Hypothesis- Pinkcottoncandy4

  1. Gun control.
  2. Gun control in Philadelphia.
  3. The effect of lack of gun control in Philadelphia.
  4. Stronger gun control laws and tougher sentencing in order to reduce gun related crimes.
  5. Temporary ban on assault weapons would reduce the number of crimes.
  6. Temporary ban on all assault weapons will allow officials to have a better lead on those who are committing crimes.
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4 Responses to Hypothesis- Pinkcottoncandy4

  1. giantsfan224 says:

    I like the premise, but I think there has to be a little more specification. Ex: for how long the ban is and the connection between the ban and how it positively effects the officers job.
    Would criminals peacefully give up their weapons?

  2. tacotyphoon says:

    This is a good topic to speak on, but why would you suggest just a temporary ban? Will you be explaining how a temporary ban on assault rifles will lower crime rates more than a permanent ban. Or are you just suggesting we implement a temporary ban to show how much lower crime rates will be?
    Love the topic can’t wait to see what you find about this!

  3. davidbdale says:

    You haven’t posted a White Paper yet, Pink, and now you’ve missed your Professor Conference at which, I hope, you were planning to share all the progress you’ve made investigating academic sources for your research project. This is a bad look. I’m very forgiving for all sorts of reasons, but I get concerned about students who BOTH don’t keep up with assignments AND miss chances to consult with me about them. There’s never a good time to fall behind. Please reschedule your appointment for WED OCT 05 and come with sources to discuss. See you soon!

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