Define Protected Class

Definition Essay—Protected Class

Before you begin to write your own, you’ll want to review the essential qualities of a good Definition Essay.

1. It’s an argument.
I’ve told you before that all writing is argument, but now is always a good time to remind you. Our intuition might tell us that a Definition Essay is a simple stating of the facts of what a thing is or isn’t. But if that were true, we’d hardly need lawyers at all. Whole libraries have been filled with arguments about whether a particular judicial process is or is not an example of “due process” or “equal protection under the law.” Those categories sound clear enough, but deciding whether individual cases qualify as members of the class is always up for debate.

2. It has real-world relevance.
The dictionary is almost useless in defining what words and concepts mean in society. Because the model essay below is about gay marriage, I looked up the definition of marriage in a 1993 dictionary and found it quite helpless. In several entries, it sometimes refers to unions of husband and wife; sometimes to a special social and legal relationship between men and women for the foundation of a family; sometimes merely to an intimate or close union.

None of these will help us legislate whether same gender marriages should be permitted because, as a society, we get to decide what constitutes a “special social and legal relationship” and who can make one, just as we get to decide what constitutes “the foundation of a family.” After all, we don’t take away the marriage licenses of couples who don’t procreate, even by choice.

3. It often requires defining several terms.
In the above, we need to clarify not just marriage, but social relationship, legal relationship, and family. In the model below, our quest to define the rights of gays seeking to marry sends us in search of good definitions for

  • protected class,
  • insular minorities,
  • laws based on gender,
  • laws based on sex,
  • invidious discrimination,
  • defining characteristics,
  • political vulnerability, and
  • fundamental nature.

After all that, the model below still doesn’t define marriage, let alone gay marriage. It doesn’t try to. It doesn’t say gay marriage should be embraced. It doesn’t say gays are entitled to all the privileges and considerations of marriage. Its narrower argument is that, whatever gay marriage is, gays belong to a class of citizens entitled to special consideration to determine whether depriving them of the right to marry is unconstitutional.

And that’s a worthwhile definition essay!

In red below are the specific claims relevant to a definition of a protected class that deserves heightened scrutiny and the argument that gays seeking to marry belong to that class.

New York Times Editorial
March 23, 2013

Heightened Scrutiny

One of the central questions in the two gay marriage cases to be argued before the Supreme Court this week is whether gays and lesbians are a protected class under the Constitution. Under longstanding principles, government actions that fall heavily on “discrete and insular minorities” historically subject to prejudice and stigma are to be given particular scrutiny.

The 3.4 percent of Americans who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clearly qualify as this kind of minority. Laws classifying individuals based on sexual orientation — the anti-gay-marriage initiative in California called Proposition 8 and the federal Defense of Marriage Act — must be given heightened scrutiny.

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, then the foremost advocate for gender equality, swayed the court 40 years ago to adopt that standard for gender-based distinctions. The court concluded “that classifications based upon sex” were “inherently suspect.” But it has not yet decided how to treat laws based on sexual orientation. The solicitor general and others argue persuasively that such laws require close review just as those based on gender do.

The United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit struck down the Defense of Marriage Act for defining marriage as between a man and a woman. The appeals court convincingly found that in focusing on sexual orientation, the act warranted heightened scrutiny under the test the Supreme Court established for gender-based laws — and that the statute was unconstitutional when reviewed closely. The test considers whether members of the group have experienced invidious discrimination; whether individuals can leave the group without losing a basic part of their identities; whether the group’s defining characteristic is relevant to its ability to contribute to society; and whether members can protect themselves in the political process.

Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people share a common “immutable” characteristic because their sexual orientation is fundamental to who they are and they have indisputably been discriminated against. Until a decade ago, the Supreme Court upheld state laws making “private sexual conduct” between people of the same sex a crime. In the five most recent years for which the government has data, through 2011, hate crimes in the United States fell by 19 percent. But hate crimes based on sexual orientation went up by 3 percent. The discrimination has nothing to do with the ability to contribute to society.

Finally, gays and lesbians, as a minority group, cannot protect themselves from discrimination in a political process governed by the majority. If they had power, Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act would never have passed, nor would the laws currently on the books in 39 states that specifically restrict marriage to opposite-sex couples.

As the brief for the United States said in the Defense of Marriage Act case, “This is the rare circumstance in which a faithful application of the court’s established criteria compels applying heightened scrutiny to an additional classification.” Neither of the laws in the two cases before the court can withstand this serious constitutional examination.

