Open Strong- MochaAtrain

Practice Opening 1

Thesis: The consumer price of fast food should reflect its real social cost.

Big Macs cost way more than five dollars. The fast food industry deceives its customers into thinking they only bought a burger. Instead of a burger, they bought a share in the slow attack on society. Fast food inflicts harm to the environment and its consumers in form of healthcare and pollution. Obesity rates soar as we continue to slowly kill ourselves with a constant love of Big Mac’s, Baconators, and Burger King Whoppers. Fast Food’s negative presence has yet to make a big enough splash to scare off consumers, but it has caught the attention of scientists and governments. Fast Food goes unnoticed among its consumers due to its affordability and popularity. Implementing a social cost to fast food consumer prices would not only bring attention to its relentless offenses but help pay for them too.

Practice Opening 2

Thesis: The fast food industry prioritizes business, not public health.

The fast food industry will never stop growing. Since the industry’s establishment, its influence and popularity have grown exponentially. Today there are tens of thousands of fast-food restaurants in the U.S. alone. These restaurants have become everyday essentials to the majority of the U.S. population. Also since its beginning, the industry has carried obesity rates to new heights. Prices are always low while the weight scales are high. Fast food does not take responsibility for public health concerns. It is an empire that cares only about business.

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