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Are Multivitamins Dangerous?

It seems counterintuitive that multivitamins, something that you take for the sole purpose to make you and your body healthier, is being used in discussion as something that could potentially harm you. While a little under the majority of the people on Earth are taking multivitamins, the big million dollar question people are asking are if they actually make people healthier. A study in 2009 actually goes against what multivitamin companies have been describing about their product and how it is supposed to “ward off” illnesses. The study ended up showing how it didn’t in fact protect any illnesses at all. Furthermore, another study begins showing how food eventually gives more nutrients and vitamins than the multivitamins. It makes you think if all that money spent on multivitamins actually was simply just a waste of money

Is Walmart Organic and Local?

It seems counterintuitive that Walmart, a leading grocery store in the entire United States that was built upon selling quite literally organic and local food, is being questioned about if the sole thing that they were built upon is actually true. Walmart has been known for selling organic and local food since they were first built. While searching for claims to back up how they are doing the opposite of this, there’s not much to find because of all the achievements and support that Walmart has gotten because of what they sell and how they have helped local farmers all over the country. They even went to the lengths of selling $1 billion of produce from farms worldwide less than 10 years ago. While all of this is true, the author went along and asked Walmart’s Buchanan about who they buy their local produce from and the names they gave out were not at all organic. We get sent into detail about how as long as the customers are satisfied and Walmart keeps making profit, they will continue doing this. It gives the phrase “As long as I’m making money” a new perspective.

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction 

It seems counterintuitive that heroin, one of the most addicting and strongest drugs in the world, is in fact being given out for free as treatment to help drug addicts battle their long war with addiction. In Vancouver, there are many drug addicts running around for the sole purpose that it is a port town, which means that drugs come by on boats to then be sold. The doctors believe that it would help the addicts if they get a daily supply of heroin so that they could benefit in what is called “harm reduction”. It basically means that it would increasingly help the chances that the addicts don’t end up in a random place dead with needles in their arms. Although this might help, it is not something that they have come up with on their own. It’s main origins come from countries in Europe which would do the same for only the worst of the worst addicts. Many of the people involved with this even believe that while it could be helping, it is still a terrible thing to give out as “treatment”. They have said it themselves that they are simply just “killing them in a nice way.”

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