25 Class THU DEC 01

25 Class THU DEC 01

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Revisions for Portfolio

  • You will need to show revision cycles for your Portfolio.
      • Choose a Short Argument (Definition, Causal, or Rebuttal)
      • Add it to the Feedback Please category
      • In a Reply below your chosen Argument, leave a detailed note describing the sort of feedback you require.
        • If you fail to leave detailed instructions, you will receive no feedback.

Professor Evaluations

As of today, I see no opportunity to request Student Evaluations in Banner. So, while the Department works out what to do about that, consider using the commercial website, “Rate My Professor” to castigate your beloved professor for his shortcomings.

APA Style Review

Revision Examples


Taking helmets out of football is a very counterintuitive idea itself.

Taking helmets out of football is counterintuitive.

It may seem as if this will hurt the players, but in fact it will help protect the players.

Playing unprotected will help players, not hurt them. 

No helmets will make keep players from taking risky, hard hits, and cause them to have more caution when playing the game.

Playing bareheaded will keep players from tackling head-first, sparing them from head, neck, and brain injuries.

They all will be protected from severe concussions, spinal cord injuries, and developing CTE later in life.

They will be protected from severe concussions, spinal cord injuries, and late-developing CTEs.

There is however, some opposition to this counterintuitive idea.

There is, however, some opposition to this counterintuitive idea.

Many people feel as if there would be no change to the amount of head injuries sustained in a football game.

Many people feel there would be no reduction to the number of head injuries sustained in a football game.

They feel as if players will still hit hard, and make risky plays.

They feel players will still hit hard and make risky plays.

Today football helmets are evolving more and more everyday.

Football helmets are evolving.

Risk compensation is when protective equipment prompts individuals to act more aggressively which increases the potential for injury.

“Risk compensation” is the tendency of players to risk injury through reckless play when equipment upgrades make them feel invulnerable.

If you give an individual better protective equipment, they are going to have an increase in aggression, causing more injuries.

More-protective equipment encourages reckless play, causing more injuries.

Helmets may have been upgraded, and made to absorb hits, but they still do the same damage.

Today’s helmets absorb more hits, but players’ brains suffer the same damage.

Resources for Improving your Work before Portfolio

Portfolio Tasks

55 Responses to 25 Class THU DEC 01

  1. No riddle today :/

    Professor evaluations

    Make sure apa citations are correct

    Title on paper, references

    Make sure sentences are short and have a point

    Don’t write to a word count

    I’m a little frustrated by the “representing your own work as work done for this course” clause. It honestly seems stupid to me to put it lightly. Mainly because : I AM PAYING for an education. If I am to get an education that means that the same topics/expectations should not occur in successional courses. Therefore if I am using the same paper, it would cause it to be irrelevant or not up to the standards of the current course I am in. To me that rule seems like a flaw on the university, not on any student. It honestly angers me to some degree because I see how little the university actually cares about education.

    • davidbdale says:

      I can sympathize with that, Pluto. Here’s a counter-argument. The department wants to be sure you’re engaged in a new research-and-writing experience every semester. When students are permitted to write to their own topics, they might be tempted to recycle last semester’s work and shirk the learning. My practice, for every student who engages in early drafts and revises them, is to hedge against anybody trying to present the same material twice. Even if they try to break a 10-page paper into components to deliver as short arguments, the required revisions offer at least an opportunity to practice something new. I don’t care about the policy so much. I just want students to revise.

  2. 44elk says:

    4/20/22 44Elk In-Class Notes:

    I walked into class today 12 minutes late. First, we went over in-text APA citations; a useful practice I will employ in my own writing. We also went through some other mistakes/stuff we need to include, like a proper title and “References” section.

    Next, I completed a survey for Mr. Hodges. Mr. Hodges is my favorite professor by far, so I had no problem praising his professing abilities on the survey.

    I tuned back into the conversation when talking about Brevity and Clarity. At a glance, I have no idea what this section will be about, so I’ll pay extra attention. Mr. Hodges implies that word counts are counterintuitive. They count words, not ideas. They encourage students to cram in a lot of filler words to make up for a lack of real content. Mr. Hodges advised us to not do this. At this point, I realized I’d like to speak with Mr. Hodges soon. I booked a meeting on the conference chart. Here is the link to my zoom meeting with him tomorrow at 2:00 pm. The last sentence is for me, not my notes. Back to brevity and clarity, I discovered that a fluffed-up sentence that strived to meet a word count can be condensed into one dense sentence.

