Hypothesis – powerranger

  1. Staying up late and waking up early.
  2. Effects of being tired after staying up late.
  3. The mental health that is suffered by teenagers.
  4. Effects on grades and academic standing due to sleep deprivation.
  5. Affects your physical and mental peace and activity which leads to disturbance in your daily life. A perfect sleep is required to rest your mind and give a break.
  6. Sleep loss can affect the the ability of our body to perform functional activities. Giving our mind some time to rest can help to gain more energy and motivation everyday. A good sleep can cause you less sick often and reduce stress in order to improve our mind.
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1 Response to Hypothesis – powerranger

  1. davidbdale says:

    PowerRanger, you’ve never added a source to your White Paper or even published a blank post for one. Without “showing your work” by summarizing and describing the value of your sources to your own original writing, any essays you publish are deeply suspect. I don’t like to doubt my students, and I don’t have to when they’re transparent in their research and progress. All I have from you so far is a vague hypothesis which sounds too much like the hypothesis offered by spatel to avoid my conclusion that you might be working together to pull off a late-semester miracle. I don’t mind the collaboration, but I do want to caution you that the extension I granted you for your delinquent work was NOT a license to wait until the last possible day to drop a completed essay onto the blog without revision, without clean citations, and without a White Paper to demonstrate your interaction with the source materials. Not to mention, pulling together the three short arguments, their rewrites, and the final paper doesn’t by itself meet the course requirements either. Even an exemplary Portfolio might be so compromised by the lack of Non-Portfolio material that course failure was still the result. The burden is yours to make up for lost time.

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