The ad begins in a dimly lit bar. It seems as if the bar is only lit by two small candles drawing focus to a black patron with his back facing the camera. The patron is looking off at the liquor bottles on display as if he is thinking about something with a fresh mixed drink in his left hand. The bar itself is waist height and draws a similarity between most local dive bars. Infront of our patron we can see mixing glasses, straws, and napkins. We do not see too many people in the shot so the bar is not overly crowded. The man at the bars attire is a button-down collared shirt and what seems to be a pair of jeans. He is of average shape and size.  In the foreground, two other patrons can be seen with drinks in their hands and smiles on their face. Both are wearing dark collared shirts and seem to be having a discussion. Our view of this scene is from across the bar. We may be watching from the dance floor.

The filmmakers are attempting to set a scene of familiarity in this opening second. The dimly lit bar is reminiscent of your local dive bar. The liquor bottles on display are the popular brands you would find at almost every bar, and the patron is wearing a button down shirt that would be seen in offices across the country. The focal point is a man who is average. He is not overweight nor is he extremely fit. He is not short nor is he tall. The two actors in the foreground and two candles on the bar are placed perfectly to draw your attention to the man at the bar. The director has made it clear the two enjoying a conversation on what may be the dance floor are not the focus of our ad. Since we are aware this is a bar we can assume most if not all patrons have been drinking.


Our patron has now begun to turn around and view the bar with a smile on his face. We can see his shirt is unbuttoned and his undershirt is now showing. He seems to be enjoying himself when the effects of the alcohol can be seen. Within a moment, the patron expression changes. The smile disappears from his face and a look of confusion can be seen. His left arm raises so he can look at his drink. After a split second his line of sight changes to the ground where it seems he once again thinking. During this second the two people talking in the foreground have very little movement. The camera pans in looking through the window created by the two on the dance floor as we can see the focal point looking at his new beverage.

In this moment the filmmaker draws our attention to the man at the bar even further by zooming in on him. With the established focal point, the man can be seen looking at his drink and thinking something. I believe it was implied this man is now feeling a little drunk or tipsy. He looks at his drink in disbelief as if it was not capable of doing this to him. With this turn by the man we can now see his undershirt. He has been at the bar for a while now and is relaxed enough to let loose.


At this point a new scene is shown. We are now brought to a back yard barbeque. A younger white man is standing by the grill while speaking to the chef. In his hand is a red solo cup. His attire is causal, unbuttoned flannel shirt and khakis. Similar to the first scene we have a window to look through. A woman is walking past the grill leaving a focal point on the young man. All the staples of a backyard barbeque can be seen. Buns, ketchup, mustard, tables and chairs are shown though the yard. Additionally, red cups and bottled beer can be seen on the tables so we can assume once again most people in the frame are drinking.  People can be seen smiling and laughing and enjoying what looks to be a weekend event.

During this scene the director is creating a new situation. We have another man with a drink in his hand. A window is created to focus on him without the completely eliminating the setting. We can draw similarities between set one and set two. The camera view is set as if we are watching from a different part of the yard just like the previous scene.


The young man still in the same spot is going to take a sip of his drink. He raises his right arm when his gaze moves from the grill to the cup. He hesitates and the camera cuts. The people in the background are laughing and the man in the back is giving someone off screen double finger guns. The event looks like a great time but our focal point is confused. The expression of his face has changed from the smile to a look of thought. He seems to be contemplating if he should take the sip or not.

In comparison with the first scene, we are set with a very similar situation but a different location. Both men are shown with a drink in their hand but hesitant to take another sip. Maybe these men are both on the verge of being drunk and have a second of clear thought. Am I drinking too much?


Again we are brought to another scene. Another male is sitting on the tailgate of a truck with full coolers behind him. Off in the distance light towers can be seen and more cars in the parking lot. In his left hand we see a blue solo cup. His red and white three quarter sleeve shirt gives us the idea he is tailgating a baseball game. The male to his left is also wearing an unbuttoned baseball jersey and he is speaking to a woman in a blue shirt. In the foreground we can see a case of beer and some wine. This first second sets us in another scene where its safe to assume everyone is drinking.

This scene again is very relatable. A group of adults are shown drinking and tailgating a sporting event. A running theme of men with their shirt unbuttoned can be seen for the third time now. This is showing us that these people have been there for a while and they are letting loose. After just 10 seconds, we are familiar with three people in three similar scenarios.


At this moment the camera jumps once again. However, this time we are not brought to a new scene but one we are familiar with. We are back in the dive bar, and the gentlemen is now digging in his right pocket. He is still standing between the two candles and the drink is still nearly full. The camera then cuts again and we are back at the BBQ and the man is digging in his left pocket. In both shots the camera zooms in on them as they both have a straight face. The man at the barbeque pulls something out of his pocket which looks to be a key. He stares at the key in his open palm and once again looks to be thinking of something.

In these few seconds we are brought back to our first and second scenes to show the men who we left pondering something. We now know they have been drinking and are contemplating if they should drive. Based on the previous knowledge these men have been drinking for a while and are left with a choice.


At this point we cut back to the tailgate. The man sitting on the tailgate looks off with wide eyes as reaches for something. He catches a set of keys and looks at them in his open palm once again. He has the same look as the first two men on his face. In a moment’s notice, his expression changes from confusion to a smile.

We have now seen all three men with their car keys. Each had a look of confusion when staring at them in an open palm while the camera zoomed in on them. The director is attempting to bring us to that point of a decision. Whenever someone drinks there is a moment where we all must decide; did I have drink too much to drive?


We cut back to the man in the bar who is now staring off ahead of him. He is clearly deciding now if he should drive. The ad then cuts back to the barbeque where the man is also staring off into the distance. The mans expression changes to a smile with a slight head nod. In both cuts the camera zooms in on the mans face as they make the choice. The clip ends with the car keys in the palm of the man in the bars hand.

This short scene is used to illustrate the two men making the correct choice. Neither will decide to get behind the wheel and it is bringing them joy. In the quick second it took to analyze each situation both were responsible.


In this allotment we are shown the man at the bar putting his keys back in his pocket first. We then cut back to the barbeque where a hand can be see putting keys into a backpack and then we jump to the tailgate where the third man tosses the keys back off screen. As he makes the toss the camera zooms back in on his face.

This clip was used by the director to show all three men acting responsible even though they were different scenarios. No matter where we are when drinking we should not get behind the wheel.


In these final seconds we can see the man at the tailgate entering the back seat of an SUV with the window rolled down. He reaches for his seatbelt and seems to connect it. While doing so he can be seen chatting to someone off screen. In this scenario it would be safe to assume he is speaking to the driver. While he is buckling himself in words appear on the screen. “PLAN AHEAD. CATCH A SOBER RIDE” appear on the middle of the screen in white lettering. When he sits back up correctly new words appear stating, “BUZZED DRIVING IS DRUNK DRIVING.”

In these final seconds we are given a solution to our problem. These men all had too much to drink and yet they needed to get home. The words appeared on the screen explicitly describe what needs to be done so the viewer has no confusion. The ad then reinforces there is no difference in driving buzzed or drunk. Afterall, the ad showed us a common problem and a simple solution.

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