    Next, we went through examples of “Content Described” and “Meaning Revealed” and why we should always reveal the meaning of the content rather than merely describing it.

    We continued by looking at some more examples of meaningless explanations and examples of meaningful summaries.

    Next, we went through some plusses and minuses for our work and how our grades will be determined. We also went through “what has to be there” in our work. We also talked about using statistics effectively and efficiently (and also how NOT to use them.)

  3. kaboom10 says:

    Revisions for the portfolio are required for the short arguments.
    First draft of research paper due April 27.
    Annotated Bib and Self-Reflective Statement due the 29th.
    When trying to make writing brief and to the point, don’t describe, purposefully summarize.
    Giving credit to sources is greatly important.
    Writing to a word count is not effective, and just puts unnecessary words onto the page.

  4. grizzlybear16 says:

    Link sources in reference section
    Center titles and make them a heading
    References in paragraph form just centered
    Shorten certain long redundant sentences
    Brief and clear
    Don’t compare apples and oranges
    Compare similar things
    Reader is not familiar with your sources until you make it that way
    have to understand who your audience is

  5. bullymaguire29 says:

    – Fix your citations
    – Get your stuff ready for the final portfolio
    – don’t repeat yourself in your breakdowns or anywhere really
    – make sure your quotes actually can help
    – do not misquote to help your argument
    – don’t leave out your context
    – your reader isn’t as informed as you

    • davidbdale says:

      Actually, your Perfect Reader would be exactly as informed as you. You wouldn’t have to explain anything and could devote every word to a reasonable argument. The tricky part is figuring out how much your Ideal Reader needs to be told in the real world.

  6. njdevilsred17 says:

    A good idea is to put a link directly to the page that you are quoting from. This makes it easier for the reader to be able to go to that source you are referring to.

    When looking at the revision examples you can see that just changing a few words in the context of the sentence would make more sense. This now makes me want to look back at my rewrites and read them sentence by sentence and look at them the same way.

    The brevity and clarity activity showed how to make your paragraph briefer and clarify what is being said in the paragraph. This is something that I should look at in my writing as I know that I may be repetitive in my writing which can bother the readers.

    Make sure to add the references that are added in the short arguments. But when combining them a source or two may be removed so they don’t belong in the reference.

  7. We discussed the portfolio menu located on the sidebar of the blog. Being sure to keep up at the proper number assignments located in there, including original and rewrites. Also talking about feedback for our short arguments, and making sure we have gotten feedback and made changes to the arguments. We have also been required to complete Professor evaluations for the semester. We also reviewed how to properly write in APA style. We worked on revisions and how to fix them. We focused on making sentences shorter but still having the same quality. Also checking proper punctuation and grammar. We also talked about the importance of being brief and clear. We have talked about describing the content without summarizing the content, just like how we should be writing our daily notes. Providing proof that proves your thesis is also just as important. If you are comparing apples and organs you are not helping your case, you have to compare apples and apples. Citations are just as important in your arguments, making sure you give credit to ideas that are not yours. And making sure you include enough background information. You first must establish who your target audience is to decide how much background you need to provide, if not they will have no idea what you are talking about. In the final polish workshop. And we would benefit from reviewing this post when preparing our final portfolio.

  8. ohsosillybones says:

    Instead of investing time into a bad argument, toss it before the fine tuning is done.
    Linking sources directly in the text is good.
    Reflective Statement: sources of own work.
    Brevity and clarity is crucial in allowing your argument to shine through. Wordiness clouds the meaning and makes it hard to understand.
    Describing vs. Revealing meaning
    Keep academic integrity in mind
    Always include citations for other’s ideas
    Never misrepresent ideas of others
    References must be represented in the references list and in the text, and vice versa.
    Use evidence and statistics to force a conclusion, don’t just include statistics thinking the reader understands their importance.

