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  1. Changing your diet to eat at a higher frequency can actually help you lose weight and increase your overall health. Researcher Amy Hutchinson says that increased meal frequency has also been advocated as a dietary strategy to promote weight loss. It does so by increasing satiety, reducing hunger throughout the day, increasing energy expenditure, and improving metabolic health. It is popular to think that eating less leads to weight loss, but research has been found that proves quite the opposite.
  1. Diet plans are incredibly diverse from person to person, however there is one thing that can help lead to better overall health: increased meal frequency. Most people believe that the standard three meals a day will help guide them to a healthy lifestyle, but that’s not the case for everyone. Research suggests that eating more, balanced, and healthy meals can lead to a multitude of health benefits such as reduced risk of obesity, having more energy throughout the day, and increased overall metabolic health.
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