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American football player, actor, and broadcaster OJ Simpson gained national attention in the 1970s. He was accused of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman in 1994. The case garnered attention from the media and was dubbed the “Trial of the Century.” On June 12, 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson, Simpson’s ex-wife, and Ronald Goldman, a friend of Nicole’s, were fatally stabbed outside Simpson’s Los Angeles home. Simpson was identified as the main suspect, and authorities opened an inquiry. Simpson was accused of two charges of murder on June 17, 1994, and the police filed an arrest warrant. The police continued a slow-moving automobile pursuit through Los Angeles the next day when Simpson refused to surrender, which was shown live on television. Simpson ultimately gave himself up and was arrested. “During the trial, which lasted more than eight months, some 150 witnesses testified, though Simpson did not take the stand.” With millions of viewers tuned in to follow the proceedings, it was one of the most extensively aired trials in history.

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In the Simpson case, the jury established that he was innocent and not guilty of the charges presented against him, and instead, the allegations were based on racial profiling. The court considered the evidence immaterial by the court, which ruled in favor of the defendant. In my initial thesis, I agreed with the court’s ruling, which claimed that James was innocent and instead was being framed for the murder charges. However, in this rebuttal, I will disagree with the judgment because there was enough substantial and probable evidence that can be used to prove that James was involved in the murder despite the racial differences between him and the court or the police.

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