  9. ilovecoffee says:

    -Do not give prof weed, even though it is 4/20. He will think everyone is trying to kill him
    -continue to get portfolio in line
    -now that rebuttal essay is done, set time aside to work on revisions
    -prof will no longer give revisions because it is simply too late, if you want help, put it in feedback please with a specific request, not simply “i want feedback”
    -work on class and prof survey
    -make sure you include a title for all of your pieces, needs to be centered
    -persuasive argument: due mon april 25
    -review the deadlines and portfolio tab to clearly see what it is that needs to go into each component of the portfolio
    -work on reflective statement
    -check for brevity and clarity in your writing
    -do not describe a summary, summarize it purposefully
    -annotated bibliography due april 27
    -you can not represent your own work as your own. You can only do work in this class for this class, you can not use work from the past

  10. swim1903 says:

    remove unneeded words out of sentences
    -repetitive words
    – words that reiterate the same idea
    Brevity and Clarity
    wasting words on what could be said vs what you are actually trying to say
    difference between describing content or summarizing meaning
    revise conclusions after describing content
    logic has to meet your facts, sources need to find data that combined with reasoning and logic will persuade your reader to draw the same conclusion you do.
    research relevant materials and appropriate processing of that material
    synthesize your own observations and back them up with a credible source, and give credit where it’s due

  11. bubbarowan96 says:

    -Taking helmets out of football is a very counterintuitive idea itself. Taking helmets out of football is counterintuitive. It may seem as if this will hurt the players, but in fact it will help protect the players.
    -The best papers convey the most information, the most meaning, in the fewest words. Readers of brief, clear claims subconsciously feel they’re being adequately rewarded for the first time.
    -If you’ve managed to synthesize your own observations and experience with the points of view of other credible individuals and have given them credit for their contributions to your new awareness.
    – The paragraph does not explain the value of the statistics before revealing them, leaving readers to draw their own conclusions.

  12. blue2228 says:

    Notes Blue
    Word counts are not goals to aim for, but rather a cap so that you don’t include too much unnecessary language.
    There is a lot of unnecessary text in articles written to achieve a word count that add absolutely nothing to a paper.
    The argument becomes significantly weaker when it is so long because it becomes annoying for the viewer to read.
    The reader only knows what you tell them.
    Using statistics effectively is making readers think things are much worse than previously thought.

  13. davidbdale says:

    This is beautifully said:

    Word counts are not goals to aim for, but rather a cap so that you don’t include too much unnecessary language.

    As for this:

    Using statistics effectively is making readers think things are much worse than previously thought.

    That’s not a general rule, but it was true in the example. Using statistics effectively is making the readers feel compelled to agree with your evidence and logic.

  14. shepardspy says:

    There should be a total of 6 things within your portfolio.
    Achieve brevity and clarity by weeding out unnecessary details used to achieve a specific word count. Instead to achieve a clear and brief piece be concise and work towards conveying a specific purpose.
    Include important details to improve the clarity of your writing.
    Do not describe, but summarize outside content.
    Make sure that the evidence included for the purpose to prove actually proves. When this is not done the clarity of your work goes down.
    Do not misrepresent the intentions of others’ work to have it fit the narrative that you are trying to portray.
    Know your target audience as it will allow you to know which details to include and which ones to leave out.

  15. rushhourilllusion says:

    Portfolio review: The whole portfolio tab is in the sidehand bar. Revisions are key, make sure they are completed before they are fully in the final portfolio.
    APA style review; Link in text is a plus, and recommended to do it in papers. KEY*** fix citations so that they are APA styles. References centered above. (Make sure to fix what is not this format)
    Academic Accountability: Make sure that all citations are there and correctly cited not only in the References section, but also within the text.

  16. davidbdale says:

    I beat up your Rebuttal Rewrite pretty good on the overnight, Rush. I hope you’re OK with a tough critique. You can pay me back with a withering professor evaluation. 🙂

  17. schoolcookiemonster says:

    Rewriting the definition, causal, and rebuttal arguments are crucial for this class especially to have fine-toned essays that are going to be placed in our portfolios. In class, we also talked about adding links to the titles for easy access.

    Wordy paragraphs can have the same impact in just a couple of sentences to allow space for a resource to be used. This helps make the argument clear and brief to the reader. Explaining the outcome is crucial and keeping fluff out is the key to clear writing.

    The Bibliography can differ from the references page since the bibliography is more detailed and has sources that could’ve been mentioned in the essay but not directly quoted. There also has to be a brief summary of each of the sources used.

