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  1. Purposeful Summary – a good summary shares minimally and sparingly the actual content of the original source in all circumstances it remains true to the original text – addresses counterintuitivity of the text if there is one and if not just addresses the main purpose of the text at least – try to find the main reason the author is voicing his concerns ( what will this mean for the common good of all) 

2. Apple’s FacePalm Bug ( Practice ) Summary –  It seems counterintuitive that under our supervision something that we use so frequently has the potential to spy on us without our knowledge. A teenage named Grant Thompson discovered this ability through a multiple-person FaceTime call which he then showed his mom, who then unsuccessfully warned Apple. This unfortunate result sheds light on the frightening idea that there isn’t enough eagerness and precaution in preventing security breaches in iPhones. Many sources claim this issue was way too easy for high-level security workers who Apple claim to have, to not catch, so it only leaves us wondering how many more cases they also aren’t catching. Somewhat of an answer to this problem exists although its effectiveness is extremely questionable. Apple has released a bounty to anyone who finds bugs in IPhones so hackers are less inclined to keep these nationally threatening secrets to themselves for compensation. It is professed that the only bright side to Grant’s discovery was that it left a “paper trail” in the fact that a phone call had to occur, this ability is unlike any other hack on the black market devaluing it, but this doesn’t take away from the fact that it existed and was discovered by a mere teenager.

3. The Riddle of Memory ( Article 1 ) –  It seems counterintuitive that it is in our human nature to strive for happiness yet it is made impossible to properly do so through one of the very things that desire it most; our brains. This idea plays out in three cognitive traps, all of which contain interruption to our attainment of happiness. Amongst these cognitive traps lies entities of yourself referred to as the “remembering”, “experiencing”, and “reflective” self. The experiencing self is who we are in the moment and the remembering self is our overall view of our life and our well-being, the experiencing self, and the remembering require two very different things to achieve happiness. One key to happiness is to distinguish between happiness and well-being and determine the things you need to achieve happiness for both. Another key to happiness is to not spend so much time as our “reflective self” chasing aspects of life that won’t make us happy long term. Oftentimes as a result of our need to compare our life to others we ache for things that are better than the things that we have now, not because they will benefit our overall well-being. These two key thoughts when recognized in unison can help us to be able to think about happiness in a beneficial way so that we can achieve it. 

Argument: Happiness is natural in nature therefore there is no thinking needed in attaining it.  It is the very error of humanity trying to do it and trying to think about it that is preventing us from achieving it. To demonstrate, oftentimes when we need to come up with a story we will “ brainstorm” for hours and hours at a time. Meanwhile, we have yet to write a single word on the page, therefore the better method to write is to simply write, not to think about it. Happiness works in the same way, once we begin to think about happiness various cognitive traps appear to prevent us from doing just that. Therefore if our only focus is to live life with positivity, then naturally happiness will follow in our everyday lives, in our memories, and in our view of our life as a whole. In reality, happiness isn’t such a complex thing once we take our minds out of the process.  

4. Is Walmart Organic and Local ( Article 2)   – It seems counterintuitive that Walmart claims to strive to sell organic and local food but still serves one of the most well-known, unhealthy, fast- food establishments; Mcdonald’s in numerous of its stores. This, therefore, brings about skepticism in Walmart’s intentions for striving to drive the point that they sell “local” and “organic” foods from small to medium farms. Once acknowledging this it therefore no longer comes as a surprise when it is revealed that Walmart does not do these things for the health of the customer rather they do it for company gain. First and foremost, most of the products they claim to be “organic” aren’t even produce items. Secondly, buying from local businesses is something they were already doing to eliminate travel costs and not risk the expiration of food so by advertising this so heavily they are just trying to make themselves look good. Lastly, small to medium suppliers seem to be the only suppliers according to an expert in the matter that can compete with areas of high living value such as California to supply high amounts of product at small costs. Overall, Walmart isn’t where you should be going to get organic products rather it should be a place where you indulge in splurging on guilty pleasures such as our beloved McDonald’s fries. 

Argument – Walmart is a well-known competitive business, therefore it is only natural that they have strong attempts to make themselves look good through advertisement loopholes. Consequently, don’t be fooled if Walmart claims that they sell a wide variety of organic and locally produced foods without thoroughly doing so and caring about inducing a societal change in the process. Big corporations as early as the Industrial Revolution have found meticulous ways to draw in varieties of individuals by seeming to be aware and indulgent in societal change. Take the invention of the locomotive during the Industrial Revolution, for example, evidently, advertising wasn’t the same back then as it is now and neither are advocates for environmental safety but the example still applies.  Geroge Stephenson, the creator of the locomotive engine, didn’t exactly promote that his engine would cause drastic harm to the environment, on the contrary, he focused on all the benefits of the locomotive such as that it got high amounts of people and mail to places faster. Walmart operates in the same way only promoting what’s best for their company and keeping everything else a secret. In conclusion, the next time you see Walmart or any big-name company advocating drastically toward societal change, check your facts before you believe it. Surely, Walmart isn’t urgently supplying organic and locally grown food, merely they are urgently putting profit into their pockets.

5. Elderly Animals ( Article 3)  It seems counterintuitive that pictures that are not only uncommonly photographed, but also the hardest to photograph are the most needed as they hold such valuable life lessons. A concrete example of this phenomenon lies in the taking of photos of elderly animals. Although this is something that deems a challenge, facing mortality at its core in this way can help us understand life just a little bit as it reveals lessons of meditation, love, and human compassion. Difficulty displaying these animals allows us to feel compassion for ways we wouldn’t be able to achieve with a photo of a healthy lively animal.


The common phrase goes as follows “ we don’t know what we have until it’s gone” and this is certainly the case with an elderly animal. Although an elderly animal isn’t technically gone yet seeing its fragile state reminds us that the day is soon approaching. Life for animals is the same as life for humans and if not worse in that it is fleeting. In the moments before its death an animal, although it is weak and vulnerable, shows the most honor and love in its continued survival. We as owners, therefore, show our love for these pets in our efforts to provide them love and comfort in their final moments. I speak from first-hand experience within the past week with this phenomenon. As shameful as it may seem, it takes seeing these animals in this extreme state to spend our last moments with them in the best possible way with them and love them.  Although it is deeply saddening to do, in doing this humanity shows something that is not often displayed the capacity for human compassion. It takes something arguably greater than humans to show the great capacities of human compassion; our beloved pets.  Unfortunately, I do have a photo to further demonstrate the power of pictures of elderly pets.

This is Princess. My very own elderly pet

I would absolutely love feedback on my work to help me improve and I’ll always strive for the best grade so I will take you up on that retake as well! THANK YOU.

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