Visual- Peanut


This first clip shown shows a young girl with short black hair and black clothing saying “Dad” with people behind her standing on a red carpet. The girl seems to look confused. Then the video switches to a man with the same confused face.


The next clip shows clothes being slipped onto the man. The man seems to be wearing hiking clothes.


The man is wearing his hiking clothes, with a hat, and a backpack and is standing in a forest, with an upset look on his face. The scene fades into a group of monsters that looked surprised/stunned.


In the next scene, the young girl and the man are together. From this scene, we can assume this is her father. They are inside a building with red curtains, red carpet, and red furniture. They look like they are having fun riding a hotel bag cart. We can make an inference that this building is a hotel.


They are still riding the cart and smiling and looking at each other. They are vampires because when they smile you can see their fangs.


The father and daughter are still riding the hotel bag cart in the next scene but are crashing into doormen that are zombies. The hotel cart has multiple bags on it.


The next clip is the father and daughter crashing into a big monster and getting trapped inside. The big monster is green and looks like gelatin.


The father and daughter are sitting in a dark room smiling at each other.


The next clip seems to be a flashback of the father playing the ukulele and singing to his daughter as a child. They are sitting by the window on two stools with a full moon behind them.


They looked out the window and turned into bats flying toward the full moon.


The camera turns another angle showing that the daughter has blue eyes, and the father has red eyes. They are flying at night because they can only go outside during the night because the sun hurts them.


They are now sliding down a rocky mountain smiling. The father is holding onto the daughter.


They are now back to normal, and they are in front of a building with a chain and a lock shaped like a bear head. The little girl is unlocking the lock and the father is looking at her proudly


Now they are hugging under a grand opening sign, with monsters surrounding them cheering.


The girl is now grown up and is on a stage spinning a boy with red hair. They are a band of skeletons playing a violin, guitar, and trumpet. The father is on the stage as well pointing towards the boy with red hair. The boy with red hair has roller skates on and is holding maracas.


Now the girl is leaning on the boy with red hair smiling at him, the boy is smiling as well still holding the maracas. The dad swoops in and it looks like he is saying whatever.


Now two feet are being shown. One with black shoes on and one with red shoes on. The one with red shoes on is stepping on top of the black shoes.


It is the father and daughter dancing together; the daughter is a child once again. They are dancing in front of a fire on a red carpet


The camera turns to a different angle while there dancing and the girl has now grown up a little more. The father is wearing a long black and purple cape and is smiling looking at his daughter.


The father twirls the daughter as their dance, and it fades into another clip. The next clip is a close-up of the father talking to the daughter.


The daughter looks concerned but then smiles. The clip fades into another and it’s the father and daughter dancing in front of a chandelier. Right now, we can only see the daughter’s full face and the father’s half.


They are still dancing, but the camera turns and now both half of their faces are showing. They are looking at each other smiling. The girl is wearing a tiara with a veil attached to it. The father is wearing a tux.


In the next clip, there is a bat flying into a blue screen. The bat is the dad because of his red eyes.


The daughter is holding her hand out to the word dedication on the blue screen and at the bottom of the screen, there is a website,


The bat dad turns into his human form. He is wearing his same black and purple cape.


The father is smiling holding his hand out towards the daughter as she is still looking at the word and is holding her hand out towards it.


The father now has his arms crossed looking at the word standing straight and tall. The girl is still in the same position.


The dad smiles at the daughter that is still in the same position, then then the short video ends.

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