26 Class TUE DEC 06

27 Class TUE DEC 06

A Riddle about Riddles


Portfolio Tasks

Guide to the Portfolio

Grading and Editing

  • Grade Levels 1
    • The same paragraph written 4 times, increasingly well, to demonstrate the differences between D-level work, A-level work, and the levels between.
  • Grade Levels 2
    • An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.

Class Activities

  • Invitation to post at Rate My Professor
    1. Follow this link directly to David Hodges
    2. If asked for a Course Code, use COMP 2 FA22
  • Preview of Portfolio Readiness
    1. We’ll spend time together on this
    2. You’ve already started to build your Portfolio
  • Don’t worry.
    1. You can still revise everything.
  • Give every Portfolio item a Title.
Argument Title

Review Citations

  1. Review your In-text citations for compliance.
    1. They need Author or Title or Publication (or any combination), Said language, and a QuotationParaphrase, or Summary.


This is CORRECT:
Compliant APA

Make Separate posts for Short Arguments
First the Initial Post

Causal Argument

Then a New Post for the Revised Argument
(Shows Responsiveness to Feedback)

Causal Rewrite

Check Bibliography for Compliance
Entries need APA Bibliographic notations, 
Links to the Sources,
and thorough descriptions of Background Material and How I Used it.


Check Reflective Statement for Compliance
Entries must specific descriptions of changes you made to your work in response
to feedback or detailed descriptions of how you met course objectives.
Make references and links to the posts that best demonstrate
your accomplishment of the Core Values.


49 Responses to 26 Class TUE DEC 06

  1. ilovecoffee says:

    add in link to sources with very long url’s to make it much shorter and condensed
    include tiny url’s
    work on white paper format!!
    reflective statement covers the first year writing program
    use copy and paste template that is in assignment descriptions
    reflective statement is short essays answering the questions and how you used the values throughout the course
    include links to assignments that show things you have done throughout the semester
    come to class next monday and sign in for class to have portfolio discussed
    then, make conference time and go over portfolio, where you can dispute your grade if necessary
    work on rate my professor

  2. Jokes

    How to make a smaller more useful link:
    Right click, highlight the title, paste the title, hit the open in a new tab button, and enter.

    Review everything

    Create a bibliography with nice links

    Do the review statement

  3. njdevilsred17 says:

    The riddle about the thermometer got me because you really would think about the difference, not the joke.

    The three thousand word paper was due today and I have maybe reached a bit over 3000 words. My goal was to get my point across and that took more words than I had expected.

    The Annotated Bibliography will be due Wednesday and you will be describing the main purpose of the source and how you were able to utilize it in your research 3000-word paper.

    The self-reflective statements are due on Wednesday and are written about how you met the rowan writing arts core values. Each core value should include a paragraph and need to explain what you have done during this semester that leads you to say that you did each core value. Make sure to like the essay that you are talking about that met the core value.

  4. Today began with riddles about riddles. And talked about good jokes versus bad ones, and using meta humor. We were discussing humor and tone. Am still racking my brain of my bad jokes that fit this type of humor, but will try to leave a reply of my jokes when I can remember. We discussed our research assignment which our first draft was due today. Some of the requirements is 3,000 words (preferably on the money or a little bit over), academic integrity, including references (no fewer than 7). I personally need to go back to this assignment and make sure mine flows more smoothly and get rid of things I say multiple times. This first draft for me was organizing the big parts of my essay, now I am going back to finalize the details and make my transitions throughout better. We also reviewed our annotated bibliography. This assignment was to see how the sources helped me. We need to use 10-15 of the most useful sources in our annotated bibliography. First we include an APA citation, then a background of the article, then how we used it/ how it benefited us. Also to link the article in the title of the citation. I then relearned how to change my citations to open in a new tab. This will benefit my reader making it easier to go back and forth from my source and my paper. We also have the self-reflective statement due this Wednesday before class. Which is also a persuasive argument, proving that you have met the core values. We have a template that we can use to help us through this assignment. We also need to link to each assignment that we use. For our final portfolio we will only pick 2 of our 3 short arguments to include, so be sure you are picking the 2 you feel the strongest about. We discussed grade levels, and this is a performance course.

