Visual Rhetoric- Gir


A small Latina child is shown abruptly walking into what seems to be her parents room. This is accompanied by a quick pan shot to the bed showing lumps under the covers. Presumably this is the parents. This quickly is changed back to a close up shot of the girl.

0.02 – 0.05

We get a shot of a woman that awakes in a haste. She frantically turns to the clock then in a moments notice turns around with a shocked expression. The Woman then shoves the man asleep next to her to wake him up.


Shot changes to a dark light blue room. There in the room lays one person with a man at the closed window blinds. The man starts pulling the blinds open which transitions the shot to the boy in the bed that awake due to the light being shined from the window. With this it transitions to a top down prospective of a bowl of cereal with milk being displayed over. Milk pours into the bowl of cereal then shortly stops with this another camera shot is shown of the man looking into the carton to suggest the carton is empty. This occurs while the little girl enters the shot and dances.

0.10 – 0.15

The man disappointingly lowers the empty carton of milk. The shot transitions to a hallway where a woman sits on her knees with several pairs of shoes coming out of the accompanying closet in the hallway. The woman shows to be frantically searching through the pile of shoes to reach a soccer cleat. This excites her very much as she passes it to a girl in the hallway with what seems to be a soccer uniform on.

0.15 – 0.20

This shot starts off with a dryer machine being opened and the man pulls out an assortment of pink clothing. The shot changes to a little boy starring at the pink clothes. He calls out in what seems like in an upset manner. The man stares down at the clothes in bewilderment.

0.20 – 0.25

For this shot the dolly zoom effect is used outlining children inside an SUV. The children all buckling in while wearing the pink dyed clothing pan out to a shot of the two adults as the releveling take a breath and look at each other.

0.25 – 0.30

The rest of the commercial raps up with a blue screen presenting their logo animation.

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