“In 2009, it was Hovda who delivered the Pentagon the recommendation”

  • This is a factual claim as it states the fact that Hovda was the one to make recommendations to the Pentagon in 2009. This cannot be disputed therefore making it factual.

“the recommendation that because multiple concussions could cause serious long-term injury, concussions need time to heal.”

  • This is a proposal claim as it is suggested that concussions need time to heal because too many can result in serious long-term injuries. This is also a Casual claim as it states that concussions can cause serious long-term injury.

“some of the Army’s best doctors implied that if soldiers were told they needed rest after concussions, it was going to usher in an epidemic of fakers, or retired guys claiming disability way after the fact.”

  • This section is a proposal claim as he said soldiers needed rest after they got a concussion. This is also a evaluative claim as the doctors used judgment on soldiers to claim some would fake concussions and try to get money for disability.

“to figure out that if 25 mph punches to the head cause brain damage, IED blasts that hit at 330 mph probably do too.”

  • This is a numerical claim as it claims what speed of force can cause someone a concussion. This is also an analogy claim as it compares the similarities in damage a 25mph punch and a 330mph IED blast can do to the brain.

“These days, there are MRIs in theater, assessments after blasts, mandatory rest periods after a concussion”

  • This quote is a categorical claim as it lists the assessments and treatments available for concussions.

“ those reforms came seven years into the Iraq War, after Caleb and a million other soldiers were already home.”

  • This quote is a factual claim as it states the reforms to concussion care came after the Iraq war. It is also a numerical claim as it states a million soldiers came home after the war with lasting effects of concussions,

researchers “have tried hyperbaric oxygen, hundreds of clinical trials; we’re just failing miserably in trying to make a difference”

  • This is a categorical claim as they state the treatments doctors have tried for PTSD. It is also an evaluative claim as they evaluate the things researchers have tried and how they were unsuccessful.

“There’s good rehabilitation strategies: learn what your deficits are, learn that you’re not going crazy, that you just can’t do what you used to do,”

  • This is a categorical claim as it lists the successful rehabilitation treatments for those suffering with PTSD.

“The human brain has an enormous amount of plasticity. New cells are born every day. New connections can be made.”

  • This quote is a factual claim as it states how the brain has been found to form new cells and remake connections.

 if we didn’t have the ability to recover from brain injury, we’d have ended up as somebody’s breakfast.”

  • This is an analogy claim as it compares brain injury recovery to breakfast. This analogy refers to if one didn’t recover from a brain injury the brain would be scrambled like scrambled eggs.
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