24 Class TUE NOV 29

24 Class TUE NOV 29

penalty kick

Riddle: The Soccer Penalty Kick

What’s the smartest kick?
To the shooter’s strong side, which the goalie is more likely to guard?
Or to the shooter’s weak side, which the goalie is more likely to block if he guesses right?

The authors of Think Like a Freak give us some details to help us decide.

  • The goal is 12 yards away.
  • It’s 8 yards wide and 8 feet tall.
  • You will kick the ball at 80 miles per hour.
  • The kick will arrive at the net in 0.306818 seconds
  • The goalie can’t wait for you to kick. He has to guess and fling his body toward his choice before you make contact with the ball.
  • Overall, at the elite level, 75% of penalty kicks are successful.
  • If he chooses wrong, your odds of success are about 90%.
  • You want him to choose wrong.
  • Whether you’re left- or right-footed, 57% of goalies will guard your strong side. 41% of the time, they’ll guard your weak side.

Answer in the Reply field below and Post Comment:

  1. What’s the best way to improve your odds of kicking the ball where the goalie isn’t?
  2. Why do so few kickers make the most logical choice?

Rewrite Advice

The paragraph is an introduction to the Rebuttal argument. The author argues that fighting in hockey, when it’s retaliatory and conducted by “enforcers” whose job is to dole out justice to bullies who pick fights with star players, actually REDUCES violence and injuries, putting a quick end to the feud by sending the clear message that it will not be tolerated.

The full paragraph is shown below, divided into sentences. Recommended alternatives will be revealed. The replacement sentences, if they’re successful, will:

  1. Express the author’s convictions in bold, clear language.
  2. Provide evidence instead of hinting at it.
  3. Call out the opposition’s flawed conclusions, whatever they are.

No idea comes without a counterargument and this theory remains true in regard to fighting in hockey.

Even the best and truest thesis can be argued, so there are critics of fighting in hockey.

Critics take a surface level look at the violent aspect of the game but fail to appreciate the positivity and safe environment it creates.

They see a drop of blood on the ice, but can’t calculate the carnage that drop of blood prevents.

Without a true deep dive into the understanding of the players’ minds on the ice, the opposition would draw an incorrect impression.

They think the fighter loves the violence, when in fact his role is to prevent it.

Additionally, failing to acknowledge the empirical evidence surrounding fighting is another key flaw in the counterargument.

If they bothered to run the numbers, they’d find that teams with feared enforcers suffer far fewer injuries and lost ice-time than teams that let their players get bullied and pushed around.

While fighting in hockey has advantages both seen and unseen on the ice, critics cite injury, and that hockey glorifies violence leaving a bad example for children and viewers.

They let the hard hits blind them to the benefits of hitting back and retreat to platitudes about teaching kids to misbehave by example.


End-of-Semester Schedule

  • THU DEC 01
    • The first draft of your 3000-word Research Position Paper will be due.
    • This is the compilation of your three short 1000-word arguments carefully combined into a single well-reasoned research paper that is the culmination of your semester’s work on a single hypothesis.)
  • TUE DEC 06
    • Your Annotated Bibliography is due.
    • We will have reviewed its format and requirements on THU DEC 01.
  • THU DEC 08
  • Reflective Statements will be due, completing your Portfolio.
  • This will be our last “content class.”
  • We’ll address your questions and review end-of-semester procedures.
  • Finals Week TUE DEC 13
    • Mandatory Attendance for anyone who wishes to pass the course.
    • We will gather one time during our regular class hour to Verify Portfolios.
  • Grade Conferences by Appointment, on Zoom
    • Conferences will be held on MON DEC 19, TUE DEC 20, WED DEC 21
  • Only 4 classes remain.
    • Counting today.
    • Your Drop Dead Portfolio Deadline is just two weeks away.
  • If you’ve been keeping up.
    • By now you have posted your 3 short arguments (Definition, Causal, and Rebuttal)
    • You have a robust White Paper with purposeful summaries of 10-15 mostly academic sources ready to export to your Annotated Bibliography.
    • You’ll have no trouble posting the first draft of your Research Position Paper by THU DEC 01.
    • Well, maybe a little trouble, but you’ll manage a decent first draft.
  • There are no deadlines for your Short Paper Rewrites.
    • But when your Portfolio is complete and Verified, on TUE DEC 13, it will have to include TWO of your THREE short arguments and their Rewrites (Definition/Causal/Rebuttal). You choose which two.