  5. kaboom10 says:

    In the annotated bib, adopt from the white paper.
    However, it is different from the white paper. Annotated bib describes how you used your certain sources, with a small background.
    Citations should start with the author’s name.
    Self reflective statement is about acknowledging the core values in your writing.
    Monday May 2 at class time will be used to sign in and review your portfolio.
    Grade conferences will take place a week after.
    Two short arguments are required with revisions in the portfolio.
    The left out argument will turn into a non portfolio assignment.

  6. bubbarowan96 says:

    Class Notes:
    -The 3,000-word research paper was due today. The Annotated Bibliography and The Self-Reflective Statement are due on Wednesday.
    -The same paragraph written 4 times, increasingly well, to demonstrate the differences between D-level work, A-level work, and the levels between.
    -An “in reverse” unpacking of dense, content-rich statements into their component parts: backwards advice.
    -Even after you respond well to feedback and make your essay grammatically correct, provide good sources, and make reasonable arguments, you might still not earn the highest grade.
    -They’re not perfect sentences, but their advantages over the paragraphs they represent make them fit models of writing that earns better grades.
    -We have to come in next Monday go over Portfolio check and then we have to make a conference for our grades.
    -Work on Rate My Professor

  7. swim1903 says:

    Research paper – should be trying to convince your audience to think a certain way
    Annotated bibliography – what the source is about and how I used it
    – everything in annotated bibliography should be in white paper
    White paper- update sources and transfer links to shorter ones
    Self Reflective Statement – writing is a multistage process, criticism is necessary, writing is shaped by the audience, information/sources are essential, writing has power

  8. rushhourilllusion says:

    Reviewing Portfolio; Bibliography and Reflective Statement are the last assignments. Although I can still improve all of my other work. Core values included in the Reflective statement.
    Portfolio Double Check Procedure: Come into class normal time, sign in and get portfolio double checked. Will be able to sign up for the final grade conference.
    Overall review of end of class, portfolio breakdown, and explanation. very helpful.

  9. ohsosillybones says:

    I said you didn’t need a licensed electrician to screw in a lightbulb.
    There is usually a perfect way to say things, overwriting something simple could ruin it completely.

    I currently have placeholders for my most recently added sources due to the fact that I started my work on them in Google Docs and have yet to copy over the information.

    Oftentimes paragraphs are unworthy and bloated in the way they are overwritten and cloud the goal the writing is trying to convey. Brevity and clarity!

  10. grizzlybear16 says:

    Annotated bibliography
    Turn URLs to the titles on sources
    Open in a new tab
    White paper is a place for brainstorming
    Reflective statement: show how student used core values of the course
    Accomplish the values
    150 word answers
    Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities

  11. shepardspy says:

    Condense link of citation into title for the sake of neatness and clarity.
    The annotated bibliography should only include up to 15 sources but no less than 10.
    Update your white paper by adding new sources used.
    The self reflective letter should be a persuasive argument. It should attend to the core values.
    Core value 2 is most closely related to the completion of purposeful summaries.
    Core Value 3 can also be demonstrated by the creation of your hypothesis.
    There will be a portfolio double check on May 2.
    Your grade is based upon performance.

  12. f0restrun says:

    What’s the difference between an oral or a rectal thermometer
    It’s the taste
    You don’t really want 5000 words, you want us to make it work with 3000 words.
    Anything you name by title publication or author in your paper should be part of your reference section
    5 is shy
    10 is more than you might need
    15 is overkill
    White paper is supposed to be a dumping place, and also where you first store your bibliographic data
    Monday may 2nd we are coming to class and when we arrive we are signing in
    And if we are here before 8 and we wanna get our portfolio checked then you can leave before 8 but if you are late then you will be later down the list
    In your white paper you need 25 sources
    In your annotative bibliography you need 15
    And your reference paper you need around 7

    • davidbdale says:

      You certainly do not NEED 25 sources in your White Paper. It can happen, but only if you’re a very aggressive researcher. Your Annotated Bibliography will be complete with 10-15 sources.