Take Home Task

In a Reply to this post, explain in what way(s) this essay differs from what you thought a Definition/Categorical essay would look like. Then describe one strategy of a D/C essay you might try in your own paper.

50 Responses to Define Protected Class

  1. This essay did help me imagine how I will construct my own categorical claim if gymnastics can be competed be height and weight class, and male and female will compete together. It is a real argument that needs real evidence to back it up. In this essay I was able to see how the two compare and how they differ and be able to get close to answering if polio can be eradicated. It began to get me thinking about our current pandemic situation and if COVID-19 can be eradicated. Just like polio it has a lot of asymptomatic hosts, who will spread the virus like wild fire. Also with vaccinations for polio they must be done by everyone on a certain schedule to be effective. With COVID we need vaccinations multiple, on a certain schedule to be effective and everyone must get the vaccine to attempt to eradicate the virus.

  2. njdevilsred17 says:

    This essay will help me construct my argument of why screen time should be decreased to avoid health issues. As technology is a big thing that is always talked about there are not any negatives that are about the health issue that could occur. This essay was different than what I thought a categorical/ definition essay would look like because when you think of the definition you think of using a definition from the dictionary. This is not what it was in this essay as there was a definition that was presented helped with the stance that is being taken. The categorical claims were also different than what I had expected. In the essay, the claims that had been made included topics that are associated with one another. These claims are useful claims to be used in my writing and this shows how I should be utilizing them in my essays.

    • davidbdale says:

      I’m glad you found the example useful as a model, Devils. From your explanation, I can’t tell exactly HOW you found it useful, but apparently you gained some insight into what a categorical argument can look like when it’s NOT a list of dictionary-style definitions.

  3. schoolcookiemonster says:

    Before reading the sample essay my idea of a definition and categorical essay was very factual and there seemed to be much more to expand on the categorical portion rather than the definitions. After seeing the layout of the essay I realized that the essay is based on arguments for these two categories discussed in the essay rather than just a four-paragraph essay that is more formal. When I finished reading the essay I realized that there are different ways to expand on the two categories which are especially helpful when thinking about writing my own essay. One strategy that I will use in my own essay is listing a group of things that are similar in my case cosmetics and in the essay the different sexual orientations. As described in the first paragraph there is prejudice and stigma from the government when it comes to the same gender getting married. This idea of prejudice and stigma is a great way to describe the lack of regulations on cosmetic products which is a good start to an argument I can use in my own essay.

    • davidbdale says:

      That’s really smart, Cookie. It’s clear that people, commissions, agencies, regulators of all kinds get trapped in their own categorical prejudices. If they don’t think of salves, creams, ointments, etc., as drugs, or even as containing drugs, they might neglect to recognize their potential dangers of those products altogether. General readers won’t automatically categorize cosmetics as requiring regulation either, because they too have a blind spot about drugs, thinking of them as medications or remedies that go INTO the body, not materials that can be APPLIED TO the body. The problem is obvious once we recognize how many substances can be absorbed through the skin or harm the skin directly.

  4. bubbarowan96 says:

    This essay will help me construct my argument of why the NFL should be changing the Overtime rule from only one team having possession to two teams having possession. As we know today, the overtime rule is very important because in football if there is no overtime you can’t have a clear winner. This essay was different than what I thought a categorical definition essay would look like because when you think of the definition you think of using a definition from the web. This is not what it was in this essay as there was a definition that was presented helped with the stance that is being taken. The categorical claims were also different than what I had expected. These claims are useful claims to be used in my writing and this shows how I should be utilizing them in all of my essays.

  5. grizzlybear16 says:

    The way this essay differs from what I thought a categorical/definition was, is the way that every point of theres is seperately categorized. In my opinion the sequence of the authors points is very well formatted. The strategy that I will most definitely be using in my essay is defining the terms that use. Words can mean different things to the audience so it is very important to clarify your meaning for the word your using. This strategy aids the audience in being able to comprehend your claims and think like you.

  6. f0restrun says:

    I thought a D/C essay would look more like a persuasive essay that says how you feel and why you feel it and others should feel that way as well, but instead it does give an argument but it explains information more than persuades. I will definitely use defining several terms in my essay because it will help a lot with explaining the thing I want to talk about and give background.

