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    It seems counterintuitive that, throughout time, men have defined rape in different variations but with the same basis. Men, who are often the perpetrators of rape, have decided that the victim should not be repaid, but the male figure in her life should. How is this fair to the women who experience this traumatic event? Some may argue that this is inappropriate, as the victim is the one with the physical and emotional damage. Additionally, it has been common to not consider the intercourse as rape if the man and woman are married. However, this does not indicate automatic consent in modern society.

It seems counterintuitive that giving heroin addicts heroin would help keep them safe throughout their addiction. This is exactly what they’re doing in Vancouver. Addicts have the opportunity to go into a facility to “shoot up” in front of a nurse. This provides the addicts with the safest equipment, safest heroin, in the safest environment. Although it may seem insane, it has worked for the city of Vancouver. It has decreased the risk of harm to the addicts, and the community. 


It seems counterintuitive that families have the opportunity to prolong the lives of their relatives, especially when they wish to not be kept on life support. Many people do not wish to be kept on life support when there are few chances to survive, but their families prolong the final decision. Can this be seen as selfish? Making the decision between life and death is never easy, especially when it comes to family, but to abide by someone’s wishes is often the final decision. 

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