  13. schoolcookiemonster says:

    In class, we went over the deadlines for the portfolio assignments and got a better understanding of what is required to be completed by Monday. There are eight assignments which include the
    3000-word Research paper which includes references, the Annotated Bibliography which should not have less than 7 or more than 15 sources. Other assignments include the Visual Rhetoric Rewrite, and the Self-Reflective Statement which should be 150-word replies for each of the five core values and a link has to be provided for the sources mentioned in the replies. We also need to choose two out of the three argumentative essays and include the rewrites.

    As a class, we also looked over some of the White Paper to get a better understanding of what is considered somewhat complete and not complete at all. The White Paper is supposed to be a paper that includes many sources and other details about the writing process of the three argumentative papers.

    One important thing we learned was that we still had time to revise our work but also had to verify our portfolio on Monday and make sure to schedule a final grade meeting to make negotations if needed.

  14. hollyp715 says:

    12/6 Class Notes
    A riddle about riddles
    Research persuasive argument—Dec 01
    Prepare it for grade
    Likely need a new introduction—prepare the reader for 3,000 words
    No more excuses is Tuesday
    References section—appropriate use is by naming the sources cited in paper
    We don’t write for everyone, we pick an audience
    Cut-and-paste format for reflective statement—portfolio task
    Provide active link to each post mentioned in the reflective statement
    Portfolio double-check on Tues, mandatory attendance
    Final conferences are between 19-21, final grades posted on 23
    Portfolio consists of:
    Visual rhetoric rewrite
    Two short arguments and their rewrites (this is 4 submissions)
    Research paper
    Annotated bibliography
    Reflective statement
    Rate my professor after class
    Review citations
    Give each portfolio item a title

  15. alwaystired247 says:

    I feel really sick today but I wanted to show up since it’s one of the last classes, so I’m sorry if my notes seem worse quality than usual or if I seemed distracted towards the class.
    When serious information is told in a joke format, it catches people off-guard. An example of this would be, “How many licensed electricians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?” with the answer being “One.” We don’t expect the obvious answer to be the answer.
    There are a few crucial assignments due in the next couple of weeks. One is our Annotated Bibliographies, which are due today, December 6th. Then our Self-Reflective Statements are due this Thursday, which is the 8th of December. Lastly, our Portfolio Double-Check will be on December 13th, and attendance is mandatory if we wish to pass this class.
    Now that we are combining all of our small essays to make one big one, we do not have to worry about the order they occur or if parts of one end up in another. We should try to get at least one draft graded before our final due date though, so we have time to alter our papers. We have until our final conference to update them and should not push it off until the last minute. We should use all the time we have to do the best we possibly can.
    If we used more than 15 sources when writing our Research Essays, we should only cite our 15 most useful sources. We must ensure our bibliography helps readers detect which part of the paper each specific source was used in and the purpose it held.
    I think that the difference between each paragraph is very clear. The D-Graded one does not make clear claims and asks a lot of rhetorical questions. Readers may subconsciously answer these questions and then give up on changing their opinion at the very beginning of the essay. They must know exactly which side he is on and be willing to hear him out in order to continue reading past the introduction.
    The C-Graded paragraph is poorly connected and the sentences should be rearranged so they flow more fluently. Some points seem to come up out of nowhere and at times, it seems as if they are bringing up things that validate the other side.
    The B-Graded section is a lot better than the two before it but still has room to improve. The sentences could transition better into one another and the value they all hold as a whole should be obvious. This can be fixed by adding better transition words or explaining their points a little more.
    The A-Graded paragraph seems like it was written by an entirely different person than the first. It is worded so much better and really pushes the point the writer is attempting to make. Their stance on the issue is clear and they have strong claims to prove so. Somebody who disagrees with their stance may be willing to read the rest of their essay and open their mind after reading this.

  16. gobirds17 says:

    Class notes-

    Our research paper will need a new introduction the introduces everything rather than each individual argument. It has to grab attention. We can reorganize the essays any way we like.

    Reflective Statement- (don’t forget to link the pieces we are referring to)
    Still an argument piece. We are arguing how we understand and met them.

    Value 1- present and rewrite. Respond to feedback. Had others read it as well and responded to them. Also conferences to discuss the papers w professor.
    Value 2- analyzed texts, chose an audience and refuted them in our rebuttal. Let resources battle it out between each other.
    Value 3- wrote to a specific audience. Write to everyone is writing to no one.
    Value 4- visual analysis, reviewed screenwriting
    Value 5- Not just citing work and have references but reading the text to accurately use them. Value their perspective and use it to support your work.

