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1: Evaluative Claim – “So tonight, six years after Caleb’s service ended, Brannan is cautiously optimistic but ready for anything on Lasagna Night.”.

The author is evaluating the situation and making a claim describing Brennan’s situation.

2: Factual Claim – “Early in the morning, she talked to their dog, Shilo, about it while she browned meat for Caleb’s favorite dish.”

The author described Caleb’s morning. We are to assume these events happened and are fact. However, there is a claim within that claim. There is another factual claim: “she browned meat for Caleb’s favorite dish”. It implies whatever is being cooked is Caleb’s favorite dish.

3: Evaluative Claim – “‘Daddy will be really happy,'”

This is a claim about the situation, assuming that since Brennan is cooking her husband Caleb’s favorite food, he will be happy once he sees that his wife is cooking it.

4: Another Evaluative Claim – “‘Of course, he’s too cranky to be happy about anything,'”

Brennan is claiming that based on the situation, her husband will get upset. Regardless of it being a bit of an exaggeration, the claim is still evaluative. There seems to be a lot of evaluative claims being made for the rest of this paragraph.

5 Quantitative Claim – “These are supposed to be her easy months, she sighs, April and May and June,”

The author claims that the time between the given months are when Brennan has an easier time. This gives an amount of time in which she has less of hard time in most cases.

6: Quantitative Claim – “That’s usually September through January, the ‘really bad’ months, whereas in the spring, she gets a bit of “vacation,” time to clean up the house and catch up on work, rest.”

Brennan gives months between which Caleb usually has a hard time. This gives us, the readers, an amount of time in which Caleb struggles the most.

7:Factual Claim – “lots of bad things happened in Ramadi,”

Ramadi is where Caleb was deployed. He struggles with what happened during his tour there, it being a major reason for him having PTSD.

8: Factual Claim – “It’s April at the moment”

The author states that it is April at the time of them writing this.

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  1. davidbdale says:

    Hey, Silly, WE DON’T USE TAGS.

    Tagging your post with PTSD Claims and sillyinternetperson will NOT HELP ME FIND IT.

    I saw it today only because it was at the top of the blog.

    Please note that in the sidebar under the CATEGORIES heading, sillyinternetperson is still credited with only two posts.

    This is easy to fix. Open the post in Edit and scroll through the Categories menu as I demonstrated again in class today.

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