  7. Before reading this essay I thought a definition/categorical essay was simply describing something. I never knew how it was still making an argument. You are forming your own definition and making that new definition valid by using argumentative tactics. I was unsure what a categorical argumentative essay was initially. But I now know it is making a comparison and an argument to see if it fits into a certain category. For my research paper I have come to the counterintuitive idea that gymnastics should be completed by all genders and distinguished by class and weight. If you were to make a simple google search of how gymnastics is competed you would get a very standard definition. But from these examples I see how I can make my topic a definition/categorical essay. By making valid points and using persuasion that gymnastics fits under a category of being able to be competed by class of height and weight rather than by gender. I can compare it to other sports like wrestling or boxing which are also separated by weight class.

    • davidbdale says:

      You’re right that argument by analogy is a very effective categorical technique. The “polio is not like smallpox” argument is essential to determining whether polio and smallpox are members of the same category, “eradicable diseases.” The argument here, “gay citizens belong to a protected class” is made both by identifying the characteristics of a protected class and by comparing gay citizens to other groups that do or do not belong to the class.

  8. This essay differs from what I thought a Definition/Categorical essay would look like because I thought a definition essay would provide a definition for a phrase and then argue why that definition is meaningful or why it is the most accurate definition. Instead a definition essay considers a certain phrase and applies it to a real world example in order to prove why that definition is important to the example. It’s more to show the validity of the example than to define the word in my understanding. I would use this in my essay by potentially talking about a law pertaining to illegal use of drugs or murder and maybe applying that to why drug dealers/doctors should be arrested if a person dies from an overdose. Something along those lines. Is my understanding of a definition correct or am I on the right track?

    • davidbdale says:

      Let’s say you want to emphasize that two individuals deserve to be treated similarly under the law. A categorical argument is essential to make the case. A person acts in such a way that another person is grievously harmed or even dies; therefore that person is judged a murderer or at least a manslaughterer. The more you can argue the similarity between members of what seem like dissimilar groups, the more you are using categorical/definitional argument by comparison or analogy.

  9. ohsosillybones says:

    Before reading this essay, and like we’ve constantly been reminded of what not to do, I originally thought that the definition/categorical argument would be geared more towards proving what is already known with facts. After reading it is clear that a definition/categorical argument is much more about defining and connect the facts in your own way to prove your previously unargued point. One strategy that stuck out to me in this D/C essay was making a list of all the terms that need to be defined. I think this will definitely benefit my writing since when discussing music and music education there are many interchangeable and seemingly complex terms that have different meanings when discussed in different contexts. Many terms may not be easily understood by someone not so well-versed in music as well.

    • davidbdale says:

      The benefit to the person making the argument while educating his reader is obvious. Readers learn the lessons they’re taught and are drawn to the conclusions the teacher favors.

  10. slowmountain says:

    Before reading the essay, I thought it would be a more factual piece of writing, like proving what is shown with facts, and using argumentative tactics to prove them. Instead, it is shown that a definition / categorical argument is more about taking an actual situation and applying it to the real world and showing why it is meaningful and important. A strategy I would most likely use in my own writing would be defining the words that I use, and what they are, I feel as this is important as some people may not commonly know what cauliflower ear is or what the proper term for it is.

  11. chance1117 says:

    Before I read this essay I believed that defintion/catergorical arguments would be straight facts or the explanation of something. For my research paper , I have to explain why seeing whether a person is an organ donor or not should only be able to be viewed after death so everyone can have the same equal prioritized treatment they deserve. I can argue that people who are organ donors get better treatment than who who are not.

  12. This essay certainly is what I expected it to be after today’s discussion in class. If I had read it before class then I would say that it didn’t seem right to me. It aligns with my idea of a D/C essay after today’s class because like the example provided in class it doesn’t waste too much time defining simple terms instead it directs its attention to only the key points of the argument. It uses the definition to prove its argument something I wouldn’t have expected from a mere definition claim argument.Before this class and this essay I hadn’t realized how a definition can be an argument but now that I see it in action I find it to be a very useful way of arguing. One way in which the essay surprised me was the way they used their sources. They really only directly applied a quote one time in the end. I would like to do something like this in my essay so I don’t pay too much attention to developing other individuals’ arguments rather than my own. Another thing I hope to implement in my essay is using an abundant amount of claims that serve a purpose besides meeting word count criteria. I hope that I can not only make intsightful claims toward my point but also create cohesion between each claim so that they are both distinguishable to my argument and clear enough to understand

    • davidbdale says:

      This is brilliant, princess, and I very much appreciate it. You’ve taken the lesson to heart and found its value. Not every topic lends itself as well to a Definition Argument as this one does: its essence was to prove that some people belong to a Category, after all. But I’ll be happy and honored to guide you toward a good angle for your own topic if you give me the chance (and if you need my interference). 🙂

  13. This essay differs from what I thought a definition/categorical argument would look like by not just stating the definition or facts within your topic. Before reading this essay I thought very differently of this concept argument and this has definitely cleared up the confusion. One strategy I would consider testing in my writing could be similar to Professor Hodge’s definition/categorical example because when reading it I felt that the polio topic represented this type of argument the best. I was thinking about including the Covid 19 virus into an argument.

