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The Case

In the Simpson case, the jury established that he was innocent and not guilty of the charges presented against him, and instead, the allegations were based on racial profiling. The court considered the evidence immaterial and ruled in favor of the defendant. In my initial thesis, I agreed with the court’s ruling, which claimed that James was innocent and instead was being framed for the murder charges. However, in this rebuttal, I will disagree with the judgment because there was enough substantial and probable evidence that can be used to prove that James was involved in the murder despite the racial differences between him and the court or the police.

The racial difference does not make one receive sympathy in exchange for justice. In such a case, the case would be considered justice denied for the late spouse. When the judgment was read that the defendant was not guilty of the charges, then 91% of the audience viewing or following the case was mesmerized by how the ruling turned out. The murder of Nicole was a calculated move from the sign left outside the condominium, which read, “Don’t forget your sunglasses .”James Simpson was fully aware that his wife was unfaithful and had an affair with Ronald. This could have made him kill her to avenge the trained love.

The Park was informed to report the case at exactly 10:25 pm, but when they reached Simpson’s house, he was not at home, and while waiting, he was seen entering the house at 10:26, which therefore questions his whereabouts at the time of the incident. When he was called and informed of his wife’s murder in Chicago, he was not surprised or concerned about when or how the event occurred. This shows that he already knew what took place and was only playing innocent so that he was not charged with the murder case. Simpson did not also report to the police station in time as it was expected. He also fled from his house when they searched for him The police officers found that he had left behind a letter that looked like a suicidal letter addressed to whomever it may concern. In the letter, the defendant wrote, “Don’t feel sorry for me. I’ve had a great life and great friends. Please think of the real O. J. and not this lost person. Thanks for making my life special. I hope I have helped you. ” Peace and love, O. J.” This indicates that he had planned to either disappear or make the wife disappear. He appears to be angry, and it was that anger that could have made him commit such a serious claim.

Upon his arrest on the driveway, Simpson was found with enough incriminating materials could easily show that he had a hand in his wife’s murder. James had a loaded gun, $8,750 cash, a false mustache and beard, and a passport in his friend’s vehicle, which he planned to use to flee to another country. There can be no reasons whatsoever that should have made him have such materials. They can only be used to commit criminal activities unless there is enough evidence that shows that he was an actor and was in the process of shooting a video. If by any chance James was innocent, as ruled by the court, then there was no need for trying to flee away and making efforts to change his identity. He should have cooperated with the police officers in the investigation processes, whereby the evidence provided would have provided his guilt or innocence. Fleeing indicates that he realized the police would go after him for committing the crime.

When the case was opened in the court of law, James was represented by lawyer Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr., born in 1937. Johnnie was also among the defense team that represented Simpson in the case claiming that the presented evidence was mishandled and, in addition, the police department was racist. It was also fair to note that most African Americans would favor or support Simpson without taking a keen look at the chronology of the events and the evidence provided against him, proving that he was more than involved in the murder. Of the 72 witnesses arraigned in court, the first set provides information that showed that James had the motive to kill. In contrast, the second set of witnesses indicates that James took advantage of his opportunity to kill his ex-spouse, and being that they were divorced, he would not be suspected of the act.

While racism remains a serious challenge in American society, where Black Americans are commonly profiled as criminals, others take advantage of their race to win sympathy from the court and other parties. These criminals, therefore, hide behind the race to commit crimes. For instance, black persons may take advantage of the social injustice issues in America and claim that they are being targeted. This could be the case with James.

According to the testimony by Allan Park, the limousine driver, James, was not present at his home at 10:25, and he entered the car at 11:00 in a black suit. According to Allan, James had a small bag that was not traceable since the murder case was opened, and Simpson did not allow him to see what was inside the bag. During the trials, the jury was observed to sympathize with the Simpsons family, although it was expected that they would sympathize with the victim’s family. Using the term nigger by the LAPD was a lame argument raised by the dream team to defend the allegations by the officer using the gloves as evidence.

In conclusion, I dispute the court’s ruling on the defense that the defendant was not guilty of the charges. From my professional understanding and the degree of evidence presented by the prosecution, I believe that Simpson was guilty of all the charges presented. He only had a strong legal team that racialized the evidence to make the case look like racial profiling and not a murder case. Simpson provided false information filled with lies, as evident in the case’s aftermath when he was seen in size 12 Bruno Magli shoes that he claimed he never owned. The lies and untrustworthy are, therefore, a pointer showing how the entire defense against the defendant could have been marred with inauthentic information, making him avoid justice. However, care must be taken to ensure that innocent people are not incarcerated while real criminals are walking along the streets. This would be a very unfortunate incident in the current and future criminal justice systems.


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    I have fixed my Rebuttal as best as i could for a late grade!

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