  18. princess01430 says:

    Notes Dec 1
    I need to expand my knowledge on riddles
    make sure were adding things to the protfilo tab in WordPress
    We need to make sure to pick 2 out of the 3 short arguments
    We also need to make sure that the ones we pick show evidence of revision
    Tips for apa citations, add links to sources
    There are many revisions we can make to the same sentence or number of sentences, just make sure when you do you’re eliminating as many useless words and sentences as possible. Using the word counterintuitive might be useless or can be done redundantly.
    Reread your sentences and try to pick out grammar errors, useless words, or ways to make the sentences better. Don’t try to be too complex, make life easier.
    Look at the bottom for some helpful links to fix research paper
    If anything, use less words to say more, not more words saying less. Grammar and word counts will be taken seriously in final grade.
    Will probably need a new, solid intro to research position paper.
    For annotated bibliography and even for the contents of the paper use purposeful summaries rather than deeply describe the sources and information. Only give the audience what they need, no one wants more than they need to know.
    Question to ask myself with purposeful summaries “ what did you find out”

  19. xephos1 says:

    There is no such thing as an A+
    No riddle today
    Why do married men spit outside? Their wives won’t let them spit indoors
    “What’s the difference between an oral thermometer and a rectal thermometer? The taste” – Professor Hodges

    The Portfolio Menu
    You will end up with 8 items in your portfolio

    Revisions for Portfolio
    You will need to show revision cycles for your portfolio
    If you haven’t gotten feedback on two short arguments, they are not eligible for your portfolio
    Add the two short arguments into feedback please
    Leave a detailed comment on what type of feedback you want
    If you fail to leave a comment on what type of feedback you want, you will not receive feedback

    Professor Evaluations
    Make sure to do your Professor evaluations
    If you want to, you can use “Rate My Professor” to rate Professor Hodges
    Have a personality, let the chips fall

    APA Style Review
    Make sure to keep linking the article to the title within your paper
    It is a good practice to get into
    Add the nuance to your reference list

  20. beforeverge says:

    – The portfolio will hold only two short arguments, 75% of the grade, and the third will be part of the 25% outside of the portfolio.
    – Our portfolio requires to show revisions.
    – We can use rate my professor and eventually through the school if we want to provide feedback on the class.
    – There are minor revisions that can be made to the papers, shortening sentences and reducing invaluable language.
    – The best writing is brief and clear, portraying the most information.

  21. giantsfan224 says:

    – Pick the 2 best short essays to include in my portfolio.
    – I will need to show a revision cycle for my portfolio.
    – I can keep on revising till the 13th.
    – Once we develop a three noun series, we can modify as many of them as we wish.
    – Be sure that I go through the grammar list before I am complete.
    – Stop trying to sound academic, leads to wordiness/redundancy. The simpler, but clearer our work is, the better. (Brief and clear is best.)
    – Try to get rid of the “if” and “they” combination.
    – “They do” is very weak. Try to eliminate it from my writing.
    – Everything about writing is linked to “promises and rewards.”

  22. shxrkbait says:

    12/1 Class notes
    We should have 8 items total in our portfolio. 75% of our grade is based on the portfolio. 20% is the nonportfolio argument that we chose not to include. The remaining 5% of our overall grade is the daily class notes.
    Proof of revision is needed for our portfolio items. Feedback is the best way to know what revisions are still needed. Leave detailed instructions on what type of feedback you are looking for so that professor Hodges knows what to look for and so that he regrades the paper.
    Shorten and clarify sentences/paragraphs to get rid of filler words that do not provide value to the paper.
    Try to limit the usage of the term “as if.” Many sentences will still make sense and work without this phrase.
    You can write 1000 words that say nothing but also can write 500 words that state everything. The best arguments are made in the least amount of words. Good arguments are straightforward, clear, and concise.
    Purposeful summaries are how we are going to describe our sources in the annotated bibliography. Only give the audience what they need to know for the argument we are making, do not waste time summarizing irrelevant parts of the research.

