Not Because—WorldofJuice

  1. Coat got laid off from his job for violating work policy. Coats uses marijuana, a legal drug, as prescribed by medical physicians.
  2. Employees are not allowed to get laid off for anxiety especially when they are taking the correct medication to help stop the issue.
  3. Employees are declined from being laid off for going out and having a few beers after work because alcohol is legal, but in Colorado and many other states so is marijuana.
  4. Coats should not have been fired for using the right medications to treat his pains he suffers on a daily basis. 
  5. It seems unjust to discriminate against Coats for easing the pain of his multiple spasms by using marijuana.
  6. Coats did not and was not harming anyone at his job by smoking marijuana; Coats was smoking on his own time at home.
  7. Omar Gonzalez was unable to penetrate deep into the White House because of the swift actions of Secret Service agents.
  8. The Secret Service is unable to explain its actions because of the way agents responded to the breach of the White House, but how the breach occurred is under question.
  9.  Secret Service chief Julia Pierson will remain chief because of her testimony before Congress yesterday; but her incompetence poses a real threat to her job title.
  10. Secret Service agents apprehended the suspect quickly and President Obama was unharmed.
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2 Responses to Not Because—WorldofJuice

  1. davidbdale says:

    1. Nice. Simple.
    2. Good except employees don’t lay themselves off, so it’s meaningless to “not allow” them to.
    3. Huh?
    4. Nice.
    5. Very nice.
    6. Good.
    7. Pretty good.
    8. Not quite. Does the way they responded make them unable to explain it?
    9. Not quite. Did her testimony save her job?
    10. OK. But solving the problem by eliminating essential details is a dodge.

  2. davidbdale says:

    I re-categorized for you. Belongs in “Not Because.” But it’s not a “Portfolio WorldOfJuice” piece.

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