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  1. It seems counterintuitive to give the purest heroin to addicts; to help them kick their addiction. The city of Vancouver in Canada is doing just that. Vancouver is allowing heroin addicts the option to come into one of their facilities where the addict can get free heroin. The idea is that by giving addicts the purest heroin high they will start to lean less on heroin this is known as harm reduction to Doctors. Harm reduction is giving the addict his fix of the drug everyday to keep them docile and less likely to cause harm to themselves or others. This in terms of a societal standpoint eliminates the dark side of addiction for Heroin addicts who would break into people’s cars or rob people just to get money to get their fix. On the flip side from a societal standpoint, heroin addicts are now allowed to go into this facility and get high for free on the government’s dollar. To be honest though odds are it is not the governments dollar rather the Canadian people’s money that is simply taxed towards the government. As well as these heroin addicts are now allowed to get heroin for free until this program is shut down.
  2. It seems counterintuitive that using paper can take CO2 emissions out of our atmosphere. This is because paper is made from trees and trees are natural sequesters of CO2 emissions. Trees as you know take in carbon and water to produce oxygen for us to breathe. But studies have shown that 16.1 million CO2 molecules were taken out of our atmosphere in landfills holding wood products which include paper. So should we start making more paper to help sequester CO2 emissions from our atmosphere? We can do this, but apparently paper is not the best sequester of CO2 emissions. According to lead scientists paper is not a good sequester of carbon emissions because paper can only sequester the carbon it is taking for two to three years compared to a living tree that takes carbon out of our air and in exchange gives us oxygen. So I believe that it is counterintuitive to chop down more trees to make more paper; so that paper can sequester CO2 out of our atmosphere. 
  3. It seems counterintuitive to judge someone’s patience and determination through a simple marshmallow test. In this article Doctor Mischel conducted an experiment where he put one child in a room and offered them sweets like a marshmallow, a pretzel stick, and a cookie. He told the children that you could eat any sweets they wanted, but if they waited for him to get back they would be given a second treat. Well most of the kids ate the treat before the doctor got back. From this Mischel developed an idea that the kids who did wait for the doctor to get back have greater patience and determination to wait out their impulses so they could get a better reward. This test was widely accepted and beloved by the education system, but Doctor Kidd was not convinced. Doctor Kidd said that these kids who did not wait for Doctor Mischel to come back did not lack patience or determination, but rather trust. So Doctor Kidd conducted the same experiment with art supplies and two different groups of children. In her first group she said if you wait I will bring back better supplies and when the kids would wait she would do exactly this. For the second group though, for any of the kids who would wait she would just simply come back and tell them they did not have better art supplies. Through this Doctor Kidd discovered that the first group is more likely to wait for art supplies then the second group because the first group trusts that the doctor is going to come back with art supplies while the second group of kids were less likely to wait because they did not trust the doctor. This can relate back to the children’s home life and how trusting they are of adults and not how patient or determined they are.
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