at the process.

Link to My Hypothesis

Take-Home Task

First Counterintuitivity Example

You don’t have to write about human psychology (or psychological experiments), but they do provide a rich source of unexpected results that run counter to our intuitions (See where we got the word counterintuitivity?).

  1. Follow this link to the Stanford Prison Experiment Video.
  2. Watch carefully and monitor your reactions.
  3. Note the places/times in the video when your expectations are disappointed.
  4. Follow up by consulting at least two of the following sources for further investigation of the topic.
  5. Return to class on THU SEP 08 ready to discuss.
  6. Your Class Notes on Thursday will reflect the depth and perceptiveness of your thinking.
  7. You’ll produce Notes Before and After the class discussion.
  8. If you wish, you may prepare for class by writing and saving Notes in advance.

1 Response to 01 Class TUE SEP 06

  1. beforeverge says:

    Stanford Prison- all white men, were told to act a certain way (like their role), viewed as following conformity, people forgot it was just an experiment, psychologist even forgot and had to be told it was unethical, Zimbardo believes it was situational influence; Personal opinion- they were still conforming to what they viewed/know to be a prison guard, their own morals can determine how far to go

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