Hypothesis – Xephos1

  1. Drugs in schools
  2. Drugs and mental health in highschool
  3. The effect of drugs on student’s mental health in highschools
  4. Eliminating the use of drugs will have an overall better effect on highschool students’ mental health.
  5. Highschools should have better mental health services available to students so that they may steer clear of drug use.
  6. High School students should utilize the mental health services that are readily made available to them instead of turning to drugs to solve their problems as they may receive the help they need.
  7. High school students’ poor mental health prohibits them from seeking the proper treatment they need for their mental health problems.
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4 Responses to Hypothesis – Xephos1

  1. Princess01430 says:

    Initially reading you work I appreciated the slight counterintuity that exists merely in your two overall topics, in associating two unlike systems: drugs and school. Besides that initial speck of counterinutity there isn’t much surprise to your claim. Might a suggest a surprising twist something you wouldn’t anticipate be a factor in high school drug usage. Although this is a stretch and unlikely perhaps you can mention how some drugs such as perscibed drugs have benefitted students in highschool or maybe by mentioning that it is more common in kids that aren’t mentally challenged to resort to drugs. ( these aren’t facts but just this found true would be surprising and making your topic much more interesting.

  2. shxrkbait says:

    Hi xephos1. I think to better your hypothesis you need to make it more specific and define what you mean. You should state HOW mental health services can help students stay away from drugs and not just that it will help solve their problems.

  3. I find this interesting.

  4. This topic is very important to discuss and I think you have done a good job so far. However, I agree with shxrkbait that you should say how these services can benefit the student and not just say they can help. These services my not help all students and you should mention other ways the school system can help students and not just from their counseling services.

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