    What goes in portfolio?

    Only visual rhetoric rewrite goes in portfolio,
    Two of the three short argument and rewrite go in
    Research paper
    Research paper
    Reflective statement

    Review our paragraphs and see if they can be summarized in less language
    Reminder to review our citations. No dates. Informal.

  17. – The original introduction may need to be revised. It needs to contain information that the entire paper possesses, not just the first 1000 words.
    – The order of the arguments does not need to go in to order in which they were written. Feel free to rearrange them in an order that makes the most sense.
    – Be sure to include the academic sources used to gain information.
    – We do not write for everyone; we write for a specific group.
    – In the reflective statement, link to previous posts as a way to show examples of how the values were met.
    – The portfolio contains two arguments and their rewrites, visual rhetoric rewrite, annotated bibliography, self-reflective statement, and the full research paper.
    – Try and condense each paragraph into one or a few sentences.

  18. giantsfan224 says:

    – The work in our essays should be completely unexpected to the readers. Don’t be predictable.
    – There’s a way to say something appropriate, and many ways to say that same thing inappropriately.
    – Our new introductions should be telling the reader that they will commit to 5 pages of work.
    – Intro should include main ideas from all three arguments, and promise a conclusion that is synchronized with what is offered at the end.
    – Rebuttal is always strong when it focuses on a worthy opponent.
    – The self reflective statement is argumentative.
    – For core value number 4, I can use visual rhetoric.
    – In our explanation of self reflective statements, we should include physical links to our posts.
    – A lot of 50 words ideas are much better than a a few 125 word paragraphs.

  19. gymrat230 says:

    Take a look at the opening of my research paper and see how I can adjust my introduction.

    Reflective Statement
    Final Portfolio Assignment; Core Values of the FYWP
    Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.
    Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
    Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.
    Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.

    A short argument and its rewrite.
    Another Short Argument and its rewrite.
    Annotated Bib
    Visual Rhetoric(Only Rewrite)
    Research Paper
    Reflective Statement

  20. fatboy489zt says:

    Finish the bibliography that is due today

    You can have the same paragraph and have it be rewritten in different ways to show the difference between a bad writing and a good writing

    The clearer the claims are and the more ideas there is, the better the writing is

    For the reflective statement assignment, show how you have worked on each core value through the assignments given to us through the course

    If you wanna talk to the professor still, you can through scheduling a zoom meeting with him

    8 things should be in the portfolio when you’re done, check the website to see what it is. I forgot

    Everything is due December 13th. Have everything done by then please.

  21. shxrkbait says:

    We only have two more classes left!
    Our research paper is provisionally graded for now upon receiving feedback. The introductions for our short arguments make a poor introduction paragraph for the research paper. A new opening with the main ideas from each short argument with a conclusion promised is necessary. A rebuttal argument is most effective when focused on one opposing article to break each section down and tear it apart.
    The self-reflective statement illustrates that our research paper and process satisfied the core values of this course.
    Writing to all general readers helps others understand the research we have conveyed. Selecting a certain group of people to target your essay at helps it become more effective and read by others.
    Our portfolio should contain 8 items: visual rewrite, definition, definition rewrite, causal, causal rewrite, annotated bibliography, reflection statement, and research paper.

  22. 12/06/22
    Class Notes
    We choose an audience that we can target, if we are speaking to everyone then not everyone will listen; but if we choose a specific group to write to that is interested in our topic already then your writing will be listened to clearly.
    I read critically and I place texts in to converse with the other and use the one citation source that shows the best argument.
    Review your citations in your research paper as there is a possibility they are not done correctly.
    Self-Reflective statement is due on December 8th, but
    Portfolio needs only: Causal paper, Rebuttal paper, Rebuttal papers rewrite, Research paper, research paper rewrite, Definition paper, definition Rewrite paper, and visual rhetoric rewrite (only).
    Grade Level 1
    The D graded papers appear to state the obvious as well as repeat ideas. There are also no clear claims.
    The C graded paper had better organization than the D paper for the reader to follow, but the only problem is the claims contradict one another. Also, I do not have any idea what the writer is claiming.
    The B graded paper was well organized and way easier to follow; I could tell what claims are being made; the only problem is instead of making two claims connected to one central idea. The two claims are two individual claims and not connected.
    The A graded paper is basically perfect as it guides readers through their claims and connects their claims to one central idea.
    Grade Level 2
    The sentence we first saw did not require any punctuation. It was commaless and showed good evidence; as well as clear claims.
    Example 2: The paragraph is not bloated in any way and instead is clear cut in stating its claims. While also providing good evidence.