  23. peanut2348 says:

    You need 8 assignments in the portfolio
    Choose best two short arguments
    Professor gave us an example of a proper APA citation
    We went over the revision example
    “Evolving means changing over time”
    Brief and Clear is Best
    The trouble with word count is that they count words, not ideas
    Discussed empathy
    You disprove empathy in trees
    Independent Clauses emphasize claims
    dependent clauses minimize objections

  24. hollyp715 says:

    12/1 Class Notes
    No riddle on the blog
    Worrying is okay, turn it into motivation
    Portfolio includes two short arguments, their rewrites, research paper, visual rewrite, bibliography, reflection
    This has been a rewriting class, need evidence of revisions and rewrites
    “Rate My Professor” and Evaluations
    APA Citation Review and References
    There is language we could remove to make more sense
    Football helmet discussion
    If “as if” becomes comfortable, evaluate if removing it will keep the same meaning
    Introduction is full of small promises that will be touched on throughout the writing

  25. gobirds17 says:

    Class Notes-

    All of our work will still have a grade but we can play with the weight of each by leaving it out of our portfolio. Regardless update our lowest graded papers

    We need to show proof of rewriting papers for our portfolio

    APA style Review-

    Try to include linked sources if we can. Even in the references section we can link behind the title.

    Revision Examples-

    Don’t be afraid to cut our sentences down to only what is needed. Wordiness is the enemy.

    Brief and clear is best-

    We need to write down to the word count. We do this by purposefully summarizing rather than providing word soup description.

    We should have a new intro and closing that encapsulates the entire 3000 word essay. Short and sweet.

    Statistics are not important unless they’re properly described.

  26. alwaystired247 says:

    We should have 7 assignments in our Portfolios right now, which include each small essay, their rewrites, and our Research essay. Once we write our reflective statement and bibliography, they can be added to it as well.
    We will need to show proof of revisions for our Portfolio. This is composed of the feedback we received and the alterations we made based on them. If we have never asked for feedback, we should do so now and make sure to leave a detailed comment stating what we want feedback on.
    We should avoid overwording our points and cut out filler sentences that repeat something that was already said or do not contribute to our case. This would bore our readers and also confuse them. We shouldn’t write our paragraphs with the sole goal of achieving a word count and should fill them with evidence and reasoning to further our stance on whichever issue we tackle. Readers will pick up on it if our essay is composed of nonsense.
    Claims are emphasized by independent clauses. They carry important messages we want to convey. By combining them, readers can better link them and their relevance. The order in which we word this will underplay and highlight different sentence parts. Each sentence has a dominant claim which should be our point of view in our essays. Our objections should be the dependent clause.
    If our White Papers are complete, our annotated bibliographies should not be difficult to compose. We should make sure to cite correctly and include every source we use because plagiarism could get us expelled.

  27. – There will be 8 things total in the Portfolio. 2 short arguments and their rewrites, the annotated bibliography, the reflective statement, and the visual rhetoric.
    – I will go on rate my professor and leave a review of how I felt about this class.
    – Make sure the citations are done correctly and have more information than just a URL in the references section. Be sure to link to the sources within the paper.
    – In a series, there need to be 3 nouns to make the sentence flow better.
    – Go through the paper and look at each sentence to make sure they follow all the grammar rules and sound like they flow.
    – Make sure to eliminate filler words and make the most of 3000 words.

  28. fatboy489zt says:

    Make sure to add your short essays into the portfolio category

    If you don’t ask for specific feedback, you will not get any feedback

    Give the professor a good review on “Rate My Professor”

    You cannot give “an” individual something and then use the word “they”. It is only one person when you use the word “an” so it can’t be plural.

    There is no point in entertaining the negative if you are stating the positive. Ex “Helmets may have been upgraded → Today’s helmets absorb more hits.”

    Take out all of the extra words and use the ones that work best for you

    While word count counts the amount of words we are using, it does not count the amount of ideas which is what is important

    Most meaning in fewest words = good

  29. AnonymousStudent says:

    One of the short arguments will not be in your portfolio. They will be graded as a non-portfolio assignment. So this doesn’t mean you should leave your worst argument behind.

    Arguments without feedback is not eligible to be graded in the portfolio. Get stuff done and get that feedback!

