Open strong- Pinkcottoncandy4

Opening 1 : The rapidly increasing homicide rate in the city of Philadelphia prevents the residents from feeling safe in their homes. This problem ranges from illegal possession of firearms to gang violence within the youth. Passing a law that would place tougher sentencing and tougher restrictions when it comes to owning a firearm or purchasing, would be ideal in order to reduce the crime rate and help the community feel safer. 

Opening 2:  In Philadelphia, there are little to no gun regulations. In effect, the crime rate has skyrocketed in comparison to the previous years. Without fearing consequences, citizens purchase and resell firearms without serial numbers which makes it impossible to be traced back to a specific owner. Banning the second amendment which  gives American citizens the right to bear arms will allow city officials to gain more control over the endless amount of homicides that happen on a daily basis.

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