  23. mochaatrain says:

    -We probably need a new introduction. The introduction we had earlier in the semester for one of our short arguments probably does not introduce the entire research paper and the three arguments.
    -The introduction should include the main ideas of the three arguments and a promising conclusion.
    -The order the arguments are placed in the research paper does not matter, as long as it works well.
    -The references page in our arguments is meant for the sources we got quotes and referenced in the argument. The sources that aren’t made known in the arguments should not be in the reference list.
    -The reflective statement is an argument for meeting the core values.
    -Core value 1- show that you have been revising
    -Core value 2- We choose an audience, we don’t write for everyone, we write for a specific group.
    -catering to an audience is a great way to get people to listen.
    -For the fourth core value people usually have used visual rhetoric.
    -Core Value 5- we took value in other works and represent them truthfully.
    -Use the first person in reflective statements cause we are obviously referring to our own work.
    -Provide physical links when referring to essays in reflective statements. In the statement, there should be 5 links.
    -Portfolio: Short argument, short argument rewrite, Visual Rewrite, Annotated Bibliography, Research, another short argument, and its rewrite, and finally the reflective statement. Should be a total of 8.

  24. * Laughter is just a moment to get rid of that monetary anxiety. We could have grabbed the obvious answer of the joke, and when we miss it, we can just laugh the anxiety away
    * You can move the different arguments anyway that you want
    * The paper also has to show significant research, but it can also have some personal experience in there too.
    * Reminder: The paper has to be 3000 words. That is the minimum.
    * Reminder: The reference section of the paper is to guide the readers to the sources that was used in the research
    * We were supposed to go into a deep dive about how I used the paper? If that’s the case, then we need to go back and fix it.
    * We don’t write for everyone. We write for a specific group. Know who your audience and target that work to that audience.
    * Things that go in the portfolio: Two arguments (their originals and their rewrites), Visual Rhetoric (only the rewrite), research paper, annotated bibliography, and reflexive statement.

  25. Submit assignments in portfolio not yet submitted
    Different levels of work will be graded differently, usually the papers edited the most will receive higher grading
    Make sure claims are dense and rich
    Rate my professor link
    Review citations and make sure that they are in the appropriate format
    New post will be made for the rewrite of all assignments

  26. – Meta-jokes- Jokes about jokes
    – There is usually always a way to say what you mean that is perfectly appropriate to your intentions.
    – Do not overwrite something that can be stated in a simple matter
    – Research paper- Based on research and is an argument. Meets a minimum of 3000 words and a references section
    – List only sources cited in the paper, do not include the ones in your white paper
    – Try and take the URL at the end of your works, cite it, and link it to the title to make it neater
    – The reflective statement is due Thursday
    – LAST CLASS is December 13th
    – The reflective statement is also an argument
    – You will show evidence of how you met the core values
    – Core value 1-Recursive means it improves on itself. The social process is also taken into account when you pull knowledge from other authors
    – Core value 2- critical reading and understanding of the texts. Read the work of author people and make arguments on our public blog
    – Core value 3- Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context. Use original hypothesis on how you updated to attract an audience
    – Core value 4- Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing
    – Core value 5- Writing has power and comes with ethics- CITE YOUR SOURCES and make sure you understand the author’s original pov
    – Make sure you leave a link into your reflective statements from the paper you think you met the core value discussed
    – Everything is due on December 13th
    – Final grades will be submitted by the 23rd
    – Give every portfolio argument a title
    – Make sure there are no parenthetical author notations
    – Craft an introduction tha meets the needs of all three short arguments
    – Not every change made in your short arguments may make it into research

  27. 12/6
    Tone can be approached in many different ways. Different tones can lead to the same conclusions, though which one is appropriate for your writing can vary.

