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Elephant Cruelty

It seems counterintuitive that a circus branded as “The Greatest Show on Earth” would let one of their star attractions die. In the circus business, if your main act is animals, wouldn’t the priority be protecting those animals therefore in return you would get a return on your investment? It doesn’t sit right that behind the false facade of “The Greatest Show on Earth” is a money hungry corporation that doesn’t care about its own assets that they are willing to neglect an elephant’s well-being. What’s more is that these corporations have these elephants in a way too controlled environment where they control them in unorthodox ways. Obviously, these companies would brush these issues under the rug so they can keep their name as “The Greatest Show on Earth.”

Free Heroin to Battle Addiction

It seems counterintuitive that in order to let some Vancouver residents clean from heroin addiction, they allow them to take heroin in controlled environments. Why would the solution to someone who is trying to quit or recover from a serious drug addiction be to get them high again? In a normal recovery situation the patient would stay off the drug and receive mental help, but here it seems like just the opposite. The idea is that the patient (who other methods of recovery have not worked on) is allowed one controlled dose of heroin and in doing so it can make sure the patient doesn’t end up dead somewhere. This idea is also to help stave off crime. 

PizzaHut at the Pyramids

It seems counterintuitive that there is a modern day pizza chain restaurant right across the street from the Great Pyramids in Egypt. The reason for this is because when we think of the pyramids we think of big architectural marvels from ancient times that have become a dream destination for many. However this growing industrialization has led one of the United States’ beloved pizza chains to wind up at the bottom of one of the Seven Wonders. It is quite a shock to see that such a technological feat such as the pyramids has become just another tourist trap that other businesses such as Pizzahut have decided to capitalize on.

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