    When going through lists, make sure it is parallel with its sentence structure (noun, noun, noun)

    Amount is based on value, number is based on how many. Use each word accordingly

    Make sure you are summarizing the articles, and not just describing the information. Describing provides information that nobody cares about. Summarizing is written about the information that is important to the argument

    Make sure your claim is the independent clause, as it will stand out as the more important statement

  30. mochaatrain says:

    -don’t panic, worry instead. A Little worry won’t hurt. Might help us work.
    – calculate what to leave out of the portfolio because the portfolio is 75% of the grade, so there is room for rearranging what goes in the portfolio and what doesn’t to get the best grade possible.
    -Professor is a 5 or 1 guy.
    -make sure your in-text citations are clean and have a URL link.
    -“may seem as if” is redundant.
    -any time you can change a negative claim to a positive claim eliminates ambiguity.
    -Riddle: You have unlimited water, a Five-gallon bucket, and a three-gallon bucket. How would you fill the five-gallon bucket with exactly four gallons of water?
    -Try and get rid of “if” and “they”
    -Everything about writing is promises and rewards
    -You can say more in 500 words than another person using 1000 words.
    -For purposeful summaries, we don’t care what the article talks about but its opinion on the subject the article talks about. What does that article provide that is different? We don’t want to know what the authors did, but what you read.
    -using independent and dependent clauses can bring more or less attention to claims.

  31. gymrat230 says:

    I’m going to miss the morning riddles when the semester ends. The riddles are always very amusing.

    Portfolio Revisions
    Make sure to make revisions to my short arguments to post to my portfolio.
    Add a rate your professor review to Professor Hodges’ page.
    Brainstorming what papers to add to my portfolio. I want to add my definition even though it’s my lowest-graded paper. Once, I finish my rewrites I feel as if it could be my best.

  32. College Composition 2
    Class Notes
    Revision Portfolios
    Please go over your portfolio assignments for revisions and rewrites.
    Rate Your Professor’s Performance
    Be sure to rate your professor on the RMP link.
    Apa style citations
    Make sure you go back into your research papers and go to your references sheet so you can change your references into apa style format.
    Revision Examples
    An amount is a value whereas many is a numerical value or a number.
    Does the football helmet actually absorb the hit? If so then say that clearer
    If we give males or females a battle hardened gear used to run into each other the male or female will try hitting much harder compared to if they did not have a battle hardened gear.
    Purposeful Summaries
    It is always good to be brief and clear cut out the wordiness and make sure it clearly states the idea it was trying to convey.
    Annotated Bibliography
    Due December 6th.
    Self Reflective Statement
    Due on December the 9th
    Independent Clauses Emphasize Claims
    Subordinate claim is less important than the dominant claim, but it is needed.
    Dependent Clauses
    The dependent clause will minimize the objection
    Scholarship & Academic Integrity
    Make sure if you use a source you do cite it and give the author its credit.

  33. Class Notes:

    -There should be 8 assignments in a students portfolio.
    -Argument, its rewrite
    -Argument, its rewrite
    -Visual argument
    -Assignment that was not given yet
    -Research paper
    -Leave detailed instructions for feedback if not you will not be noticed.
    -In text citation add the link to the source in the writing
    -Make a writing clean and presentable
    -Make sure to quote correctly for no plagiarism

  34. 12/1/22
    We shared riddles
    Went through rate my professors reviews of the class
    Discussed the APA style review and saw how they are modeled.
    Discussed portfolio requirements.
    Worked on revision examples
    Gave resources to look at for improving our work before finishing our portfolio
    Reviewed independent clauses claims
    Represent the work of others as your own should not be done, so be mindful of quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing words, thoughts and the arguments. Make sure to use citations.

  35. – Within your portfolio, you should have eight assignments
    – Should be two essays with rewrites, visual rewrite, research paper, annotated bibliography, and reflective statement
    – Since the beginning of class this semester, we were told this was a rewriting class
    – If you have not received feedback yet, put them in
    – Utilize rate my professor to rate Professor Hodges
    – Make sure you are using proper APA Style citations
    – Make sure to include every source you used to avoid plagiarism
    – Remove unwanted language Example: Taking helmets out of football is a very counterintuitive idea itself
    – Rework to sound like: Taking helmets out of football is counterintuitive
    – Use “ ” if you’re defining something for the first time. If it is something like overspending, that is pretty common and doesn’t need to be defined
    – Focus on the heart of the sentence
    – Work on an introduction that introduces all 3000 words
    – Make promises in the beginning and follow through with them
    – 1000 words mean nothing
    – Focuses on ideas

  36. 12/1
    Personal Portfolio category – leave one argument out, put the other two along with their rewrites in.

    Arguments in Portfolios must show proof of revision and understanding of feedback.

    Professor Evaluations- write them on Rate My Professor since the Rowan evaluation aren’t available yet.