    The final paper is a research-based persuasive argument. Meant to change someone’s opinion on the topic. Must have a reference section and hit 3,000 word limit.

    Reflective statement – Reflect on core values – writing is a process that is recursive and social. Critical reading and analysis in a public conversation is necessary for understating texts. Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context. Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing. Writing comes with ethical responsibilities.

    Cut and past reflective statement outline and fill out in a new post.

    Give every argument a title, and review citations.

    Grading and editing- Not every change from the short argument will go into a final research paper. Sound like you know what you are talking about.

    The A paragraph uses clear and strong claims that advocate for a specific change rather than just asking questions and making statements as the other examples. The A example tries to bring the reader to a conclusion rather than make them find their own. It is also written with a professional tone that does not try to sound overly academic. Each sentence moves into the next logically and they all support the main argument.

  28. oni says:

    Riddle: Overwriting what could be written simply, ruins the point you’re trying to make. The wrong tone can cost you, just like an over-explained joke.
    Final paper: finish up editing and smoothing out. Work on revisions. The paper needs a minimum of 3000 words and a reference section.
    Bibliography: fine-tune
    Portfolio: December 7th, come in and write your name on the board. Sign up for a grade check
    Reflective Statement: I fulfilled the core values. Present your best case for meeting the core values.
    Core 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive and social process.
    Core 2: Close and critical reading/analysis are necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    Core 3: writing is shaped by audience, purpose, and context.
    Core 4: information literacy is essential to the practice of writing
    Core 5: Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities
    Portfolio: includes 8 pieces in their final CCII portfolio. 2 arguments and their rewrites, visual rhetoric rewrite, bibliography, reflective statement, and final paper.
    Conferences: Mon Dec 19, Tues Dec 20, or Wed Dec 21.
    Review Citations!
    Rearrange your paper: they don’t have to be in 3 different chunks.
    Tweak everything! Have everything finished by December 13th!

  29. duck says:

    Portfolio Tasks
    – Ask for specific feedback on our final paper, it’s too late to ask for general feedback. Continue to revise the paper as we get feedback
    – There should be 8 items in your final portfolio, your research paper (1), 2 1000 word arguments and their rewrites (5), your annotated bibliography (6), our reflective statement (7), and our visual rhetoric assignments (8)
    Self-Reflective Statement (DUE DEC 7 11:59pm)
    – An argument that states that we met all the core values of this course.
    – Core value number one involves seeing improvement in our writing as the course went on, shown through revisions on our papers
    – Core value number two involves reading and dissecting texts (our sources used in our research papers). It includes critical reading, analyzing, and responding to academic texts
    – Core value number three involves writing for a purpose, and writing for a very specific audience
    – Core value number four involves how informed we are about our topic.
    – Core value number five involves respecting the information we have gathered regarding our rebuttal, and respecting other arguments while still providing a solid counterargument.
    – Provide a link to something submitted this semester that we believe demonstrated each of the courses core values when we submit the statement.

  30. rubes1256 says:

    If you try too hard to explain something, you can often over explain it.
    Saying more with less is always better
    Self-reflective statement is due December 8th
    Follows the core values
    The portfolio must contain 8 items:
    The Research Paper
    2 short arguments and their rewrites
    Visual rewrite
    Self-reflective statement
    Annotated bibliography

  31. 12/6/22
    What did the DJ name his son? Eric.
    Argument paper is to persuade readers why you believe your opinion is right based on the research and evidence you’ve done.
    Paper compiles of work from all semester
    Minimum 300 work requirement.
    Includes a Reference section.
    Different grade levels based on how you make your claims
    Reviewed the right way to cite
    Went over core values and contents for the portfolio

  32. princess01430 says:

