Play Place :30 | Child Car Safety | Ad Council

0:00: To start the video we can see a person grabbing onto a knitted rope, because  of the protective foam boards and plastic overhang we can assume this person is in a playhouse. Qualities like large limbs, a full head of short curly hair, and earrings, suggest that the person climbing is an adult. Also visablue is the set of children’s legs that the adult is climbing over. The adult looks out of place already, climbing the opposite direction of children while expressing a look of distress. 

0:01-0:02: As we transition to the next couple seconds into the video, it becomes more clear that we have an adult woman climbing through a children’s jungle gym. The woman’s distress is ovbiously visible now as she tightly clasps onto the rope while making her way over the children. Her motive is still unclear but we can tell that whatever she is chasing is very important to her especially because she is willing to take limbs to the face and climb through chaos to get there. 

0:03: At this mark there is a cut scene to another angle of the jungle gym, where it appears the same adult woman is trying to climb up a blue, yello, and red slide as three children barrel down each lane. The woman is up in the air trying to avoid the children, showing how committed she is to get where she is going. 

0:04-0:06: During this time we see that she is barely able to avoid a child, almost falling over. As the woman gains her balance she continues on her journey up the slide as if quitting is not an option. As the adults and children diverge in different directions we get this sense of emotional difference through the smiling of the joyful children and the dress of the overwhelmed woman. 

0:06-0:09: This time marks another shift of scenery in the video. This time we are cut to a close up shot of the woman as she crawls through a narrow hallway. Right around the seven second mark, the woman is smacked in the face by a red swinging ball. This causes the womens eyes to roll to the back of her head which is a visual that shows she is frustrated with her situation. After this split second of frustation the woman continues forward in an army crawl although she is obviously uncomfortable.  

0:09-0:12: The woman is again faced with another obstacle in the jungle gym which has the viewer really questioning her still unclear motive for continuing the journey. This time the woman  grasps onto a moving bar and swings her momentum forward. As she slides across the bar she looks to be in sheer panic, although clearly uncomfortable the woman surveys the passing children with determination almost like she is trying to find something. 

0:12-0:14: The women’s obstacle is still yet to be complete as she begins to crawl through a plastic red tunnel on her hands and knees. Through the clear glass window as the woman passes we continue to see her discomfort as she picks her hand up and looks at it in disgust, indicating she had placed her hand in an unknown substance. By this time we should know the woman is determined to seek what she came all this way for so she continues through the tunnel, unfazed. 

0:14-0:19: As the woman exits the red tunnel, she mussels her way through colorful foam pillars while carefully dodging children. She looks exhausted yet almost relieved   because she can feel her destination being reached. At the same time yellow text is slowly displayed across the screen which reads “If you love them enough to crawl into a playplace to get them to come down”. This confirms some of our previous suspicions. 

0:19-0:24: After the text disappears we then finally see what the woman has been chasing this whole time. At the top of the play place is the woman’s daughter who makes direct eye contact with her mother almost as if she was waiting for her arrival. The little girl rests her head on the knitting and signs, almost as if she has given up on running and accepted her capture. The video freezes on this image as it displays one final message in the yellow text which reads “Then you’ll check”. This information allows us to understand the point of the message which is an advertisement for car seats and child safety. 

0:24-37: During this time nothing but a blue back screen with a picture of a car seat and are displayed, this really lets the viewer digest what they have just seen while also displaying the owner of the advertisement and where you can visit more of their information online.

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