    APA Style Review- Check for citations and Reference page

    Get the essence of the sentence down and make it clear, then add in detail to finish it. Don’t overuse phrases like “as if” or if-then clauses.

    Annotated Bibliography is mostly taken from sources and summaries from white paper, then add a “how I used it” description for each.

    Tree behavior- We can only judge situations based on our individual view of them. In writing, we need to prove that our point of view is right, even if it means creating an argument that is hard to disprove rather than easy to prove. This should be used for creating an introduction that the reader can call back on.

    Don’t describe- use purposeful summaries to write about content rather than just describe it. Explain how the information is relevant rather than describing that there is information present.

    Don’t plagiarize.

  37. oni says:

    Portfolio revisions: should have 6 entries at the end.
    Rate my Professor: add a review to his page.
    Fix up APA style citations!
    “itself”/”It may seem as if”/”cause them to have more caution” = not necessary.
    When listing, don’t throw in random clauses at the end. Nouns need to be listed in a series, if not it is more confusing to the reader.
    Search for “if” in your writing, and see if you need to name the cause/effect instead.
    Fine-tune the Research Paper: an intro that talks about all 3000 words in the paper.
    See if you can somehow add the picture
    If you are writing summaries for the bibliography, tell what is valuable about the content in the source. Why did you bother to read the article, and why did you use it in the paper? describe the content without summarizing the content.
    Violations of scholarship/academic integrity are extremely serious. Everything NEEDS to be cited. This includes misrepresenting the intentions or perspectives of others.
    Fix up paper, more sources. Bibliography due Tues.

  38. redbird1123 says:

    talked about riddles
    have 8 thing in your portfolio
    Make sure you have feedback on your causal and definition argument
    APA sysle citations and references make sure they look like the example in the class agenda
    Revison:take out words you dont need
    When you get to the end of your sentences you can add more infomationvor you details to it
    help reader when they fine the Modify noun
    use the word number and not the amount
    so search for if, they, and you are in our writing
    focus on the heart of the sentence
    make your introduction has all the topic you are going to be talking about
    remind your reader what was you clasuse
    choosing which idea of two to support the cause

  39. bitagaming says:

    Revision Portfolios
    Rate Your Professor’s Performance on Rate my Professor website.
    Rewrite and revise your work to improve grade
    You cant write a thousand words and say nothing, you can’t waste 500 words to say the things that are in a 1000 word essay.
    Try to put research paper in APA format
    If you already have a good introduction for 2000 words in a 3000 words essay, you probably need a new introduction to make it more attractive in your essay to 3000 words.
    1000 words is not enough.
    Don’t describe, summarize your research. Explain all the needed information from your source
    don’t use your work before, copy from other sources without quotation

  40. Class Notes:

    – This is the chance to receive feedback on the two short arguments. (rebuttal, definition or causal. )

    – APA citation
    review reference section in order to fix own. Author, publication date, small summary of the article and the link. It must also be in alphabetical order.

    -Revision examples:
    Take out unnecessary words, things that was already mentioned.
    Watch for contradictions.
    Parallelism: use 3 whole clauses, modified nouns.
    Should be getting rid of adverbs and adjectives.
    Watch for “if” and “you”.

    – Work on introduction that satisfies all 3,000 words.

    -Keep the reader hooked, looking for your proof in the introduction. make promises.

    – Annotated bibliography:
    Don’t describe, explain how it contributes to your paper.
    Independent clause is the more important idea.
    Dependent cause is the less important idea.
    Subordinate clause is the intro by conjunction.

    – Represent others work as your own.
    -Use previous done papers.
    -Quote, summarize words, thoughts without citation.
    -Misuse what others said to benefit your perspective.
    – Quote out of context to mislead. ( state the full thing, do not alter speeches.)

  41. * Since this is a revision course, you need to make revisions to your portfolios. You need at least two cycles of revisions
    * Do the Student Evaluations, or you could do rate my professor
    * When you do the different citations, is it a good idea to switch it up the different ways of citing the evidence you wanna use?
    * Go through the papers and take “If” out. It can make your sentences more direct
    * “If…then” sentences aren’t good. You should probably change it.
    * The verbs that are used should be direct. Don’t say “do” it sounds bad.
    * The best papers convey the most information. Don’t write to a word count
    * Do trees have anything that can resemble a brain ?
    * Again, don’t write to the word count. Write so you can get your information of the class

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