    Notes Dec 6
    There are many ways to say something wrong but there are also many ways to say something right, sometimes we don’t realize there is a wrong and right way to say something so that it is understandable.
    Might need a new opening/introduction to the essay, maybe edit the opening strong or use an opening strong if it touches on all subjects of the paper.
    Can rearrange short arguments in the final paper. A rebuttal is strongest when specifically pointing out someone. All arguments can begin to incorporate the experience. Meeting the 3000-word requirement and having grammar mistakes taken care of.
    Need a references section which is all the sources listed. Break out annotated bibliography into the I use section.
    Self Reflective statement on how I met the core values offered in this course by referencing them. The core values are “ Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage recursive and social process” this has been used by me to state how I used it this semester in this class in my work. This in simpler terms refers to the revisions I made on assignments, looking at other peers’ work to revise, and all times when I reflected on my work and edited my work. The blog is a social process so use that. The last draft is different than the first and can be used as a reference
    2 core values in simpler terms mean research decisions toward paper. The writer also makes choices to write papers and communicate their goals to their chosen audience. We don’t write for the “world” we write for a specific group. My group is high school students, schools, teachers, and creators of Ap and Dual Enrolment programs. Advocates for student programs and students’ rights and health are all audiences. These are kind of broad so try to refine them in a reflective statement.
    Core 3 brags about work done with sources
    Core 4 ethical responsibility. Mentioning citing and reference sections but most importantly conscientious reading and not trying to represent them in the work in the right way. Not using their work but representing their ideas in an appropriate and respectful way.
    Professor offered a cut-and-paste format for the reflective statement. Thank you that’s helpful. Link the references such as pieces, white paper, etc. One paper, one source. Core 4 = visual rhetoric. For example, why it reflects and then move on don’t write too much.
    Class Dec 13 verify the paper is up and schedule a conference
    2 short arguments and rewrites, visual rewrite, annotated bib, research paper, and reflective statement go into a portfolio

  33. Class Notes:

    – The riddle points out that there is a way for you to say what you mean in a perfectly appropriate way, but, rewriting what could have been said simply spoils the effect.

    – Work on the reflective statement.

    – Annotated bibliography: summary of the source, explain how you used it.
    1. Author name, article, what it is, date posted.
    2. Background: what the article is about.
    3. How I used it: how it helped discover/ supported your point.

    – Core values
    writing is a practice that involves a multistage, recursive and social process.

    Essays to add : (own)
    research paper
    visual rhetoric
    bibliography reflective statement
    causal/ rewrite
    rebuttal/ rewrite

    – Every portfolio item needs a title.
    – Make clear bold statements in the introduction.

  34. bitagaming says:

    Self-reflective Statement: find resources on a First year writing program, and based on the 5 Cores value.
    Core value 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.
    Core Value II. Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    Core Value III. Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, genre, and context.
    Core Value IV: Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.
    Core Value V. Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.
    We don’t write for everyone, we just write for a specific group, we can identify which audiences we care about. Make a specific choice.
    Analyze and evaluate various sources.
    You need to demonstrate not just produce and showing phrasing, not to take them out of context, but evaluate them and explain them clearly
    Put these thing in your Portfolio
    2 short arguments and their rewrites
    Visual Rhetoric rewrite

  35. redbird1123 says:

    That our introduction need to be revised.
    Needs to have information that the entire paper possesses
    The orders pf arguments does not have to be in order
    You can put in a order that makes sense
    portfolio has two arguments and rewrites and visual rhetoric review and annotated bibliography,self reflective stamen,and full research paper
    try and condense each paragraph into few sentnece

  36. xephos1 says:

    There is only two more classes left in the semester
    The Bibliography is due on December 6, which is today (yesterday I was out on leave)
    When doing the reflective statement, make sure to provide one of your papers that demonstrate each core values
    The 5 Core Values are:
    Core value 1: Writing is a practice that involves a multi-stage, recursive, and social process.
    Core Value II. Close and critical reading/analysis is necessary for listening to and questioning texts, arriving at a thoughtful understanding of those texts, and joining the academic and/or public conversations represented by those texts.
    Core Value III. Writing is shaped by audience, purpose, genre, and context.
    Core Value IV: Information literacy is essential to the practice of writing.
    Core Value V. Writing has power and comes with ethical responsibilities.
    You may need to change your introduction
    The goal of your introduction should be to grab the reader’s attention
    Try to condense your paragraphs into fewer sentences

    Portfolio contents are:
    visual rhetoric rewrite
    Two of the three short argument and their rewrites
    Research paper
    Reflective statement

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