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Wake Late, Win Late

Sleep is an important factor in one’s lifestyle and a reviving value. But having too much of something can be harmful or may affect our routine. One can totally agree when we say sleep is really important for people to have fresh start with their day but oversleeping can have the same amount of health problems as sleep derivation.

According to the majority of specialist, our modern 24-hour civilization has forced sleep to compete more and more with a variety of responsibilities. Around the world, it causes a significant reduction in sleep time, especially for teens and young people. But oversleeping is associated with many health problems such as obesity, depression, headaches and that doesn’t mean that it will make you sick, Vsevolod Polotsky, a professor of medicine at John Hopkins Medicine,

“We don’t exactly know the cause and effect.” “It definitely works the opposite way around; being sick makes you want to sleep more.” 

According to scientists, seven hours of sleep is best for the brain health. It could be a risk for age-related cognitives for sleeping too much or little. Professor Barbara Sahakian, University of Cambridge,

“A restful night’s sleep is crucial for everyone, but it becomes increasingly crucial as we age. In particular for patients with psychiatric disorders and dementias, finding techniques to promote sleep for older individuals may be essential to helping them retain excellent mental health and wellbeing and prevent cognitive decline.”

Over the course of your lifetime, you experience major changes in how much sleep you require. Your age, amount of activity, overall health, and way of living all play a role in this. But sleep differs from time and person, experts recommend that adults should sleep between seven and nine hours each night. The medical word for excessive sleep or protracted sleep is hypersomnia. Not only do those with the illness sleep more, but they may also have problems waking up or staying awake during the day.The most typical hypersomnia symptoms include daytime naps and trouble waking up.

Oversleeping disorders are now understood to increase the chance of developing heart disease. An review of 2,846 patients from a recent study revealed that 35% of those with coronary artery disease slept for more than seven and a half hours every night.There seems to be a connection between depression and excessive sleep. According to research, depression increases a person’s propensity for snoozing. However, slumbering too much might also exacerbate depression.

As they age, many people notice that they sleep more, and they assume that this is a typical aspect of aging.However, as you age, your sleep requirements shouldn’t significantly vary. Polotsky advises speaking with your physician if you frequently oversleep.In order to exclude sleep disorders, he or she might advise a sleep study.

Getting good amount of sleep makes a huge difference in how you feel and refreshes your mind. Too much or too little of sleep can lead to fatigue. It makes sense that if you get less amount of sleep you feel tired .People suffering from health problems can use sleep hygiene which helps to promote healthy sleep among individuals .

Getting enough sleep is most important but anyone who regularly experiences excessive sleepness should consult a doctor and get rid of it until becomes harmful for your health.


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