  14. redbird1123 says:

    The ways this essay differed my point of view of an definition essay is that definition essay is like an augment essay and you have to support actual facts to back up your understanding of your topic.Also to categorize you topics in a definition essay.

  15. oni says:

    This essay differs from what i’d expect a definitive/claims essay would, in the idea of how argumentative you actually have to be. Sure you are defining terms in the essay, but those terms needs to be backed up and supported by ideas that are challenging in nature. You have to be so specific in your writing so you don’t waste time getting to the point of the essay. That point being an argument. This is going to help me when writing my essay, since it helps me get a better picture on how to be more specific. I could go on and on about the differences in men’s and women’s sports uniforms and how its sexist, but everyone already knows that. I need to make my argument that all genders should be required to wear the same, and back it up with the information I find.

    • davidbdale says:

      If I said to you that uniforms in men’s sports are sexist, you might think I had a screw loose, but isn’t it true that male athletes wear what they wear because more attention is given by their leagues to the functionality of their gear BECAUSE their leagues value PERFORMANCE over APPEARANCE? Who’s to say how individuals would dress for their sport if they had more control over their uniforms? So, maybe a close examination of what we mean by SEXIST is in order?

  16. giantsfan224 says:

    After todays lecture, this example is somewhat what I had expected. I was reading it and was expecting it to resemble the professors example, and it did for the most part. I do feel that this example isn’t as argumentative as the polio example, instead it is mainly comprised of just facts and their definitions statements. This example also focuses a lot on tying in their example into the real world, which I didn’t expect to see so much in an essay that you expect to see only definitions, facts, or small arguments.
    A strategy I will use in my paper is displaying the real world relevance that irresponsible social media fitness influencers can have on youths health. I will also be very clear with my claims and definitions, similarly to how Professor Hodge’s example was.

    • davidbdale says:

      I like your independence of thought, GF. You don’t just take for granted that an example will demonstrate what I think it should, or that I meant for the two models to be identical in approach. You’re judging as you read, as every reader does, and coming to your own conclusions. That’s instructive for every writer to understand. Readers cannot be counted on to agree with us. We have to guide them rather forcefully to the RIGHT conclusion: ours.

  17. beforeverge says:

    A definition/categorical essay will help me define empathy before going into my hypothesis, plants have empathy. It was not what I was expecting. I thought it would be more of an introduction. This is like an introduction but it still contains an argument. I like the structure of saying what the categories are and then defining them thoroughly in the following paragraphs. Reading this gave me a good basis to write and organize my paper. I will try to follow that style of categorizing topics.

    • davidbdale says:

      Wonderful to hear, BV.
      In your particular case, you have the complicated job of demonstrating that we apply the term Empathy to something we can never definitively observe. That complicates the Definition Argument a bit.
      An example:
      I say Company A and Company B are both racist in their hiring practices because neither has hired a white employee in four years, basing my claim, therefore, entirely on their behavior as if it proved their motivation and intentionality despite the fact that Company A has hired 4000 new employees in four years while Company B has hired no one. Behavior is a helpful indicator, but it scarcely amounts to proof of conscious choice.

  18. This essay is what I expected it to be after today’s lecture. If I had read this essay beforehand, I am not sure I would have understood where it was going. It is similar to Professor Hodge’s example about smallpox and polio, but I feel like this essay is less argumentative. Not sure if that’s a good thing or not. I would focus on developing my own ideas in my research paper without a lot of quotes from outside academic sources. Of course, I will cite stuff, but I want to focus on working on my opinions that allow the readers to gain knowledge about my hypothesis without being one-sided.

  19. This essay was different than what I thought a categorical/ definition essay would look like because when you think of the definition you think of using a definition from the dictionary. This is not what it was in this essay as there was a definition that was presented helped with the stance that is being taken. The categorical claims where also more interesting than I expected, they should be claims associated with the topic that help support both the definition and the argument at hand. With this information and new idea for what a definitional essay should look like I can now use this to better understand how I can use this in my topic of sleep deprivation and how it can effect students.