Portfolio Tasks

70 Responses to 24 Class TUE NOV 29

  1. rubes1256 says:

    The goal is 12 yards away
    It’s 8 yards wide and 8 feet tall
    You will kick the ball 80 miles per hour
    The kick will arrive at the net in 0.306818
    What is the best way to improve your odds of kicking the ball where the goalie isn’t?
    Why do so few kickers make the most logical choice?
    Picking where to kick the ball is really complicated, due to the fear of getting it wrong
    Using “you” (or any second-person language) is like pointing at the reader

  2. spatel8267 says:

    Best way to increase chances while the goal keeper isn’t there, pretend to shoot to the left before shooting to the right
    Why don’t more kickers make the proper decision? A skilled goalkeeper is challenging to trick.
    Assess the efficacy of the works’ visual rhetoric
    Video might be beneficial, but only if the audio and visual complement one another.
    It would be possible to add merely to numerous distinct locations.
    Writing can cause one to become self-centered.

  3. sillyinternetperson says:

    -Recommend alternatives.
    -Do not hint, show the evidence.
    -Use a bit of creative language, not everything has to be academic.
    -You can state a fact and support it with evidence later and it will still be effective, as long as it is eventually touched on again.
    -Do not use the 2nd person, ‘you’. This is how I take my notes, I’m sorry if you take offense to my notes, I’m talking to myself in the future, not anyone else who is reading this (you).
    -First Person plural, ‘we’, allows one to assume from our writing that we are on the same side or similar people.
    -Replace Pronouns with nouns. Rather than “the people who always have a joke for every situation” you could say “silly people”; “the people who take everything a little too seriously” could be “serious people”.

    Apply these pieces of advice to your (my) writing.
    Look at this little guy I drew with text.
    . + . _||_ .
    . /\ . . <0 .
    . / \ . () . .
    _[][]/[]\[]__ ( )____
    I hope that shows up on the comment.

    Get er done.
    Schedule conference for next week, then final grades conference.

  4. 11/29
    For the riddle I honestly believe the best way to improve your odds of kicking the ball where the goalie isn’t is to have a very slow approach to build up tension then surprise them with kicking them with the opposite feet. So few kickers make the most logical choice because maybe the ones who make the great choice have been in pressure moments like this before where they have the mindset to be focused on the game still while millions of fans weigh bears on their shoulders.
    It is not a lot of time left only 3 classes after this so it’s crunch time
    Draft of 3000 word paper due next monday
    We can get rid of 2nd person language by having words like “we” in exchange for words like “you”.
    We can get rid of an active verb by replacing them with pronouns. with replacing the active verbs with passive verbs.

  5. oni says:

    4 classes left! The first draft is due Thursday
    Express the author’s convictions in bold, clear language.
    Provide evidence instead of hinting at it.
    Call out the opposition’s flawed conclusions, whatever they are.
    The first sentence’s job is to make you want to read the second.
    You do not have to academize everything.
    If you have “it”, share it boldly and simply.
    Divide up sentences and ask: is the theory there? does it explain the topic? does it influence the reader to keep reading?
    You should not care about both sides of the fence. You do not owe the other side an understanding, it weakens your own argument.
    Vagueness and Ambiguity are bad. It can always be replaced, and usually, our topic demands it to be.
    Eliminate the 2nd person. No “you”s !!
    Thursday: First draft
    Tuesday: Annotated Bibliography
    Thursday: Reflective Statement
    Tuesday: Verify Portfolios

  6. Class Notes:

    -Review and setting up the portfolio throughout the week. Work on the rebuttal, definition and causal 1,000 word essay for the final paper.

