Money is fiction. Now, this seems a bit counterintuitive seeing as though we use it every day. It has to have value otherwise we couldn’t buy expensive things with it right? According to New York Times author, Richard Davies, we could swap out a dollar’s value with anything because its value amounts to “an i.o.u. printed on cheap material.” In his article, “The Fiction that Makes the World Go Round,” he continues to go on about money and its value stemming from the exchange of goods and services. Even going to the lengths of saying that money is a confident trick made of paper. As this article reviews the book, Money: The True Story of a Made-up Thing, it concurs with its concepts about money’s deceiving nature. This book’s author, Jacob Goldstein, stands firmly behind the fact that money is a thing of imagination. Something built upon faith. We say it has value, so it does, and that’s why it works.

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