Visual – Fatboy

(0:00-0:01) The video starts off with a young black male turning around towards the camera with what seems to be a drink full of alcohol in it. The young black male is in a bar and the lights are dimmed down and focused on him to make him the main focal point of the scene. This means that the director wants us to look at him and him only. There is also a bartender behind the bar who most likely is the one that served the drink to the young black male. There is also a latino male and another male (it is too dark for me to see how he looks) who are conversing in the front part of the scene. They also have drinks in their hands which is most likely alcohol. There are more people at this bar other than the main side characters who are also at the bar drinking. 

(0:01-0:03) The young black male fully turns around and his body is completely facing the camera now. As the time passes by, the camera continues to zoom more and more towards him to make us completely focus on him and nothing else now. We know that the young black male is happy because once he fully turned around, he had a big smirk or grin on his face. I believe that he is happy for the main reason that he is at the bar drinking, most likely having a good time. He seems happy from being at the bar drinking because as he is grinning, he continues to look at the drink that he has just been served up.

(0:03-0:06) We move on to a different scene where it is daytime outside and now we can tell that the main focal point of this scene is a young white male. We can tell this because the director made him the only person truly facing the camera and he is also dead center in the middle of the scene. He is holding a red cup filled with a drink that we can’t truly identify what is in it. The young white male is at what seems to be a barbecue since there is another white male cooking on a grill with buns, ketchup, and mustard on his side. So he is most likely making hamburgers and hot dogs. The main young white male seems to be talking to the male on the grill for a split second while a black lady walks in front of the camera going from left to right without making eye contact with the camera. Towards the right of the scene, there is a white lady who is also holding a red cup sitting on a chair talking to a different male under an umbrella. There is one more white male in the far back just hanging out there. The scene comes to an end with the main young white male looking down at his cup in a sort of way where it doesn’t really seem as if he wants to drink it. 

(0:06-0:09) The scene changes again but not by a lot. We are still looking at what seems to be an outside event where it is a little cloudy and where there are people laughing, talking, and drinking out of colored cups again. Towards the far left and far right of the screen, we see alcoholic beverages, so these people at the event are most likely drinking alcohol. The director makes a different white male (who seems to to be a little older than the other main focal scene members) the focal point this time and he is sitting on the back of a truck with a light blue cup which is most likely filled with alcohol. He seems to be happy as he is smiling and laughing while sitting on the back of the truck. There is another SUV next to the truck and there is a young black male speaking with a woman while smiling and standing in front of the truck towards the right side of the scene. There are also two females talking and smiling towards the left side of the scene. 

(0:09-0:11) We go back to the scene where the ad started off with and go back to character 1 (the young black male). We are back at the bar, except this time the camera continues to zoom in on him while he has this confused look on his face. While he continues to have the same confused look on his face, he begins to dig through his right pocket, looking as if he has maybe lost something or wondering where this certain object is at. He still has the drink in his hand while the bartender behind him looks as if he is cleaning up the bar. The camera continues to zoom in on character 1 while he still digs through his pocket looking now worried that he can’t find what he is looking for. He starts to act a little more frantic than when the scene first started. 

(0:11-0:13) The next scene goes back to character 2 (the young white male at the barbecue). He is still at the barbecue and has the same facial expression as character 1 had when he was frantically digging in his pocket. Character 2 is also digging in his left pocket trying to find something. Except this time, character 2 actually pulls out what seems to be his car keys. He still has this confused facial expression as if the director is making it seem as if character 2 is thinking about driving. The camera also continues to zoom in onto character 2 and leave the other people in the scene out of the frame. The people in the scene are in the exact position as we last saw them. Character 2 continues to look at his car keys until the scene ends.

(0:13-0:15) We move on to character 3 (the older white male) who starts off the scene still sitting on the back of the truck and is now appearing to catch something somebody threw at him. The object that was thrown to him seemed to be his car keys. He continues the streak of confused facial expressions but then his face turns into a sort of grin while eyeing and playing with his car keys in his hands. The camera is also zooming in on him as well as it did for the other characters. 

(0:15-0:19) Going back to character 1, we see him still holding the car keys in his hands and he starts to look up into the distance from his car keys. It looks as if he is thinking if he should be the one driving back home or not. There is no bartender in the back this time and he is the only person at the bar. He puts his arm down as the scene ends. The next scene consists of character 2 with the camera close up to him, but this time he is just looking onto the distance as character 1 did.

(0:19 – 0:22) We start to go through each character’s scene and see them putting their keys away and character 3 is even throwing the car keys back at whoever threw it at him. It seems to me that each one of them are deciding to not be the driver because of how they were just drinking earlier. 

(0:22-0:30) We end the ad with character 3 hopping in the backseat of somebody’s car while putting on his seatbelt. Big letters cover the screen saying “PLAN AHEAD. CATCH A SOBER RIDE. BUZZED DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING.”

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    We don’t do feedback on the primary posts, Fatboy, only on the Rewrites.

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