  20. shxrkbait says:

    Originally, I would’ve thought a categorical/definition essay would be simply defining the words I am going to be using in my essay. This essay helped me understand exactly what will be required. Instead of just defining terms, you should define the terms in a way that will be beneficial to the stance of your hypothesis. The focus on this essay isn’t based on the factual terms but how the terms should be interpreted by the reader. This essay emphasizes making a connection to the real world which is not something I expected. This essay should categorize different components and evaluate what category your hypothesis falls into. My hypothesis, serial killers are born not made, should categorize the different disorders that are linked to psychopathy. I can also categorize the difference between serial killers and serial murders. The structure I want to implement into my essay is categorizing these two terms and defining the differences between them to help my readers understand exactly what type of person I am referring to.

  21. rubes1256 says:

    When hearing that a definitional or categorical essay was a type of essay, I presumed that it would be actually defining the giving words or in a question. But definition and categorical essays actual use context and a specific definition in context to present the readers with a clear understanding of a specific situation. Without using a lot of wordiness, this essay clearly defines what it needs to, and that is what I hope to do in my own essays.

  22. AnonymousStudent says:

    I believe that through the lessons and examples of definition categorical arguments I have been shown, this argument does exactly what I would have predicted one to go. Instead of wasting words providing definitions as if the essay were a dictionary, it rather uses key points and stats that help place the topic, which in this case was the LGBTQ community, into a specific category that can be argued. Again, this example presents the category as a group that deserves heightened scrutiny. While both examples will aid me in my construction of my definition argument, one strategy I would like to potentially use is a contrast, like the Polio argument. Creating a difference between Polio and Smallpox allowed for the details of the argument to shine through. While introducing the key points alone can work, I believe it is through highlighting differences that can produce a much more persuasive work.

  23. gymrat230 says:

    The primary way this paper differs from what I believe is a definition argument is that you don’t define your terms. The protected class essay establishes the language it’ll use throughout the paper, but it doesn’t make a blank statement such as, “Gay means…” However, strong claims such as, “The 3.4 percent of Americans who identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender clearly qualify as this kind of minority,” and “Gays, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender people share a common “immutable” characteristic because their sexual orientation is fundamental to who they are and they have indisputably been discriminated against,” clearly define the language the author uses. The author has defined a specific population and certain terms used to describe their situation but never made a statement that said the definition of this is.
    When first pondering how to employ this technique in my argument, I’m drawn toward analogous claims. Sports such as bodybuilding revolve around the use of PEDs. Most competitors who participate in the sport use some form of the drug. There’s a class for those who don’t participate in such behavior. Although baseball can’t split into a steroid and non-steroidal class, I feel an analogy to bodybuilding can be an excellent way to start defining some of the terms I’ll be using while still forming a stance of my own.

  24. xephos1 says:

    At first, I didn’t know what a categorical/definition essay even was. Originally I would have guessed a categorical/definition argument to define something and then back up that argument.With Professor Hodges’ example, I feel that I understand it a bit more now. In the case of “Heightened Scrutiny,” it has real world relevance, it is an argument, and it defines terms such as the test that the Supreme Court would use in order to make gender-based laws. I think I will definitely try to make things clear and defined for my audience. My topic is mental health and there is a lot about mental health that someone may not understand. It would definitely benefit my paper if I am clear and concise.

  25. Before reading the example I was not sure how an argument would be formed around creating a definitions essay since it sounded more objectionable based on the name. The example uses information and facts prevalent to the topic or terms rather than actual references from a dictionary. This information is then used to support the categorical claims made by the author. What I am going to take from this is how the author is almost weighting the ideas together to compare them. For example defining what makes a successful rehabilitation program and using categorical claims to argue if a prison is an environment that could offer them.

  26. duck says:

    This essay did a very good job at providing a multitude of very clear definitions, which I did not think were initially necessary, so I will definitely try and incorporate that into my essay. This was also a great example of how argumentative a definition/categorical essay has to be in order to be effective, thoroughly defining terms to fit your argument is a huge part of a definition claim, and this essay did a great job at showcasing that

  27. mochaatrain says:

    I’m surprised that in a definition/categorical argument, the author managed to single out the category and almost defend its existence with the passing of Proposition 8 and the Marriage Defense Act. They used the situation in which the gay community was oppressed and that characteristic to define the category. The author even used the explanation of the test that the supreme court established for gender-based laws to pave the way towards creating a category that applies to the gay community. If I were to use one of these strategies to take the situation of fast food and use the characteristics of fast that are formed by its history and standing amongst society and use it to define the category in which fast food fits. Like drawing the line in where healthy food becomes unhealthy.