    – Express the authors convictions in the bold, clear language. DO NOT HINT!
    Provide evidence
    Call out the oppositions flawed conclusions. (false promises to do something later.)

    – Name the promises you will fully support later, say what it is.
    Does not matter if its spoiling, it’s letting the reader know there is good content that will be provided.

    – Divide sentences and ask: is there a theory here ? does it support the topic ? does it influence readers to continue reading ?

    – Eliminate second person, eliminate “you” from papers.

    – Convert active verbs with possessive verbs ( I get it done vs. Gets done)

  7. shxrkbait says:

    11/29 Class Notes
    – We only have 4 classes left this semester!
    – The best way to increase your chances of scoring a goal where the goal isn’t is to trick the goalie into thinking you are aiming somewhere else.
    – The first draft of our 3,000 word paper is due on Thursday.
    – We should continue to revise our arguments to put into the final draft of our completed essay.
    – Provide the evidence directly to readers and not just hint to it. If you lead your readers to the evidence it will be harder for them to form an opinion that you did not intend. The best way to provide the evidence clearly is to use bold claims. Another thing we must due to prove our point is to call out the oppositions flawed evidence/conclusion.
    – Avoid using second person language

  8. College Composition 2
    Professor Hodges
    Class Notes
    The Soccer Penalty Kick
    Penalty kicks at an elite level are converted 75% of the time, while 25% of the time goalies can either make a save or the player shooting misses the net.
    When you are left or right footed, 57% of goalies will guard your strong side while 41% goalies will guard your weak side.
    I would say the best way to take a penalty kick and make the goalie miss is by either doing a little jump before you kick the ball or right before you kick it on your run up take a pause or stop then continue your run up. Both of these techniques will throw the goalie off usually forcing them to show which side they are going to first.
    Rewrite Rebuttal Argument Advice
    No idea comes without a counter argument so be sure you are using the right counter argument to your theory.
    Express the Author’s convictions in bold, clear language
    Provide evidence instead of hinting at the evidence. Do not just say it, use your evidence as a source that supports your thesis.
    Call out the opposition’s flawed conclusions, whatever they are.
    But Enough About You
    Money seems to have a big role in society; and people can’t do much or get far without it. Money is valuable in different ways, even when people don’t see it physically. In today’s society people must have faith in the government and in the banking system that their money is being handled in the proper manner; if not, then I would have to hide all of my money under a mattress or around my house. I have no clue what happens in the banks, or how they take care of money. I always thought money was simple. However, since being introduced to this assignment, the Yap Fei, US gold, French francs, Brazilian cruzeros, and debit accounts now seem similar. People don’t actually see their money being transferred. When someone gets paid, and isn’t handed cash, they don’t receive a physical check, the money’s all directly transferred to their bank account, and they just have to trust that they got more money.
    Due Dates
    December 1st your first 3000 word essay on your topic is due.
    December 6th your annotated bibliography is due, we will go over it on December 1st.
    December 8th reflective statements are due, completing your portfolio.
    December 13th is a mandatory attendance for anyone who wants to pass.

  9. redbird1123 says:

    there is only 4 classes left and the first drafts its due Thursday
    Show the authors convictions in bold and clear language
    Provide evidence and call out the opposition flawed conclusion.
    Your first sentence job is to make the reader want to read the second or keep reading the rest
    spilt sentence and and ask is the theory there?does it explain the topic?does it influence the readers.
    Dont be on both side of the fence
    Thursday is when first draft is due
    Tuesday is when annotated bib
    Thursday is reflective statement
    Tuesday verify portfolios

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