  28. Caravan says:

    This essay is not extremely far from my expectations of what a definition/categorical essay would look like, but there are some specific areas that were surprising. Firstly, it spent more time pushing the overall argument of the author than I anticipated. That may sound odd, since of course you’d want the essay to be on topic, but I think it’s surprising just because I expected it to only begin to stress the more subjective elements at the tail end, especially given the fact that our own definition/categorical essay is one of three we will write based on our hypothesis. The author of this essay did a very effective job of interweaving bits and pieces of what it means to be a protected class and why queer people fit that definition with the history of the same debate within the justice system and the systems general treatment of an attitudes towards those people over time. I hope to display just as effective a use of history in my own essay.

  29. bitagaming says:

    I feel quite surprised and interesting when reading this article, its argument and definition is not the same as all the articles I read before. language is set protected throughout the article. Instead of giving a definition, they use words selectively, it’s not like a statement but it’s giving words with many meanings, many aspects. The author went so far as to explain the standard for gender-based law that the Supreme Court established in order to open the door for the development of a genre relevant to the LGBT community.

  30. gobirds17 says:

    This essay differs from what I thought a definition/categorical argument would look like because it never actually defines the term. Initially I believed we would provide a definition that was manipulated to fit our meaning and then we would explain why the definition is accurate. This essay showed me we don’t actually define it but we use information to argue the proper meaning. One strategy I plan to take away from this is to try to cut out extra words and flush. I think I tend to add unnecessary words and write more complex sentences. These can get confusing and should be avoided. Additionally, I will try to write my argument using relevant information to prove my definition rather than defining it for my audience.

  31. hollyp715 says:

    If I were asked to describe a definition/categorical essay a week or two ago, I probably would have described it as an essay that dives into the meaning of something, especially by defining the different aspects of it. I would have thought that a dictionary would be my best friend. However, this assignment and the lecture on Tuesday have shown me that a definition/categorical essay are not specifically that by-the-book definitions, but they contain definitions that will benefit our hypotheses. Similar to Princess, one of the strategies I would use to strengthen my argument is to decrease the amount of direct quotes. Direct quotes are a perfect way to implement someone else’s opinions into our arguments, but would not be useful in the D/C essay.

  32. azntaco says:

    A definition essay, what I believed to be, a piece of writing that clarifies significant terminology and phrases so that the reader has some context. This essay was vastly different from what I imagined. It dug deeper using claims to argue several terms related to the topic. One takeaway would be that, similar to the essay above, I would offer several claims about the topic, then establish my statements in order to reach a final conclusion.

  33. After reviewing what definition essays are in class and with reading the example provided, it is definitely what I expect in a definition essay. The essay provided was a good example for future reference. If I read that essay and didn’t know much about a definition essay, I wouldn’t realize how much of a change a definition essay is from a regular essay. Even before we got this task, I never really knew the differences in writing an essay in those ways. Being honest I always had decent essays, but none were ever great and now knowing definition and categorical essays I understand how to improve my writings. Seeing this example really helps me understand the meaning on writing like this one and I am glad I got to see an example instead of just being told how to write.

  34. I expected this essay to go into detail about what marriage was and how the people of the LBGTQ+ were discriminated against. The example used different information to say their tale on the issue, while also defining the issue at hand and making it more understandable to the reader. When I write my essay, I will probably use the “defining multiple things” tactic, because I feel like I’ll have different things that I’ll have to define in my topic to give some clarity. I feel like it’ll be the best option for me, but I’m sure that it’ll change for me in the time to come.

  35. The Definition/Categorial essay is definitely not what I thought it was. I had originally thought it would be just defining terms that were needed for our paper, but, after reading the model essay, I have realized that it is not that simple. The model helped me to see how I should include the definitions and make sure the words are not just defined, but explained. Since these words will be defined according to me and my topic, I will be trying the use less direct quotes. These essentially do the work for you and give someones else’s opinion, which is not helpful in this paper.

  36. powerranger says:

    I believe a definition essay is a writing piece that includes to highlight the definition and explain them in a matter of correct words. I write unnecessary words and more complex sentences which is not worth. I believe, I would write proper and include meaningful information to the audience.

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